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  1. I got really pissed playing minecraft so I quit and was about to play BF4, then I realized that it would just make me more angry

  2. Probably be as quiet as can be, when I'm upset I am silent.
  3. Got surgery today :) was really weird.

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    2. Nobody Special

      Nobody Special

      sorry for the late response, I feel great and nothing hurts too badly so everything is good, i was terrified though so the gave me a drug to calm me down.

    3. Bojo


      glad to know you're doing great! May I ask what kind of surgery did you get?


      your avatar is awesome btw, remember the Chief

    4. Nobody Special

      Nobody Special

      I got a cyst surgically removed so hopefully it wont come back.

  4. Well, as you might have seen, today I got surgery! I had a cyst that needed removing and it was going to be small at first but the surgeon decided it would be necessary to do a more major operation. I couldn't eat for around a day before the surgery so I was hungry all day today (whatever). right before when they were preparing me for surgery I was terrified so they had to give me a drug to calm me down so I wouldn't freak out, which I probably would've done if they hadn't given me it, and they also gave me a spinal (it numbs you from the waist down) so it was insanely weird not being able to feel anything for a while. So now, as I'm sitting here righting this, there is a giant hole where they dug the cyst out that is around 3 inches deep and 2 inches in length and 1 inch in width. Best part about surgery? One week off of school and 2 months off of phy-ed which is my worst grade! That's what I did today, and you?
  5. New avatar picture!

  6. Hey guys, you may remember me as broniesunite from forever ago, but I'm going to try to post more often. Well, so as a freshman I got to play on our varsity basketball team (being 6'5" doesn't hurt either) and then I joined track but I decided to quit I'm getting surgery tomorrow so I would have ended up missing around half the track season anyway. I also got a job offer close to our school so I will have a job!!! Overall everything's going great, but I'm writing a kinda depressing paper about some stuff that has happened for English which brings me down some but I'm happy for now!
  7. I need to quit f-ing stuff up and do it right.

  8. So I ind of almost threw an important varsity game. I'm good...

  9. It sucks, having a life means no time to have no life :( I miss free time (and ponies)

  10. I'm that one guy who is active for like a week then leaves for a week and then comes back.

  11. How did we go from nice Christmas themes, to evil Fluttershy? I really liked the happy ones :(

  12. Sleeping Dogs free on X-Box, might as well.

  13. Guess who's back, back again...