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  1. I'm not reading anything at the moment right now. Well I stopped reading the House of Night series. Cuz I don't go the library anymore, Im on book 6 tempted.
  2. That's cool. Welcome to the forums. I hope you that you enjoy your stay here.
  3. I actually have a lot. I still have the GameCube. I use to own the Nintendo DS (the fat one) I have a Nintendo DS Lite. A PS3, a Wii and a GameBoy advance I had at one point ( I think I lost it somewhere)
  4. Welcome to the forums. Hope you have a great time here! Do you ever play Assassin's Creed by any chance?
  5. oh my god skateboarding I wanna learn how to ride a skateboard >_<

  6. derpderpderpy


    Welcome to the forums hope you will enjoy your stay Hope you have fun
  7. That is VERY amazing. I've been practicing to ponies and Luna. Is there a trick to it. I can draw anime faces good though, but not ponies.... Your very good at drawing Princess Luna
  8. I would love to open that box and go to Equestria. I would choose to go to Cloudsdale to met Derpy Hooves. Then after that I would go to SugarCube Corner to hangout with Pinkie Pie and Help her bake some treats. And then I will just wonder around and have fun. I would love to stay there for a long time.
  9. I am trying to get through the divorce. My mom left a couple of days after Christmas 2 years ago and didn't even call for 2 weeks when she left. My parents been separate for 2 years this is the 2nd year. My dad saw an attorney a couple of days ago. While they are separated my mom is living with a guy and they been living together ever since my mom walked out. I just need help going through this My mom was never there for me when I needed help with some things. I always had to rely on my dad and my papa (grandpa). I really want my mom to sign the divorce papers. I doubt she wont, but who knows.
  10. Hiya melody. I hope that you will enjoy it here and have a blast. Welcome to the forums :P XD XD
  11. I would totally go to England. I just love guys with British accents. I also would love to ride the Farris wheel they have there. I also I would love to find the ally where Harry Potter was filmed that would be AMAZING.
  12. I think survivor is kind of scripted. They have to have trailers or something. Have you ever seen that their hair or sometimes their faces looks good?
  13. Cant really be on here that often anymore, but trying my hardest to :(

  14. Hellllooooooo fellow brony! Its nice to have you join the forums. Have you ever played assassin's creed?