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  1. “I can live off the ocean. And I was just joking around.” Coral winked at Lyth. She then turned her attention to her serpent. “aside from that, I’m taking my pet for a swim. Dinner is made for today and tomorrow. I will also see what I can find around the island.”
  2. gonna try and be on at least once a week.

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    2. Hyper Tumble

      Hyper Tumble

      yep. Once a week. That sure worked out.

    3. Hyper Tumble

      Hyper Tumble

      You probably won't see this, but I miss you man. Please come back on.

    4. Commander Tangent

      Commander Tangent

      You seem to have.....failed.....

  3. “After taking a swim and overhearing a conversation I did not need to hear, I believe that a captain can marry a couple on his ship, and I think I know a couple who wouldn’t object.” Coral smiled at Cosmo as he glared at her over Lyth’s blush. She also gave Crimson a look of seriousness.
  4. Coral walked up and hugged Cosmo. “Darling it has been far too long! Are you here for the show or did you just drop by to see me?” Coral teased Cosmo. She weaved her soup around herself to let it breathe. “Would you mind holding up that pot there? If you don’t this might get messy.”
  5. helooo ponyville!

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      ugh. So much work. college stuff. i really missed this.

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      Well we're glad your back.

    4. pinkiepool
  6. huggin you! (i am better than a ninja!)