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  1. Power of Dashie

    Make fun of the User's name above you!

    Your username is Wingnut. I didn't even have to do anything.
  2. Power of Dashie

    Gaming Your Favorite Video Game(s)?

    Thank you. and Sorry. Being a newfoal, I have not yet learned all the tips and tricks of this magical place. I will bare it in mind.
  3. Power of Dashie

    Power of Dashie does Art

    If anyone is interested in my non-pony art, here's one of them. It's one of the Green Lanterns from sector 2814, Kyle Rainer; after he found out his girlfriend died.
  4. Power of Dashie

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    Check out my dark magic stuff!
  5. Power of Dashie

    What do you love about yourself ?

    You want to know what I like about myself? Let me think on this one... ... ... ... ... I can't think of anything. Honestly, I hate myself alot... I just don't.
  6. Power of Dashie

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Firefly. What did the onion try to do?
  7. Power of Dashie

    Equestria Girls; They're undeniable

    No, I wouldn't. But we don't hate mlp do we?
  8. Power of Dashie

    Greetings from between the heaphones!

    Dat comic sans. Well, welcome! I do enjoy electronic music; I'm at school right now, so I can't check out your music. However, I will when I get home. Good luck!
  9. Power of Dashie


    Aww, that sucks. I Know your feel, I love to do art and i broke my arm not too long ago... it was not fun, I assure you. Tought me to use my left hand though.
  10. Warning: This is copy & pasted from my tumblr. Oh-kay. Alot of hate has gone into this, and it’s understandable why. Your favourite pony characters are turning into one thing alot of the fans only thought of in their nightmares after they drank too much Mountain Dew. Now, lets focus on this. I know we haven’t seen the movie yet, and no one will know what happens in it until it actually comes out, but lets do some speculation. The portal Twilight Sparkle jumps into. How? I know it’s a cartoon and all and explanations don’t really matter in the long run, kind of like how that hotdog you avoided on your lunch break this afternoon doesn’t matter anymore now that it’s past dinner time. But, in the pony universe, humans aren’t a thing. Off topic for a sec here- we all know about parallel universes, (and if you don’t, click right here) So it’s most likely the case there. However, this is not the human world she went into, because the anthro abominations still have the pony skin colour. So you’re telling us that not only is she in another universe, but she’s technically a centaur. Half human, but still pony? I don’t know either, lets get on with it. Lets look at how people are reacting to it. This is a quote from user Sonicrules831 on the MLP Forums. Now, this pony here believes that one should give it a chance. I don’t blame him, giving things chances is good and should always be done. I’m just kind of saying obvious stuff right now, aren’t I? Lets get on with it. The synopsis says that she goes through the portal to retrieve her stolen crown. Lets think about this. I understand that crown stealing is a common thing in stories with monarchs, but who would do this? Now, we obviously don’t know yet, but why Princess Twilight? Why not the main princess, Celestia? What I’m trying to say is; we don’t know much about this movie, and we won’t until it comes out. I’ll do a review when it comes out, but until then…. Skippy out End note: It sucks and I half-assed it
  11. Power of Dashie

    Least Favorite Episode?

    Honestly, (And I Know I'm going to get alot of hate for this), But The Cutie Pox and Party of One are my least favourite episodes. I find them annoying and kind of padded.
  12. Power of Dashie

    Make fun of the User's name above you!

  13. Power of Dashie


    Well I'm glad you like this place! If you need any help, just consult one of us.
  14. Power of Dashie

    Things You Hate About Yourself

    I suffer from depression and anxiety, so in other words.... Everything. I hate myself and everything about me in every respect.
  15. Power of Dashie


    Well, my grammar isn't the greatest either. Sometimes it dips below basic. But anyway,