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  1. No. Some people are better off left alone.
  2. ASAP Q

    Rarity Fan Club

    Ra-ri-ty comin' live from the VIP Heard the night life lost life without me Both the feds and the State wanna see 'bout me The whole city got bizzerk, she got treat That other pony got a hit, but shawty, she not me Who set the city on fire as soon as she got freed? The king back now Broads don't even know how to act now Hit the club, strippers gettin' naked 'fore I sat down Still ballin' money, stack taller than Shaq now Still push a button to let the roof on the 'Lac down I'm on the road doin' shows, puttin' my Mack down Canterlot to Filly, Appleloosa to P-Town
  3. ASAP Q

    Who has the best accent - Rarity or Applejack?

    SoHo, or Tribeca? Three foals, trifecta Dope money Hope money Hublot, my watch better My pen's better You don't write. Trendsetter, you clone-like Pay homage, or K's vomit. Ungrateful n****as, I don't like. RRRAH (to answer the topic: Applejack)
  4. ASAP Q

    MLP Series Finale - How will it all end?

    Yeah, we all have to grow up sometime.
  5. If they want to leave, they can leave. Nobody is stopping them from exercising their rights.
  6. What a sweeter I like Ritsu the best but Mugi is a sweeter
  7. thanks Ted Wells glad tails is giving your enough money to fund your investigation
  8. ASAP Q

    FULL WILD CARD RECAP: Most Attractive Pony Tournament 2016

    Princess Celestia #Clockgate controversy
  9. Clockgate and Pollgate happened during the same year. This is the funniest iteration of the contest yet.
  10. Rarity will most likely start pulling away, then Twilight makes it interesting, but she can't catch up in time.
  11. Will it feature an episode about the main cast meeting Naruto's son?
  12. Pop is more powerful and easier to listen to. They should be using that more frequently.
  13. His lines are very easy to sympathize with. Most of his songs are also really fun and easy to listen to, which is quite important if you're more of a casual listener. He has a rare mix of charisma and lyrical skill that you don't really see in any of those rappers you mentioned, especially in the case of Ice Cube and those West Coast guys who are pretty gruff, and the content of their songs are more centered on a select few issues. Not that there's anything inherently flawed with that though. Eminem has had the privilege of being able to produce more 'diverse' songs, however. It all sounds different from the 90's and the works. That is just an opportunity that comes with working in the 21st century, yet he was still successful before any of that happened. He knows what the market demands and knows how to win over crowds. When you take that into consideration, it's not very fair to say he's overrated. Can some of his success be attributed to great fortune (i.e, skin colour, and how he'd be viewed as a result from the content of his songs) though? Yes, and he's even admitted that a few times. But again, it's not fair to hold onto a wedge as small as that because as far as I'm concerned, he's played his cards right and made the most of his musical career like how any other musician would have tried to.
  14. ASAP Q

    General Coffee Drinkers UNITE!

    A medium double-double is my preference. A small double-double if it's during the afternoon and I haven't already had some. I'm not really fond of black coffee. Too much sugar ruins it for me too.