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  1. I'm interested in getting a commission, but I don't see prices anywhere! The link just reloads this page. Anyways, are you still taking orders?
  2. As many have already stated, it is canon that Celestia and Luna were born alicorns. Their exact lifespan has not been officially confirmed, but they are at the very least extraordinarily long-lived, or actually semi-immortal. (I say "semi" because it would be not dying of old age. I assume that they could die in other ways.) It is also confirmed canon that Twilight and Cadance were born as normal ponies and raised to alicorn status. Twilight's lifespan will not be past those of her friends. What exactly that means, we don't know. The source was Meghan McCarthy, so I'm pretty sure it's accurate.
  3. Kid's show. Kid's shows tend to have overly idealistic, sweet, "saccharine" (nice use of a vocab word, there) messages in them. It's kinda how they roll. I would say that ponies and humans are very similar, but that doesn't change the way Equestria works. If you found something that you were naturally amazing at, and you had an inborn love of doing it.....why on earth would you stop? Again, I suggest that this is an idealized view that's being put out there. A society where everyone finds their place, and everyone is happy with where they are. I'm not saying it's realistic, I'm saying it's what Equestria is shown to be.
  4. Ah, I found Best Pony Fan Club. I am among my people.
  5. I had a 14-hour surgery, during which my entire colon was permanently removed. It took me weeks to recover, and a secondary surgery later on. I still have no large intestine. GET ON MY LEVEL.
  6. In Wind Waker, when you finish the final battle by IMPALING GANONDORF IN THE FACE WITH YOUR SWORD.
  7. I would point out that in the universe in which Equestria exists, it's made fairly clear that "destiny" is a very real thing. (at least in my mind) The reason we don't see adults without cutie marks is because there aren't any. All ponies are destined to find that which makes them special, the one thing that they're naturally gifted at, and what their purpose is. If you disagree, I would suggest that you consider this. Regardless of what we think, regardless of what is said, the primary audience (please note, the primary one, not the only one) of this show is children. And yes, children will learn that not everyone finds that in the real world. They'll also find out that Santa isn't real. That "sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me" is a load of garbage. That the world isn't as safe as they once were led to believe. But we tell them all those things anyway. Why? If it's a lie, why mislead them? Shouldn't we tell them the truth? We tell them those things, because unless someone believes, they won't happen. We need them to believe that they'll find the one thing that makes them special. Because that thing DOES exist, they just have to find it. Just like the fillies in the show. Was that deeper than you were looking for? Probably. Was it on the topic as a whole? Not at all! I focused on one of the smaller points being made. ANYDANGWAY, I'd love to live in Equestria. Yep.
  8. Applejack finally singing her own song. Applejack being fancy to mess with Rarity and Tenderhoof. Applejack being sad because she didn't get first place, and didn't want to let anypony down. Applejack kicking chimera flank. Applejack being best sister. .......Applejack.
  9. This is Snare Beat. She's loosely based on me. Mare from Fillydelphia, master of the drums, maker of fine instruments (provided you give her plenty of time), and heir to the Beats Instruments, Inc. empire! Well, maybe not EMPIRE. But still.
  10. I would suggest that you're forgetting that Borderlands doesn't take itself seriously. At all. He was a purposeful joke throughout the entire DLC. He's SUPPOSED to be lame. Anyways, that aside, I'd nominate the final boss of Section 8. He shouldn't exist. In fact, the whole darn campaign shouldn't exist. It was a train wreck.
  11. I consider myself to be a fairly neutral gamer in terms of Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo/PC, so I'll weigh in. The reason to own any piece of entertainment equipment is what it can do for you. The PS4 can do many things, but everything it does outside of gaming can be done by dozens upon dozens of other products, so gaming's what to focus on. The reason to have, say, a Playstation instead of an Xbox, or a PC, is what you can play on it. If you have a PC, you have access to almost everything out there. And in terms of "exclusives", PC wins. No questions asked. The PC has WAY more games that you can't get on console than the other way around. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to do their research. That being said, quality over quantity, yes? Having exclusives only matters if they're exclusives YOU want to play. You want to play The Order: 1886. And Playstation exclusives have a history of not getting ported to anything else ever. So. How much do you want to play it? Does that outweigh the benefit you gain from selling your PS4 right now? Currently, the release date for The Order is set for less than 3 months from now. Is waiting until then, playing it, THEN selling your PS4 an option you'd consider? If there's nothing you see past The Order that's been confirmed that you want to play, the question I'd be asking myself is this. "What are the odds that something else I'll want to play will be coming along?" If the answer is not good, sell it. If the odds are at least decent, I'd suggest you keep it. That's my two cents.
  12. There's a lot of great headcanons out there for changelings! My own personal one is that when unfed, changelings are less powerful than your average unicorn. While unicorn magic is limited to basic telekinesis and spells relating to their talent, changeling magic is based upon the talent they all share: shapeshifting, hunting, and feeding. As stated by others earlier, that translates to their magic being more offensive in nature. And of course, the changeling grows stronger the more they feed.
  13. I. LOVE. RWBY. I freaking love it. It's fun, Ruby is ADORABLE, and the action sequences are freaking cool. 100 characters? Marmalade.