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  1. In honor of the new update for IOS today, whoever still plays leave your gameloft username below so i can add you
  2. Idina Menzel! THE QUEEN. Of ice that is She voiced Elsa in Frozen and has an incredible singing voice. I wouldn't mind hearing her on show.
  3. I am currently looking for a cast and crew to work on a Youtube mini season 4.5. A total of 8 episodes. Season 4.5 Synopsis: Toola Roola is from a place where nopony has been since The Great Pony War. Her home, Unicornia, has been ruled over by Sketch Wretch since she broke it off from Equestria while everyone was busy fighting. Unicornia was caped in a dark force field so no one would could escape or enter. It was so hidden and far away from Equestria that nopony could ever find it. On the day that Unicornia went missing the eldest daughter of the King and Queen of Equestria was giving the last element of harmony to the emperor of Unicornia to hold until the pony who would receive it was born. The last element and the princess were trapped. Until 5,000 years later Toola Roola found she was the missing element of harmony. She also found the missing princess too, but didn't know it... For this project I need some animators,video editors, and anything else. I also need voice actors for: Toola Roola Starsong Wysteria Polka Dot Toola Roola's Parents Celestia Luna Twilight Sparkle Spike Pinkie Pie Sketch Wretch Rarity Fluttershy Rainbow Dash Apple Bloom Applejack Sweetie Belle Scootaloo Lyra Sweetie Drops (Bon-Bon) Octavia VInyl Scratch Additional Voices All voice actors should have Skype and know how to sing also. ~Thank you~
  4. The little girls who watch the show. Oh mean, god, don't they realize it's for us. They need to go watch like Disney or something. (Sarcastic Voice)
  5. I like the new RB and PP Build-A-Bear's They're so cute! Probably gonna get one this week!
  6. I would love to help! PM me or message me on Skype! My skype name is Averyojo! I could probably voice Link, Quil or the postman
  7. I have some cool G3 Ponyville Merch! It's actually pretty cool and the colors on the ponies are great! The Characters are: Toola-Roola V. 1 Toola Roola V. 2 Sweetie Belle Minty Scootaloo Starsong Cheerilee Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash Blossomforth Cheery Blossom Shenanigins Sweetberry Buildings: Dress Shop Pinkie's Home Rainbow's Home Ponyville Carnival Post pics later! PM for more info and if u want to maybe buy!
  8. Add me on Skype averyojo

  9. Can you go more in depth about the Derpy-Minty theory? I don't really understand the comparison, but I'd be happy to learn! Hmm...
  10. I wouldn't any of the G3 story lines in it. Just some of the characters. I thought they would make great companions to the other ponies. I like some of the colors on the ponies in G3, not some of the artwork, though. Besides, Dash, Pinkie, and some of Twilight came out of G3 so we should be grateful for that!
  11. Or you can call me Derpy Mows! I enjoy writing fanfic about the ponies! Inventing new ponies! But- Most of all I love taking some of the old ponies and putting them with the new ponies! It's my fav-fav-favorite! Keep Calm and Mow on!
  12. \ Yeah I agree! I changed Starsong's colors a little, so she wouldn't look as much like Twilight. I also changed her cutie mark. On Toola- Roola I changed the colors a bit so she wouldn't look as much like G3 Rarity! I don't know they always could have a missing element, but whatever! And I agree maybe she shouldn't join the Mane cast, but become a character like Cheerilee or the Cakes.
  13. Here are a few of my designs if they brought back the G3 ponies. Here are what plots they would take in Season 4 or 5. Toola Roola: She would come into Ponyville introducing herself as Princess Celestia's new apprentice, since Twilight Sparkle is now a princess. She would also show them that Princess Celestia had given her a special necklace. They would realize it was a new element of harmony. They would have to find out what it is, and it would be creativity. She would take Twilight's spot in the mane 6, when she leaves for Canterlot. She is very artsy, crafty, and is easily frightned, but says that she's not. Twilight Sparkle would also be jealous of Toola Roola and consider not leaving her friends and want to be Princess Celestia's student again. She would still be a big part of the show, but not live in Ponyville. Maybe Spike would stay and live with Toola. Minty: Is a new blank flank. She is Pinkie Pie's cousin. She comes from Manehattan and left because she needed a new outlook on life. She joins the cutie mark crusaders. She knows her fashion, too. She also stands up to Diamond Tiara whenever she is picking on them. She is a very good cook, but doesn't realize it. She brings her pet fish with her, and he becomes the cutie mark crusaders mascot. She comes back with a different look than G3, but is still simmilar. Now she has a shorter mane, is a filly, and is a different shade of green. Starsong: Starsong is a pegasus who loves to sing. She came from Cloudsdale to try to find a band. Eventually, she starts a band with Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. There band spreads across Equestria and only Starsong is offered a record deal, but doesn't take it so she can stay with her new friends. She finds Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash through Fluttershy. They were friends in flight school and had lost touch when Fluttershy moved to Ponyville. She reconnected with Fluttershy when she came down for a suprise visit. Starsong stays in Ponyville and the Mane 6 turns into the Mane 7. Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Toola Roola, and Starsong. What do you think? Good ideas??? Feedback please!
  14. My skype name is averyojo! Add me! I'm on all the time! I'lll talk about pretty much everything. Btw. I'm a guy. Brohoof for life Derp Derp Using up Characters