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    Sweden Dalarna Avesta
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    Try to stay positive even if it looks dark OR keep calm and flutter on :P
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    Video-games(I play only singleplayer though,thanks to one of the worst internet-conections in the history of the internet)with my favorite genres being RPG's. I'm also a huge fan of retro-games ^^

    manga/anything Japan(Japan is awesome), skiing, reading(mostly fantasy), listening too Techno/dubstep/house(but I can listen to anything though as long it is good)and Mlp of course, duh :P

    I also know a lot about history and have recently become a Dr who fan.

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  1. The Swedish Brony

    Idea: A Star for MLP:FiM on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

    You make a valid point good sir and this indeed something I'd like to see in the future! I shall happily spread the word!
  2. The Swedish Brony

    S04:E01+02 - Princess Twilight Sparkle

    I know I'm probably just going to be a shout among the crowd but... it has to be said. THAT WAS FREAKING AMAZIIIIIIING!!! I mean wow! That was everything I could have ever have expected from a premiere! (My first one actually ) The Discord scenes where fan-bucking-tastic, the flashbacks where so cool, the whole tree of harmony thing was totally awesome and the whole episode as a whole was the amazingest thing I have yet to lay my eyes on! (If this was a thing on youtube, I'd like like comment and subscribe that shit 54 times over! ) And then that box... the intriguing box! What is in it? How will it affect them? When will we find out?! A very good way to keep our suspense going, is it not? There's only one thing that maybe could have been added and that thing is a song... But that is only a minor thing. This episode left nothing to be wanted from and I am thrilled to see what other amazing episodes will come to us in a near future. ^^ This was a good day to be brony.
  3. The Swedish Brony

    Gaming What is Everypony's Favorite Pokemon and Type?

    Hmm, that's a good question considering there are so many that I like... and come on, there's over 700 different pokemon to choose now, I simply can't- Wow... is that... flygon? Oh my... so majestic and awesome... Screw what I just said! This piece of badassery is my favorite pokemon of all time! (I think)
  4. The Swedish Brony

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    *backs away slowly* Can anypony please help me!?
  5. The Swedish Brony

    What ads do you see on MLPF?

    Right now I can see... -Google blah blah blah ad -Something about Volvo (swedish car manufacturer) -Renault car blah blah (why do I have so many car ads xD )
  6. The Swedish Brony


    The song of my people!? (caramelldansen is Swedish for you who do not know) This have all of my yes! Here's my OC Moonlight Scroll! And if he gets in then... he would have a "How-did-I-get-talked-into-this?" kind of expression Anyhow, good luck with the project! ^^
  7. The Swedish Brony

    Why must things without pupils be so creepy (new WIP)

    YuOR SoUl bELoNgs To mE nOW ...Sorry, had to be done. But yes, the drawing does look very nice (apart from the soulless pits of horror you call eyes) and I have no doubts that it will turn out quite good in the end.
  8. The Swedish Brony

    My OC with a New Art Style :D

    Mmm, looks nice ^^ It kinda makes me wish I could sketch/draw... but alas, no. It's still nice to look at this though, keep up the good work!
  9. The Swedish Brony

    Do you like dragons?

    Hell yeah I like dragons! They're like the sickest beast that has ever walked this (fictional) earth! If dragons had a youtube channel... I would like, comment and subscribe! Yeeeeeeeah...
  10. The Swedish Brony

    Hello Everybody (and "Everypony")

    Something we share fellow fan of candy-colored equines. Smile Smile Smile ALL the way
  11. The Swedish Brony

    Princess Harmony Spark

    I usually don't like alicorn OC's... this is the exception. ^^ They often become ridiculously OP and have a "super cool" design that usually is just bleugh. Not Harmony here though. I like her ^-^ One thing though, I would personally change the fact about her being the first student Celestia ever had as that is a little unrealistic, Celestia being 1000 years old and such ;P That is up to you though. Other than that, a good character
  12. The Swedish Brony

    Weird stuff you do that nobody else does

    I have this one thing... I always eat my apples whole. And when I say "whole" I mean the whole apple, leaving nothing. Including the core, top, bottom AND the twig. I don't think I'm the only one in the world but I haven't met or seen anyone who does this yet
  13. The Swedish Brony

    Hi there, I'm EmoFlutterguy.

    To be honest, it's not really needed here. We're all bronies and that's good enough for me.
  14. The Swedish Brony

    Hello Everybody (and "Everypony")

    THIS. This... this is a "welcome post" to be proud of. I salute you @, for being very and truly AWESOME. I am happy to have seen your post and I wish the best of luck in any future endeavor of yours and welcome you happily to the MLPforums.
  15. The Swedish Brony

    Hi there, I'm EmoFlutterguy.

    Fluttertree is indeed her name And you my good sir and/or madam is having many good times ahead of you! Joyous greetings and best lucks of well-being to you, fellow lover of Fluttershy!