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    Try to stay positive even if it looks dark OR keep calm and flutter on :P
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    Video-games(I play only singleplayer though,thanks to one of the worst internet-conections in the history of the internet)with my favorite genres being RPG's. I'm also a huge fan of retro-games ^^

    manga/anything Japan(Japan is awesome), skiing, reading(mostly fantasy), listening too Techno/dubstep/house(but I can listen to anything though as long it is good)and Mlp of course, duh :P

    I also know a lot about history and have recently become a Dr who fan.

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  1. Woo hoo! Holiday break! Time to celebrate with... being sick xP

    1. Jacula


      Is kay, You'll be better soon >;-;>

  2. I'mma say g'night

    1. hariyaMakusu2


      I'mma repeat that in a way that makes it seem like I heard and understood you.

  3. No school and home alone? I guess that means more ponies then... :3

  4. I guess it's time for me as well to call it a night ^^

  5. This has been a nice day ^^ g'nighters!

    1. Jacula



    2. The Swedish Brony

      The Swedish Brony


  6. Time for a good night sleep! (and not at all time to play pokemon till sunrise :P )

  7. You make a valid point good sir and this indeed something I'd like to see in the future! I shall happily spread the word!