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  1. *Looks at the robot nudging her* Err...yeah? *Blinks* Daw, your kinda adorable! *pats robot thing* Dere ya go cutie!
  2. Oh ponies, lets just hope its fake.... if its not we deffinately missed a series or somfin... and i think we might have to go murder Prince Blueblood...
  3. I think it will all be fine in the end.... as long as this ISNT the end... then i might just die... yeah... i would die... i am ready to see how they work this all out though.
  4. My friends replies were mixed... i converted some, where others jus shunned meh... haters will hate though, right? one way or another, i dont care what anyone thinks, ima brony to the end! or is it pegasister?