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  1. I'm at the Tidewater Comicon in Virgina Beach, VA. Got some autographs. :pinkie:

  2. Brony Number 42

    Movies/TV What Is Your Favorite Cartoon

    Probably GI Joe or Batman The Animated series and its spinoffs.
  3. She would bury it in her yard, in the light of a full moon, trying to hide her tragic mistake. Her friends would ask her about it. "Where's that new kitty, Fluttershy?" At first it was easy to make excuses. "He's sleeping today," or "He doesn't like going out." Eventually she told everypony that the kitten was adopted. But the guilt wears on her. She can't get that dying scream out of her mind. It haunts her. Why didn't she check under the wheels before she pulled the cart forward? She can never take that back. Everything reminds her of that moment. She was trying public singing
  4. "Looks like you skipped leg day." "Looks like you skipped brain day."
  5. But as a consumer, do you need a 3rd console to play the same games on? A powerful Nintendo console would be nice, but what are you willing to pay for it? And would it be a good move for Nintendo?
  6. That's what Atari thought. But then Nintendo would not stand out as different from the others. Making a weaker console keeps the cost down. People still want it. The Wii was weak and it sold well.
  7. Brony Number 42

    hello everypony

    Hi and welcome to the herd.
  8. "To catch fire" is not the opposite of "to miss fire." :mustache:

  9. My purpose in life is to pick through other people's junk to add to my junk.
  10. At this game store, I found a ton of old school D&D products, most in shrink wrap! I added a bunch to my collection, and gonna Ebay some! :pinkie:

    1. Brony Number 42

      Brony Number 42

      I spent $720. And that is after a discount. Most of thr stuff I will keep, some goes on ebay.

  11. Free Comic Book Day today!

    1. Stancet



  12. Want to play games, but must study first. :yeahno:

  13. Brony Number 42

    hi i'm from china

    Hi amd welcome to the fandom.
  14. I will try to watch it on Netflix, but I don't watch stuff on YouTube. Is that where the show has been?
  15. I like bad old movies way more than newer crap that comes out of Hollywood.

    1. -Buttercup-


      Hollywood is crap. Period. 

  16. Why is it called a fire hydrant when it actually contains water?

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    2. Astral Soul
    3. Sparklefan1234


      @Astral Soul Darkwing Duck is my favorite Disney superhero. :D


    4. Astral Soul

      Astral Soul


      I've loved this show too, along Tale Spin, Rescue Rangers etc.

  17. Hi and welcome to the herd!
  18. Brony Number 42

    Hi everypony!!!

    Hi and welcome to the herd!
  19. She's here to kick flank!

    Twilight Tartarus.jpg

    1. Astral Soul

      Astral Soul

      Don't mess with book pony or her friends :>

    2. Rainbowshine295


      No messing with the all powerful dorky princess pony!

    3. TomDaBombMLP


      YEAH! :ticking:

  20. I preordered Contra anniversary edition from Limited Run Games. My favorite game on the NES.

    1. Splashee


      I like the box art font for Contra :ticking:

  21. Listening to Rush in Dolby Atmos. :Tempest:

    1. Stancet


      Was it good?

    2. Brony Number 42

      Brony Number 42

      Of course!

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