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  1. I haven't seen season 9 yet. She's in the finale?! Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! I (am in) love Tempest. She is in my fan fic.
  2. I agree with @SharpWit I don't think the images do as much "heavy lifting" as @TheAnimationFanatic suggests. For action scenes yes. But you need text to describe back stories, off hand and throw away bits of information, inner thoughts, and omnipotent knowledge. You don't want the comic to be too cluttered with thought balloons. In a book, the text can go on for a page about a character's thoughts and feelings, but this would be awkward in a comic. A book can give a flash back scene or just a thought, but that might seem out of place in a comic. Books and comics do different things, but the information is more dense in a book. There are some things you can't show visually.
  3. Do you play any rpgs?

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    2. Trix or Treat

      Trix or Treat

      i don't collect any, i just play with my friends' stuff

    3. Bas


      Actually wanted to play  d n d or other p n p.

      Played legends of andor though, and a family epg called nice and mystic with very weird and not well explained rules.

    4. Snow


      D&D is hecking fun, even just mess around home brew, my friends from school and I use to have Skype calls and the DM would screen share a MS paint document that was the map, good times.

  4. May I add you to my friends list @Spooky Brony 42?

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    2. Spooky Emerald

      Spooky Emerald

      @Spooky Brony 42

      Then you type in the name of the user you want to add to your friends list WITHOUT the @ sign and hit submit to save it. 

    3. Spooky Brony 42

      Spooky Brony 42

      I did that, I don't know if it worked 

    4. Spooky Emerald
  5. I'm pretty good with a fork lift.

  6. @MapledMike There might still be, but BronyCon was the big one and it is over.
  7. Sadly your experience won't be the same. There were so many missed conventions. But you can still watch the show. Better late than never.
  8. I was reading LinkedIn profiles of people I have worked with. Mostly engineers and scientists. Successful people, I guess. But I'm glad that I don't have a stressful job. I'm happy with a life of cartoons and games.

    1. J.T.


      Mo money mo problems :nom:

    2. Spooky Brony 42

      Spooky Brony 42

      Nah, I have less problems as I get more money. 

  9. I'm bored. I hope I have time at work tonight to work on my fanfic. Crap, I just jinxed it.

  10. How is your class work going?

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    2. Spooky Brony 42

      Spooky Brony 42

      I wanted to add you on discord but your id didn't work.

    3. Spooky Emerald

      Spooky Emerald

      @Spooky Brony 42

      What's your username? I'll add you instead

    4. Spooky Brony 42

      Spooky Brony 42

      Im stupid I mistyped the name. I fixed it in the message. 

  11. The questions are so difficult to answer. I have learned so much from so many and it has all been so joyful. I learned that it's not so hard to make friends.
  12. I'm not a big movie fan. But here are some things that come to mind. Fantasy: The Beastmaster Comedy: Airplane Romance comedy: Just One Of The Guys Action and Animated: GI Joe The Movie Sci Fi: Spacehunter Horror comedy: Killer Klowns From Outer Space Western comedy: Three Amigos Mystery comedy: Clue The Movie
  13. Last year I, my friend, his wife, and a few random peopme did a tour of an old part of town. The guide and some HS kids explained the history and stories of some of the old buildings. They had some temperature guns and EM meters but I think that's all nonsense. They used an app to look for some EVPs. It was fun. We didn't see any ghosts but the kids found a stray kitten.
  14. This is the end of it all