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    PONIES :D Love ponies! Ponies ponies ponies! But I also like making friends smile, I'm a writer (nudge nudge wink wink LOL I'm just messing)But I really do love to write, and I love to make other people happy too :) just a little bit about me ;)

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  1. Happy birthday, RainbowShine, l hope that you have an amazing day *sing merrily*

  2. If all I do is hurt you... then why am I still around...

  3. Honestly didn't think of that ^^' Thank you! (I actually made that one specifically for a school project, so I wasn't exactly thinking) I'll definitely go back and change that
  4. Hey everypony! I'm soooo glad to finally be back online here at MLPForums, that I have now MASTERED THE ART OF MICROSOFT PAINT, so I wanted to share a bit with you all! The first two being the pony you all know and love, Rainbow Shine!!! The next one is one I made not too long ago (actually just yesterday ) for my friend! She wanted two OC twins, she gave me the details, and I made it happen!..... DE MAJIKZ! I've only recently started using Paint, so if there's anything I can do to improve it, please let me know!! Like always, I'll be back with more real soon.
  5. Haley! :D

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    2. RainbowShine
    3. Scootalove


      I missed you a lot! Is it bad that I missed your feet too? :P

    4. Scootalove


      Anyway, what have you been doing lately? :P

  6. Guess whoooos baaack! :D

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    2. RainbowShine


      Thanks everypony!!! ^^

    3. Sonicrules831
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      Welcome back Rainbow ^^ Was wondering if you'd ever show back up!

  7. Rainbow Shine
  8. if anyone would be kind enough to take a look at my request, and please get back to me if you want to be a part of it! :Dhttp://mlpforums.com/topic/68718-animators-and-editors-needed/

  9. Thank you very much! Especially coming from one who isnt very fond of OCs like mine (I apologize for that though) And I do try as much as I can to make it look as if it were in the show itself a girl can only dream!
  10. hey! sorry guys i have been very VERY busy o.o but! I have not been too busy to keep drawing ;) so here's another link to my latest work! http://mlpforums.com/topic/68277-ill-show-you-all-that-im-not-weak/

  11. Hello again everypony! I know you all haven't heard much from me in a while, I have been busy, but I have two new pieces that have exceeded all the rest! I hope that everyone does enjoy them and If you have not seen the kinds of picture that are similar to the first one, then ask for a link and you shall receive! This is another picture of Dusk Beam (if you do not know about her, she is Rainbow Shine's Dark Magic form [or taken over by King Sombra in this case]) Again, criticism is asked for, and tell me what I can do to improve in any way possible! Thanks for taking the time to look at this again!
  12. Who wants to see some more ponies!!!!!!! :D I made these while In DC!! :Dhttp://mlpforums.com/topic/67601-washington-dc-pack/

  13. So, after going to DC for five days with my Girl Scout troop, I have come home with many a more ponies to share with everyone! Again, and as always, please stick with positive feedback, and criticism is ASKED FOR! I want to know how to improve in any way that I can! (Secret Service Pony) (To clarify on this one, Old Dusty here works in a museum, NOT a library.) (Army Pony (couldn't think of a name lol)) (works in the treasury, printing paper money ) (Representing the Hope Diamond, in the Smithsonian! Which I got to see!!!) I hope everyone Enjoyed them, I actually have more that I have yet to post. oh! and I finally got my signature! cx a friend made it for me
  14. I am home from DC!!!! :D

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      Welcome back~ Did you have fun?

    2. RainbowShine


      yes i did! i got to see the Hope Diamond :)

    3. Sonicrules831