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  1. "Leave the herd" or "Continue being a brony." What to pick, what to pick..

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    3. Crispy


      Sounds like you answered your own question then.


      If this place doesn't suit your interests, I don't see why you'd stay.

    4. thegoodhen


      I... Oh wait, I'm 17.

  2. Just dropped by after leaving the herd for a few months. Leaving again. Cheers.

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    2. Talemage


      I'd rather not reveal why. Just a little note. I'm here because someone used the My Little Pony theme song for the credits music of a custom story for Amnesia.

    3. Count Paradox
    4. Glaceon


      Oh Talemage. I miss you. :(

  3. Haha, well, aparrently, I made it.. how long since I left?

  4. If you ever come here again and see this, happy birthday Talemage!

  5. I'm leaving. The foums and being a brony. I'm moving on with my life.

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    2. Mayuen


      Good luck and bye

    3. DJ Cadence

      DJ Cadence

      *Has tear like a heart on the ground splitting* Aw OK choice is made. Also heres the lyrics to The Art Of The Mattress Song:


      AH AH! You have to sing the sleep song before you go to sleep!



      I am not, messing up the covers.

      Sliding in so I won't wrinkle all the sheets!

      And make sure the hooves stays nice and clean!

      Have you ever seen a bed so neat?

      I'm getting in to bed...

      *Music slowly gets faster*


    4. Glaceon
  6. MOAR. (entity in which you worship),I'm so stupid. Determine whether each system of equations is consistent, inconsistent or dependent. 1. x-2y=5 5x-10y=25 I'm supposed to do something, and I end up with(for the first equation), y=(1/2x)-(5/2) Or something. 2. 6x+5y=1 6x+5y=8 Pi. 16x+8y=4 4x-2y=1 4. 3x-y=5 3x+y=-2 5. 5x+4y+2=0 6x-3y+5=0 By the way, I'm not trying to put a burden on any of you. You're welcome to solve at least one of it, and give an explanation so I can do it myself, so I won't remain an idiot. Draw the graphs of the two equations of each system in the same coordinate plane and find the solution set of the problem. 1. 2x+y=4 x-y=-1 2. x+2y=4 x+2y=-6 3. x+y=4 x-y+-2 4. x-2y=6 x+y=4 5. x-y=7 3x-y=-3 That's all for this week.
  7. New banner 0_o

  8. As the dawn breaks through the night, I move on!

  9. It's hard to take a tough comment seriously when the avatar of the user is of Kermit the frog.

    1. Key Gear

      Key Gear

      Because multicolored ponies are the height of seriousness.



    2. Colon Leftbracket

      Colon Leftbracket

      Reminds me of a guy I know on tumblr who sent a message saying he was going to murder someones family, but everyone agreed the Kermit photo killed it!

  10. I got a jar of dirt~

  11. What about both art and music in the same shop? Probably yes, but I just want to make sure.
  12. At the left side, you can see the hanging gardens of Babylon... On the right side, you can see... the colossus of Rhodes! And it is here just for you. Just for you...