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  1. Hey Trixie, wanted to thank you for keeping me entertained with your answers to all sorts of questions! Really enjoyed reading this thread. However I'm here to say goodbye. No more annoying questions from me keep this thread alive and entertaining and may your creativity never end! so yeah numa numa yay! stay great and powerful and hope to see you in season 4!
  2. Brony182

    Post your mood in music

    Leaving the fandom, want to say goodbye to you all and wish you good luck!
  3. Brony182

    Music Any Pop Punk appreciating bronies?

    Hi everybody, this is my last post in this thread since I'm leaving the fandom. However I want this post to be decent and Im going to add some links of some great pop punk songs just in case somebody wants it in the future. So here goes, I picked these song for saying goodbye: This Time Next Year - is amazing band though I believe its not very well known however I might be wrong: Tonight Alive - female fronted pop punk band which I really dig hope you will as well: Valencia - maybe not very edgy but still catchy: Veara - great band but I don't know that much about them yet The Movielife - very cool We Still Dream - found them not so long ago but already love their stuff The Years Gone By - too bad their no longer around Set Your Goals - very energetic and fun to listen to And to say goodbye some Simple Plan: Well that's it I guess hope you guys will enjoy pop punk for many years to come and keep it alive. Rock on
  4. What kind of questions do you hate the most?
  5. lolol Gotta be honest here! your thread is one of the few things that keep me in the forums Your replies are always funny! Keep it up!
  6. Brony182

    Music Any Pop Punk appreciating bronies?

    I found this song Its kind of funny and catchy give it a shot By the way did you get the list of songs I've sent you? also thanks for understanding nice song, one of the slower but nice sounding. We The Kings is another band from my playlist, if you haven't checked it out yet go on!
  7. Have it good Trixie ! lol any song on your mind at the moment?
  8. How many dragons have you dealt with so far?
  9. Brony182

    Just Out of Interest...

    No I do not feel embarrassed about the fact that I like the show since its a sincere, fun, nice and pure show which makes me smile when its hard and gives me a good laugh. I see nothing wrong with liking a cartoon. mlp is awesome. I can't say the same about certain parts of community. some parts of fandom really frustrate me and bring my faith in humankind down. Also this fandom thought me one thing. Nothing is pure and beutiful in this world.. nothing. Im thinking about leaving the fandom, but there are few things that still keep me here. However eventually it will happen. And then Im just going to enjoy the show without calling myself brony.
  10. Brony182

    Would you rather...?

    Woodchipper Would you rather listen to lady gaga or nicki minaj ( or what ever the name is) ?
  11. Brony182

    The Corrupted Wish Game

    Granted, your girlfriend is a picture on a piece of paper. have fun dating!! I wish summer was as cold as winter!
  12. what do you guys think? Real or fake? Sure shit looks creepy, wouldn't want it to happen in my house Who needs sleep anyway loll ?? Oh snap, why did I have to watch this at night. Now I'm too scared to go to the bathroom to brush my teeth >_< then again I kind of like to feel fear Be careful when picking up girls from the road side at night
  13. An old video I have remembered, some footage is really unsettling in my opinion. It gives me the creeps every time I watch it. here goes
  14. Brony182

    Music Any Pop Punk appreciating bronies?

    I don't care! just leave me alone and let me listen to my pop punk! Why do you waste time? Your hate really hurts. *sigh* is it so hard just to ignore this thread?