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  1. Experiences will always beat degrees. But Degrees helps ya get one leg up over everyone else! Certs are the same way!
  2. Rye_B_P

    The best of the Pony Tumblrs

    Well, there is one I run, where the main character is a dragon who is trying get into pony politics. http://ask-rye-dimar-dragon.tumblr.com/tagged/Chapter1/chrono Shows him messing up very often XD.
  3. Rye_B_P

    Lucid Dreaming

    If that were the case, then it would be an indication that the person would have a bigger medical problem. but it is very rare. I had lucid dream nightmares, where I was drowning in water, but somehow I could still breath that water, which made me lucid, once I realized I was really not drowning, but just floating in water, with no lack of breath.
  4. A close friend of my is also currently doing his arts in music Therapy as Well! After your general education, what is your particular area in arts and music that you favor?
  5. Hello there! So, I run this MLP Webcomic, where it is about a young inexperienced Dragon, who does not know what he is doing. He is trying to help gain allies with the ponies, while his own homelands are under attack! However, Pony Politics is not as easy, is it seems. So the young and inexperienced ambassador, has to learn the hard way as to how pony politics work. I am the story Writer/MOD and my friend "The Professor" is the one who draws the strips. Will the Ambassador Gain the ponies as Allies? Will he make a fool of himself? Let's Find out! Link to the web comic in Story Order: http://ask-rye-dimar-dragon.tumblr.com/tagged/Chapter1/chrono Link to Front page: http://ask-rye-dimar-dragon.tumblr.com/ Below you will see a handful of panels from the web-comic and sending in questions or statements via Tumblr, does help influence the story. Come on down and help the Ambassador!
  6. Rye_B_P

    Technology The Technical Advice thread.

    WOW, I have slacked off on this thread! NO MORE! Ok, This is an old question, but I will still try to answer it. The best way to do this to my knowledge is use headphones that let you offer Equalizer settings. Turtle Beach and BOSE Headphones come to mind, weather it is bluetooth connected or through a headphone jack. It seems like one of the LED bulbs are on it's way out. Most LCD/LED TV screens have small bulb (LEDs on the edge of the screen.) So it is a sign that one of them is malfunctioning.
  7. Rye_B_P

    Technology The Technical Advice thread.

    Ok, it looks like one of the three things to me... 1.) It looks like one of the LCD/LED light blubs on the edge of the screen is failing/defective. 2.) The port in which your media device is plugged into could be defective as well. 3) Some TVs have defective capacitiors that leak or blow before their time, THINGS TO TRY.... 1) Try another input port. If you are using HDMI port 1, then try HDMI port 2,3 and so on. See if the problem persists. If it persists, no matter what port you plug into, then it is more likly issue number 1, that I listed above or issue 3. 2) Take off the back panel of the TV (When it is unplugged from port) and look for any "Goo" or odd leakage on the circuit board or burned spots. If you are not comfotable with this, then do not try it. Take a picture if you can 3) You could always call the manufactor of the TV and have them look at it, but I assume you posted, because you wanted to see if you could try a few things before doing that.
  8. Rye_B_P

    Technology The Technical Advice thread.

    Sounds like you are looking for just NAS to just hold large movie files and stream it. If that is the case, the QNAP TS-469-PRO NAS you found should work fine doing just that. However be aware that the device seems to have its own movie streaming application. So, it is possible that you may not need to use PLEX at all, but something for you to decide. You didn't mention how much storage you would need and if you wanted to make backup copies of all those movies of yours. The device you mentioned has 4 storage bays, do you really need all that room? If you have lower storage requirements like 1 to 4 GB then I think you would be able to get a cheaper version of that QNAP device that has 2 bays like the QNAP-TS-259 PRO which is about $200 cheaper. CAn be found in the linik below.... http://www.amazon.com/TS-259-PRO-NAS-2-bays/dp/B00428DKCG/ref=sr_1_5?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1445088548&sr=1-5&keywords=QNAP+TS+2+bay Don't forget, that you can usally replace the hard drives in those bays for bigger storage in the future, so either options should be good. I just don't know how much room you have now vs how much you plan to use in the future to give further advice.
  9. So I run a MLP based web comic listed below.... http://ask-rye-dimar-dragon.tumblr.com/search/Chapter1 I am the MOD who writes the story/scripts and assigns it to artists that I commission. BIO: War has torn the Dimar dragons a part and some have escaped into Equestria, seeking the magical ponies to aid them in the war to help them take back their homelands. However, before the ponies will assist, the dragons first need to earn their, trust, respect and alliance. They will not offer aid to some dragons that they just met, right away. The comic focuses on a Dimar Dragon who is young and is a NEW ambassador. The job was FORCED on him as a last minute decision, due to the last one being killed off. He is stressed out, because he has little experience in his field of work, but also has the pressure from his kind, to find a "fast" solution to their current conflict. Add to the fact that pony culture confuses the heck out of him and has a tendency to be a gullable fool, just adds to the problem. What I am asking: I am looking for some feedback on the story so far and suggestions on how to improve the front page on tumblr. I have custom background and buttons in the process of being made, however I am open to suggestions on a background and title to fit the theme of the comic. Also looking for feedback on the humor and possibly questions that one should address story wise in this kind of comic. Also suggestions on other tumblr ask comic blogs that would be good to colberate their charaters with to help move the story foward or help create some more funny moments in the story. How I operate: I write story/scripts out first in chapters long before I hand them to the artist, so I plan ahead before commisioning an artist to help tell my story. Asks send it do infunence and "modify" my scripts as I see fit. So I keep my scripts open to adjustments based on what questions or charater RP messages get sent in. below as an example of one update...
  10. What is everyone's worst fear when they get older? Mine is becoming more forgetful. Cause all this time, as you enjoy life, you create memorys that you charish. Only to know when you get older, to the point where your brain gets weaker, to the point that you begin to forget things. My biggest fear is not death, but how I may one day, lose my memorys. As I get older and forget my cherished memeories. That is my biggest fear. We collect pictures and mementos just to REMIND us of the good times we have together... What about the rest of you?
  11. What is your favorite "ask" pony related tumblr? This include blogs related to the show, not just ponies, for example it could be about Griffins, dragon charaters or OC's related to the show in some way. 1) List one or more "ask" tumblr blogs, along with a link 2) Why do you like said blog(s)?
  12. Rye_B_P

    Lucid Dreaming

    I believe that is called a "false awakening" Dream. I had those before, but over something so silly, but it would involve me running to the bathroom and trying to find one, cause I had to go very bad. Then I wake up and realize I ACTULLY really need to go now. LOL
  13. Rye_B_P

    Lucid Dreaming

    As of late, I be getting back to my practice of lucid dreaming and I am running into a number of issues. But I will focus one issue for now. I keep having this same dream over and over again for the last few weeks. I would walk into a bathroom and look into the mirror. I would see myself but get scared....a lot. I would see myself, but disfigured in a horrible way. Or I would see myself without eyes and look like a creepypasta like (whatever you call it) where you would have just DARK BLACK with no eyes that look like they are vibrating. I would get scared and then wake up. What do you think this means? I can become lucid and aware pretty good now. Now I am trying to take better control of my dreams. However this one, or anything involving a mirror, I get scared to death when I look into the mirror. Sometimes, when I become lucid just in time, I would purposely look at the mirror and try to LAUGH at myself and point at the mirror. It helps a lot, but I end up waking up anyway. What do you think this means and how else would I "defeat" this? I can go on an talk about my other lucid dreaming issues, but this one stands out the most. I guess a good place to start is what would this mean? Why does it happen often as of late?
  14. Rye_B_P

    Technology The Technical Advice thread.

    You are most welcome! Like I said before Maya is VERY demanding and AUTODESK demands high end desktop and laptop video cards from computers that are $2000. I don't own a laptop yet, but I own a desktop. The good part is, when you get that laptop that meets the middle ground for now. 7 years down the road, when you are looking for another one. They will only become more powerful and cheaper in the future!
  15. Rye_B_P

    Technology The Technical Advice thread.

    OK, I am going to organize everything you said. So we can all gather information in one place. Also I will give off a list of recommendations and why I suggest each laptop. You are looking to run the following... Adobe Photoshop CS5 The Sims (I am not sure what version of the Sims, so I am going to assume the latest version) TF2 (Team Fortress 2) LOL (Leagues of Legends) What I see that you are looking for... Based on what I have read, you are looking for a laptop and NOT a desktop. You WILL WANT a computer that has a 64 bit version of Windows, so you can use more the 4GB of RAM, otherwise that 32 bit version of Windows will limit you to 4 or 3.2GB. (I use Photoshop CS6 and you will NEED that RAM and a good video card!) You said your budget is between $1200 to $1500, MAX. You mentioned that having Photoshop crammed on a small screen. Most laptops today allow you to plug in your TV screen to use as a second monitor, so that should not be an issue with a new laptop. (I am not sure what your old laptop's screen size was, so I will assume you want more screen space, like a 14, 15 or 17 inch laptop.) You would like the laptop to be light weight for you to travel with. (NOTE: It is hard to find a laptop that is within your budget that has the LIGHTEST weight AND POWER to run the games AND Photoshop decently. But it is doable, I think if you live with the extra few pounds of weight on a laptop, then you will get the one that is more than powerful enough to run everything you want, but deal with a few extra pounds of weight, while staying within your budget range. You mentioned that you need/want a CD-ROM drive. You have two options here. If you want an ULTRA light notebook. Then keep in mind, that they NO LONGER come with a CD-drive built in. Unless you go with a heavier laptop. (6 pounds or more) You can always buy a USB portable CD-DRIVE for $20 to $50 dollars that can plug into any PC with a USB port. I would suggest you buy one and put it in the same bag as your new laptop. This way it is always with you. They make SLIM ones in which it does not take up a lot of room. NOTE: Some Ultra notebooks are an "All in one" piece, meaning that you can't upgrade them, cause they are put on permanently to the motherboard on the inside. That's another reason why I suggest an extended warranty. Some of the heavier and not so thin laptops, do allow you you upgrade some components. Where a desktop PC, you can upgrade anything. Also you showed interest in the following... Sony Vaio Flip Surface pro 2 Here are some choices that I have found, that fit your requirements.... Sony VAIO fit 15A Flip PC (link below) http://store.sony.com/vaio-fit-15a-flip-pc-zid27-SVF15N17CX//cat-27-catid-All-15-Ultrabook-Flip?vva_ColorCode=1E1E1E The Good: It meets and exceeds all the requirements that you want for Photoshop and games. The battery life is about 5 hours. It is also $1250! Well within your budget! That NVIDIA Geforce GT 735m will handle anything you throw at it! The Bad: It weighs about 6 pounds, not sure if you are comfortable with that . 1 year warranty, I would suggest to buy an extended warranty! Another option would be the... Asus Zenbook UX32VD (Link below) http://www.asus.com/Notebooks_Ultrabooks/ASUS_ZENBOOK_UX32VD/ The GOOD: It has a strong video card for both your Photoshop and games. It is about 3.8 pounds! Lighter then the SONY laptop. The BAD: The CPU is under 2.0 GHz, (It is 1.7 Ghz. ) It would run Photoshop and most games good. IN LOL, however you might lag a little bit. (because LOL requires 2.0 GHz or better as a RECOMMENDED requirement), However, you can still run the game. Just lower the graphic settings on it, for that game. It can run the other games on near high settings. Also it is $100 above your budget and the SCREEN is small, 13 inch. The video card is weaker compared to the Sony laptop, which may not perform as well compared to the sony one. My Recommendation! (WHAT I THINK YOU SHOULD GO WITH!) Go with the SONY VAIO fit 15A FLiP PC with an EXTENDED warranty. (Most places will extend the warranty to up to 3 years, but most laptops last 3 to 6 years anyway.) It has nearly everything you need, it is 6 pounds, but it is within your budget range. That is the sacrifice you have to make. You mentioned, you would like one that (In the future) can run autodesk Maya OR "Zbrush". OK, if you go with the SONY VAIO, then you should be good for Zbrush. HOWEVER, this laptop or any other laptop in your budget range can NOT run autodesk Maya (2015)! Because MAYA demands either INTEL HD graphics P4600 or NVIDIA Quadro Laptop graphic cards. These video cards in laptops are a lot of money. So unless you are willing to spend $2500 or more on a laptop, I can't see you running maya 2015 on this new laptop. (The cheaper options would be to invest into a separate HOME desktop PC, that has the required high end video cards to run MAYA or any Autodesk software.) Like I said before, buying an ULTRA portable laptop WITH POWERFUL video cards in the same laptop, is a lot of money. You can buy or build a DESKTOP PC to run ALL of that and then some for $700. (Not including the monitor, keyboard and mouse costs.) But you mentioned you needed the portability, so that option is out.) In this case, so being you said you want to travel with it, then what I recommended you, should do you well. It has 8GB of RAM (Which Zbursh recommends for its software) and it had more then enough VIDEO card muscle to run all the games you listed, along with running Photoshop with a 3D brush. Please let me know what you think.