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    I have a Bachelors of Science and a MBA (Masters of business administration) with the concentration of Information Systems Technology.

    COMPtia A+ Certified.
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    What else is there to say? I am an outdoors type, yet I love technology, even though I leave my gadgets at home when I'm in the great outdoors hiking, I enjoy socializing an making new friends.

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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Merry Birthiversary! 

  4. Merry Birthiversary! 

  5. Experiences will always beat degrees. But Degrees helps ya get one leg up over everyone else! Certs are the same way!
  6. Well, there is one I run, where the main character is a dragon who is trying get into pony politics. http://ask-rye-dimar-dragon.tumblr.com/tagged/Chapter1/chrono Shows him messing up very often XD.
  7. If that were the case, then it would be an indication that the person would have a bigger medical problem. but it is very rare. I had lucid dream nightmares, where I was drowning in water, but somehow I could still breath that water, which made me lucid, once I realized I was really not drowning, but just floating in water, with no lack of breath.
  8. A close friend of my is also currently doing his arts in music Therapy as Well! After your general education, what is your particular area in arts and music that you favor?
  9. Hello there! So, I run this MLP Webcomic, where it is about a young inexperienced Dragon, who does not know what he is doing. He is trying to help gain allies with the ponies, while his own homelands are under attack! However, Pony Politics is not as easy, is it seems. So the young and inexperienced ambassador, has to learn the hard way as to how pony politics work. I am the story Writer/MOD and my friend "The Professor" is the one who draws the strips. Will the Ambassador Gain the ponies as Allies? Will he make a fool of himself? Let's Find out! Link to the web comic in Story Order
  10. Rye_B_P

    Technology The Technical Advice thread.

    WOW, I have slacked off on this thread! NO MORE! Ok, This is an old question, but I will still try to answer it. The best way to do this to my knowledge is use headphones that let you offer Equalizer settings. Turtle Beach and BOSE Headphones come to mind, weather it is bluetooth connected or through a headphone jack. It seems like one of the LED bulbs are on it's way out. Most LCD/LED TV screens have small bulb (LEDs on the edge of the screen.) So it is a sign that one of them is malfunctioning.
  11. Rye_B_P

    Technology The Technical Advice thread.

    Ok, it looks like one of the three things to me... 1.) It looks like one of the LCD/LED light blubs on the edge of the screen is failing/defective. 2.) The port in which your media device is plugged into could be defective as well. 3) Some TVs have defective capacitiors that leak or blow before their time, THINGS TO TRY.... 1) Try another input port. If you are using HDMI port 1, then try HDMI port 2,3 and so on. See if the problem persists. If it persists, no matter what port you plug into, then it is more likly issue number 1, that I listed above or issue 3. 2) Tak
  12. Rye_B_P

    Technology The Technical Advice thread.

    Sounds like you are looking for just NAS to just hold large movie files and stream it. If that is the case, the QNAP TS-469-PRO NAS you found should work fine doing just that. However be aware that the device seems to have its own movie streaming application. So, it is possible that you may not need to use PLEX at all, but something for you to decide. You didn't mention how much storage you would need and if you wanted to make backup copies of all those movies of yours. The device you mentioned has 4 storage bays, do you really need all that room? If you have lower storage requiremen
  13. So I run a MLP based web comic listed below.... http://ask-rye-dimar-dragon.tumblr.com/search/Chapter1 I am the MOD who writes the story/scripts and assigns it to artists that I commission. BIO: War has torn the Dimar dragons a part and some have escaped into Equestria, seeking the magical ponies to aid them in the war to help them take back their homelands. However, before the ponies will assist, the dragons first need to earn their, trust, respect and alliance. They will not offer aid to some dragons that they just met, right away. The comic focuses on a Dimar Dragon who is yo
  14. What is everyone's worst fear when they get older? Mine is becoming more forgetful. Cause all this time, as you enjoy life, you create memorys that you charish. Only to know when you get older, to the point where your brain gets weaker, to the point that you begin to forget things. My biggest fear is not death, but how I may one day, lose my memorys. As I get older and forget my cherished memeories. That is my biggest fear. We collect pictures and mementos just to REMIND us of the good times we have together... What about the rest of you?
  15. Hi there, and happy birthday! :3 Hope you have a good time~ ^^ https://derpicdn.net/img/2013/10/3/440644/large.jpg

    1. Rye_B_P


      OH Thank you! I didn't think anyone on this website would notice my birthday date is today!


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