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  1. My jimmies are rustled when I'm the only person on earth who wards. also when teachers say they didn't have time to grade something and don't care about deadlines when they're always flaming at us about it. I mean, they have more work, but that's like a fat man who doesn't go to the gym very often yelling at muscular people for not exercising.
  2. if he had the same personality as me and everything.. I don't think the world could handle that. but at least I could talk to someone who ACTUALLY knows what I'm all honesty, nobody ever really understands me. I tell them they do when I try expressing myself but only to make them feel better so we'll be close friends. don't get me wrong, sometimes people get me, sometimes but.. anyways i'd probably talk to him a lot and find out about myself more with him.
  3. naw. I take a shower every night and let my pillow do its work on my hair. it comes out with the perfect tad of messy and just downright awesome. and that's not just my opinion. it's the only part of me I really am confident in.
  4. I personally think, after much consideration, that the animal that most matches my personality would be.. the Fluttershy. yeah..
  5. sweet jibbtey jibblets I would downright crap my pants that scared me so much when I was 10. XD I'm probably going as Fiddlesticks if I go at all. which is probably not.

    1. Princess Periwinkle

      Princess Periwinkle

      MLP Forums' second birthday. :3

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      I had no idea! O: I should be CELEBRATING!!!!!! *any excuse to eat cake is good for me* :3

  7. Mine, like most, were filled with enthusiasm. well, it wore off. now I'm kinda meh about it. i love ponies andall, but it's not the same you know? it was so different the first time that I felt like a 5 year old being innocent again XD it was fun. but kinda awkward. i had to wake up at 3 am to watch it when nobody was awake and tell my mom i got up early to finish homework ever day for a few weeks. xD
  8. probably when my crush accepted me a while back. that was really fun. also, call me lame, but when I play normals on League at like 3 am with my huge pool of friends it gets really intense and fun. teamwork is one of my favorite things and i just love it when it works out right :3 Also when I get to see my sister. I never see her anymore, cuz she's in a university in France, but when I do see her it makes me really happy
  9. chunky vs smooth is the eternal question that forever decides a persons deep feelings and their connection with life. i think i'm getting too deep. anyways I prefer crunchy. it's more hard core, you know?! wait this sounds like Animal Crossing..
  10. I've had lucid dreams before. Once you realize you can control your 'reality' that you're in, your true side starts to show. I know a lot of wet dreams are lucid generally.. and such, if you see what I'm saying. in 99% of my lucid dreams I try to find specific people such as my crush and spend time with them. for me lucid dreams aren't that often. usually when I get them it's because I thought about one thing a lot in one day and then I have a dream about that that I can usually control. tip: I've heard people who play video games get more lucid dreams because they can more easily identify alternate realities.
  11. I used to believe that mainstream stuff was stupid and boring and that Atheists were mindless retards that didn't have a life and that you should hate everyone who doesn't believe what you do. Being raised a Catholic really isn't good for anybody.
  12. Could be a lot better. I'm doing well in school finally but.. there's something missing, you know? now i need to get a permit and a job and grow up and its really messing me up. Of course there's lots of personal stuff i'd rather not mention but i'm sure you get the idea xD
  13. Hands down. sure it wouldn't solve ALL my problems but 90% of them wouldn't matter anymore. not to mention even a slight possibility of being a unicorn or Pegasus is TOTALLY worth it. I mean flying. for REAL. i've always wanted to fly..
  14. League of Legends related: so I buy Syndra (the most underrated champ in the video game by far) last weekend and now she's freeweek. it is now my obligation to buy her only skin to prove i actually own her rather than being a noob using her on freeweek. xD OR I could use her vanilla skin to trick the enemy into thinking I'm noob when i've won all my matches with her.. O:

  15. ok the bee had it coming but still, this is ridiculous. Being healthy is.. the point of cheerios right? no? now it's about having swag? well I Guess on the bright side they're getting swaggalishous retards to try healthy cereal for a change.