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  1. ( ・ω・)ノ

    1. Thunderchild


      Celery! What's happenin' home slice?

    2. Rye_B_P
  2. My name is Sir Accellerant of Canterlot.
  3. You say hello, I say G'night... G'night, G'night, G'night, G'night! 27,338 9
  4. Ask me the questions bridge keeper, I'm not afraid!
  5. Yes, No, Maybe... I don't know.... Can you repeat the question? 27,138
  6. I'm sure it was through a streamed gaming session. It's a common thing for Twitch users to do this, especially by the more popular ones on there.No matter what though, everyone wins in the end. The streamers get some add revenue, the viewers get to watch some righteous gaming and most importantly, the donated dosh will go out to help those in need.
  7. Twenty~7_x_1~Thousand + 9~T, Seven
  8. I believe... Enough, my dear Dargent Oh, and... 26,526
  9. Lets play the rendering game! *Watched Paint Dry*