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  1. plushies

    Feel free! And thank you
  2. plushies

    I haven't post anything for a while because I had a large project to finish... But I made something small to reset my head - Capper pillow and palm-sized Tempest!
  3. plushies

    Newest work
  4. plushies

    $220 shipped :-) And thank you So much <3
  5. plushies

    After a small break my commissions are open again! I'll take a few for autumn. Be fast, there are only a few slots to take! some newest works below:
  6. plushies

    They should be seen below then
  7. plushies

    Some recent pony works! My commissions are CLOSED right now, I'll be open in April again.
  8. plushies

    Yes You mean those blocks on coat? Multicolored mane is not a problem, but I can't make such coat.
  9. plushies

    Hi! Sure! I'm sorry for late reply 8(
  10. plushies

    Sure, feel free! I'm on a vacation right now, but I'll try to respond as soon as possible :-)
  11. plushies

    Aaaww thank you so much! <3
  12. plushies

    One of newest works
  13. plushies

    About two weeks if you buy a plushie now
  14. plushies

    Yep, it's me Thank you! Now I'm working on such big Applejack, I hope she will come out as cute as Derpy did ;p And finished commission for Dark Tempest from mlpforums Thank you so much!
  15. plushies

    Just wanted to upload one of my newest works