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  1. Rarity1337

    Have you ever cried during an episode?

    I cried in Putting Your Hoof Down when fluttershy realizes that she has become a monster and the sad music plays... Ugh.. Gets me every time. also when twilight became "Discorded". So sad to see their morale go to a low.
  2. Rarity1337

    Alexandrite Solitaire

    Alexandrite Solitaire
  3. Rarity1337

    which was the best discorded pony?

    Fluttershy was definitely the best. Her attitude and just overall Feisty and blunt i love it. She just doesn't care haha i found it very enjoyable to watch Fluttershy act like that.
  4. Rarity1337

    5 things on your bucket list.

    1. Open with my band for August Burns Red. 2. Meet my very special Somepony. 3. Go to Brony-Con. 4. Become a Studio Musician 5. Go to Equestria (i can dream can't I)
  5. Rarity1337

    That's Gay

    I personally do use this phrase. I am not gay however so it is a biased opinion that i would say it isn't offensive, but again, i wouldn't know. I personally think people should stop getting so worked up about this kind of think, its not going to go away any time soon, so why waste the time and energy getting upset about it. Also people can say whatever they want so with that in mind, they have every right to say and also this means why would they stop? Just my thoughts.
  6. Rarity1337

    Favorite brony comic series

    This is isn't TECHNICALLY a comic series but i absolutely love Princess Molestia. I guess you could say that, in some ways, it is in fact a comic series seeing as they put them into comic format with each post.
  7. Car Crash - Get out of the car and shake it off and then probably bleed out in the street a while later. Earthquake - Get up and dust the rubble from my suit and find a hospital Robbery - Pull out a shotgun and shoot the living shit out of that MotherBucker with Love and Toleration (and a 12 gauge)
  8. Rarity1337

    Music Opinions on Classical, 80's, and Modern music

    I personally can't stand modern music, assuming that by modern music you mean all the God forsaken electronic and pop music. But other than that i like 80's music, The Police is one of my favorite bands. But i for one am more of a technical metal person so i got a wide range
  9. Rarity1337

    Did Friendship is Magic teach you any life lessons?

    The show has taught me a GREAT DEAL of things. I used to be kinda a sad person at heart, but ever since i tried out ponies, my life has been so much better. It also taught not to be a complete dick to people haha, thats probly the biggest thing, i used to be a harsh person but after watching ponies i became a nicer and more easy going person. It also brings me a lot of joy and i love every friendship lesson it gives and i always make sure to try to apply it to my life in any way possible
  10. Rarity1337

    Do you judge people by the clothes they wear?

    Its hard not to judge someone by what they wear or how they look, its a natural part of being a human (or pony ) I try to be more trusting of people instead of going along with my, most likely, false accusations.
  11. Rarity1337

    War Face

    "Bullshit, You didn't convince me! Now let me see your real warface!.... You don't scare me, Work on it!" Haha i love that movie xD and nice drawing :3
  12. Rarity1337

    How close are you to leaving the fandom?

    i would NEVER leave this fandom. I absolutely love it and the show. I've come so far in this fandom and met so many awesome people through it. The show never ceases to give me that "warm fuzzy feeling". The whole twilight alicorn thing kinda made me flip out in a good/bad way. I was excited for it, but at the same time, it IS only season 3... it sure seemed like something they should have done alot further along in the seasons but thats just me. But yeah, Not leaving the fandom EVER!
  13. Rarity1337

    Ask Red

    How long have you been playing music? What kind of music do you like to play to? And are you in a band, and if so what's their name?
  14. Rarity1337

    Do you guys ever wish....

    To be quite honest with you i would leave this world in a HEARTBEAT. It's so corrupt and bucked up, life in Equestria is so serene compared to life on Earth. I can just imagine being able to see the mane 6 or any of the other ponies. I am also sure it is prettier there and more natural considering the open grass plains and beautiful scenic shots from the show. I would love to go to Equestria
  15. Rarity1337

    Brony Fans

    I love talking to other bronies in real life, but when it comes to video games or "Brony Servers" I can't stand them. They are usually stuck up pricks who are extremely opinionated and that doesn't seem to fit the Brony way of Love and Tolerance. On top of that they are just kinda cruel and relentless I have plenty of Brony friends in real life though, so im good .