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  1. It depends what you mean by leaving the fandom. If you mean stop liking MLP, then no, I still love the show and will probably continue to do so for quite a long time. If you mean leave the community, then that's different. I'm growing more and more distant from the community as a whole. The initial excitement of being part of the brony fandom is wearing off and I'm becoming more and more disillusioned with the community. A few months ago I'd have said that I'd never leave; now I'm not so sure. So if nothing changes for me, I'll probably carry on being a brony, but I won't be interacting with the fandom as much.
  2. The show itself was a bit vague on Changelings' culture and intelligence, and at first I thought that they were all drones under a hive mind controlled by Chrysalis, not unlike the Zerg of Starcraft or the Borg of Star Trek. The comics however, (which are canon) portrayed them as capable of speech and some degree of independent thought, though still with slavish devotion to Chrysalis. In that sense they came off more like the Tolkien's Orcs to me. I take the comics as the "true" source for Changeling info as they are considered more or less canon. And given that, they do seem to be pretty much irredeemably evil (much like Orcs, again) because their feeding off of love is portrayed as a parasitic action that destroys the people they're draining the love from. They're like a mix of vampires and locusts, going from place to place, draining love until there's nothing left to take, and moving on.
  3. You're asking a person who doesn't even know what self-esteem is any more, so you can guess what kind of answer I'd give. Whether it's true or not, however, is irrelevant. I don't feel entitled to undue compliments, and I certainly don't expect the world to see me as "beautiful" or "awesome" when I'm clearly not (by society's current definitions), but what I do wish is that people would just ignore that instead of dwelling on it, or worse still, rub it in my face. It won't happen, but a bloke can dream. As for fedoras, I don't wear them, me. They're not my flavour. My best mate does, on occasion, because he just likes them, simple as that. Speaking for myself, I will never tell him what he ought or ought not wear, and I expect the same respect from him.
  4. I don't watch them and I don't really intend to. As someone who has been (and continues to be) on the receiving end of so many people's hate and hurtful comments about how uncool, unattractive, weak, or awkward I apparently am, I (personally) am in no position to make fun of others. Especially those who are just trying to enjoy themselves in their own way. I'm fairly tired of negativity towards others and this need people have to prove to themselves that they're better than others. Yes, that's life, but it doesn't mean I have to like it. And that's all I'm gonna say.
  5. This right here is also something that irked me as well. "Oh, you know it's by the same guy that did Cupcakes, riiiiiight?" Yeah, great, I'll make sure to tell that to my 4-year-old niece when she stumbles upon this little gem while browsing YouTube for MLP vids. I'm sure she and every other little kid and their parents know exactly who that is and what to expect out of this.[/sarcasm] I'm sorry if I'm coming off as prudish or demanding here, but I do honestly believe that we as bronies need to be more careful of what we make and how we present it. I don't care how entitled bronies want to think we are, but the fact is, this is still, and always will be a little kid's show we're into. If people want to make "edgy" or violent or randy shit, then be my guest, but at least package it properly and don't try to hide it under an innocent label just so you can pretend to be "le b3st trole" and that way mum doesn't have to explain to little Sally why Rainbow Dash's guts are all over the place.
  6. I love Fluffle Puff. She's (IMO) an example of fan-creations done right and completely sticking to the flavour and spirit of the original show. I find her adorable, and her misadventures hilarious, and she's also made me love Chrysalis more than ever. I want to see more of Fluffle Puff, and I want to see more OC's like this that respect the MLP style climb to prominence.
  7. He was never seen without it in the show proper, but he did appear in an officially-produced guidebook featuring unique art of him in different clothes and no hat. The book also reveals Rarity's mom's cutie mark. Here's the image.
  8. Rarity's dad is in fact a unicorn as he was pictured without his hat in a canon source and had his horn. He's never been seen using magic simply because he's little more than a background pony and the animators never saw fit to show him using it. Plus his cutie mark (three footballs) would imply he's an athlete and probably doesn't have much use for magic, if you want an "in-universe" explanation for it.
  9. I reckon a male Trixie would still be a great and memorable antagonist, however I don't know that he'd be as enduring as our current Trixie is. He'd probably end up as a Flim & Flam-tier villain and I don't reckon he'd gain such a memetic status as mare Trixie has. For my part, male Trixie wouldn't be as cute to me as female Trixie is, and though I'd probably still love the character (I love me some villains), female Trixie with her voice, mannerisms, and cute design makes her one of my favourite overall ponies.
  10. So to my delight, the Rainbow Dash keyring I bought from eBay has finally arrived; and as I said, I had some plans for it:
  11. I hate to be that guy, but... if anything, liking MLP has actually made my faith in humanity worse than it was (and it was already pretty bad). Being a brony has added one more item to the long list of ammunition people have to use against me, as yet another unpopular or strange hobby I've taken up, and it's exposed me to some really poor aspects of humanity (both outside and within the fandom). I will say that the MLP fandom is one of the better ones, but it's not special. It contains all of the same bad bits that all other fandoms have, which I will admit was a bit disappointing. Plus there's the added bonus of us being society's favourite punching bag. All that horrible stuff being said, the cartoon itself is a marvellous way to escape depression for a small moment, and the show has led me to find many fun moments and new experiences. So for that I am grateful to have found MLP.
  12. I believe it was referred to specifically as a high school though. They say "Canterlot High" a few times, if I recall correctly. This has been discussed before. The "humanverse" is not meant to be a perfect analogue to the "ponyverse". The characters are all aged differently and occupy more or less different roles than they would as ponies, the only thing that actually matches is their personalities/names. Big Mac ought to be older than Cheerilee, who ought to be the same age as the Mane 6, and the CMC/Snips & Snails ought to be primary schoolers rather than freshmen. The alternate universe changes these characters' ages to fit into that society. That, and it's a kids' film, it's not meant to be looked into that deeply.
  13. In the "pony culture", I guess you could call it, clothes are more of an optional accessory than anything else. Some ponies opt to wear clothes constantly, mostly the ones who strive to be extra stylish or fashionable (Fancy Pants, Photo Finish, etc), but for ponies clothes are treated the same as hats or jewellery to us. That is, they're just decorating themselves. With the exception of course of outfits meant to provide protection, like armour or cold-weather clothes.
  14. Just bought this lovely Dashie keychain off eBay. Hot Topic had them, but it seems like they've stopped carrying them (of course, just as I was about to buy one) so I had to do some hunting for it. I already have a pony keychain, but I have a special project planned for this one.
  15. Solo. 100% SOLO. I hate HATE HATE multiplayer and I'm referring especially to online multiplayer. It can have its good moments, but 90% of the time I've played it, all it is is a bunch of people who are only there to feel superior to others and the constant bickering, insults, belittlement, trolling, and ego-stroking just sucks the fun out of it for me. The only time I'll play multiplayer is with very close friends, and preferably on a closed server. Though even then, it depends on the friends because some of my mates can get a bit annoying online. No, I much prefer playing a nice relaxing session by myself at my own pace and my own skill level, where I don't have to impress anybody, I can play how I want, and neckbeards aren't yelling insults into my headphones.
  16. I haven't watched it and don't really intend to, though people keep telling me about it. Personally, I really find it silly how people feel this need to shoehorn gratuitous violence where it doesn't belong or isn't needed just for the sake of proving to the world how 'edgy' you are and get cheap shock value. Sad thing is that the makers are clearly very talented and skilled and could make something really cool if they weren't so fixated on trying to be the next Happy Tree Friends. But that's just me.
  17. I used to have a US two-dollar bill that my mum gave me that I always kept in my wallet for luck. I say "used to" because one day I accidentally drove onto a toll road and had no change, and was forced to pay with it. I've regretted that ever since. I also used to always wear a Japanese flag lapel pin every day. I don't wear it as much any more as my job doesn't allow me to, but I've instead been wearing a chain (given to me by my father and so it means a lot to me) with a dogtag-like pendant of a Japan flag. Most will assume that it's because I must be an anime fanboy or a weeaboo or summat, but it's actually nothing like that. There's a deeper meaning to it for me that represents and reminds me of something that was very personal and dear to me (which I won't bore anyone with the details) and so that's why I wear it.
  18. @@GrimCW, Ohhhh, now I wish I had put 'em on that way! @, I might lose some cool points though, by admitting that it's not actually a 'proper' SNES, but rather the controller I use to play my SNES emulator. However, the controller is in fact 100% authentic and not a replica, so that counts for something, surely. Also, for what it's worth, I think that's an awesome lunch pail, mate! I can't help it, I'm a sucker for shiny and/or sparkly things. Reckon we've both got the same ailment, haha.
  19. Lyra and Pinkie vinyl figures arrived in the post a few days ago. They join Dashie and Flutters on my desk. Spotted a Spitfire as well, but opted not to buy that one as it had naff paint apps. Also swung by Hot Topic and bought a couple of stickers to decorate my new compy.
  20. I don't always nickname my ponies, but when I do, I use these: Twilight Sparkle = Twily Applejack = AJ Fluttershy = Flutters Rainbow Dash = Dashie Pinkie Pie = Pinkie (not really much of a nickname) Rarity = Best Pony Octavia = Tavi Vinyl Scratch = DJ Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon = DT & SS Scootaloo = Scoot Applebloom = AB Sweetie Belle = Sweetie/Taco/Best CMC
  21. I've been told before I'd be a good voice actor as I have a wide ranged voice, but I don't think I'd take the chance if offered. I can perform in front of friends and that, but I get very nervous and get stage fright easily. It'd be too hard for me.
  22. Because it's Sweetie Belle! Wearing a taco! It's Taco Belle! I think there isn't a word in any of the languages of man to accurately describe how cute that concept is.
  23. Yeah, I tried to think of a Russian name as well, but nothing sounded good to my ear as a name. Rap Scallion is a cute name though, I might save that for use in a future OC~ Her cutie mark is a very common Russian criminal tattoo. 8-pointed stars are often worn by criminals in Russia (one on each shoulder) to denote that you don't follow authority. Oooohhh, we have a winner! Yes, I like that name a lot and I can't believe it was right in front of my face the whole time, haha. So henceforth she is named "Rebel".
  24. @, cheers for the compliments, mate. I don't reckon I'm a very good vector maker though, as all I do is vector screens from the show and modify them to make my characters. This one in particular was vectored off a screen of Rarity from "Green Isn't Your Colour". The only things I made were her eyes, mane, hat, and props. She has a line on her neck, but it's covered by the mane and makes it look thicker than it is. I'll try to mess with it and see if I can make it less jarring, but that's as thick as it was on the Rarity screen I used. Same for the legs, Rarity was standing a bit weird. Though I can easily reposition them, I rather liked the awkward little pose it gave her. @@Silverwisp the Bard, the tattoo her cutie mark is based on typically has the border, but looking at it again, I reckon you're right and it would look more "in-show-style" without it, so I'll do that. As for Red, that's a whole 'nother story, but suffice it to say he's going back to the shop for some more work. I'm thinking I'll just do him up a whole new uniform from scratch and change his name. Gonna scrap his original theme and instead base his look on a more 'generic' mash-up of WWI-era British and German regalia. But that's for another thread, perhaps.