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    The Spiral Skein,[1] also known as Mephala's Web or simply Mephala's Realm, is the plane of Oblivion ruled by Mephala. It is set to be a DLC area in The Elder Scrolls Online, purchasable in the Crown Store.[citation needed]

    Inaccessible to mortals, the realm of Mephala is believed by most to be intricate and woven together in the form of a web/wheel, which is centered around the tower known as The Pillar Palace of Mephala, though its true name is too awful to be uttered. Between the tower and the edges of the wheel, there are eight spokes. These spokes or strands are known as The Eight Strands of Skein, for which each are based off of sins such as sex or assassination, Mephala's category of ruling.[1][OOG 1]

    The first spoke/strand is a cavern devoted to lies, filled with pedestals pretending to hold up the sky. The second is made up of cramped chambers representing envy. The third is maggot-filled grottoes filled with glowing lights, representing seduction. The fourth contains eternally dark tunnels representing fear and dread. The fifth are halls without rules and filled with betrayal. The sixth, an arena of murder. The seventh space is home to arcades of avarice and appetite, containing all things mortals would kill or die for. The eighth is a flaming skein of fury, representing the death that comes to all mortals, and therefore where all treasure lies.[1]

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  1. The person crouching in the back right corner is a police officer that was attacked by a protester. The cop was completely justified in using crowd control to prevent further violence. Learn the full story. c:
  2. Electro swing is most likely what you're gonna be seeing. Monterik is solid. I also recommend Gadget, but some of his stuff is hard to find.
  3. "The developer described Hatred as a reaction to video game aesthetic trends such as political correctness, politeness, vivid color, and games as art." All I got out of this was "edgy edgy edgy attention plox".
  4. I was just going by what was specifically stated in the definition. See above lel. TRAINS R PPL 2
  5. Does that mean if I watch Thomas the Tank Engine I'm a "furry"? :? I don't think this definition at all applies in the case of what makes something "furry" because then every little kid watching MLP would be a "furry" as well. Anthropomorphic doesn't necessarily have to equate to the "furry" fandom. In fact, many shows would then be "furry".
  6. Mephala

    Puzzle Piece

    wait she defiled her parents o_0
  7. This is pretty old news, isn't it? I remember there's some other pictures too.
  8. >America is way better than this. HAHA HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA No. There have been plenty of cases of verbal and physical abuse in American schools.
  9. E Z. But I have a lot. XD So I'm gonna try to cut down to two or three from one series if there's more than one. Any others included in the list will be in spoilers, but I'll try to pick and choose my favourites. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Momotarou Mikoshiba Aiichiro Nitori Nagisa Hazuki Okay, sort of cheated, but I...picked the Big Three (Ai, Momo, and Nagisa). So I couldn't leave out the fact that I love Rei and Sousuke just as much - in the case of Sousuke, very close to more. But the allure of the Shota Kings is too great, and I love all three of them, especially Momo. &g
  10. KS = kill secure LMAOO If I'm playing ADC I'd rather my support also be able to handle themselves if I leave lane to grab buff. That's the major problem I have with the way a lot of supports are designed - they're weak and they can hardly do all that much alone. It's only if they take all the farm I get a little grumpy. Like, a few minions out of a wave is whatever, but the full wave is a pain in the ass.
  11. ^ dis Even when I call support, I generally play someone I know I can score kills with if I have to (Lux, Leona, Annie, Lulu, etc.) so if worst comes to worst... I'm improving marginally lately with Amumu, which makes me happy. ^^ Edit: And the totally amazing @@Gravelord Neat-O gave me Regifted Amumu because he is a huge dweeb. thx again, i still owe u bigtime :C
  12. Mephala

    Ya know...

  13. Mm! Personally, I would have to disagree. Obviously there aren't "true" natives, and I'm an immigrant myself, but I do see the "melting pot" more prevalently in the United States than in Canada the few times I've visited. I still refer to myself as Welsh-Polish primarily, despite the fact that I haven't lived in either place for quite a few years...but in general, I'd say the national identity of Canada is much different, just in that we're a little more open. And some of the points I made were about government, yes, but I feel the government is instrumental in preserving the cultures of our
  14. Yup! To me, at least, Canada's identity lies heavily in our plethora of natural beauty and natural resources, something that many of us are very proud of (despite government pushes for privatization of resources). In addition, unlike many countries, we are proud of our cultural diversity and welcome immigrants and new ideas to us with more acceptance than others. We are widely supportive of human rights globally, including homosexual rights (holla @ gay marriage being legal across the country)! We're on good terms with most places, too; unlike the US, we're more open with trade in China and
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