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  1. Probably dropping out of this rp. My apologies. Deal with it. Have fun without me?
  2. Hello again everyone, I'm back from my absence because I just got my internet back. I could have used my phone, but I only get 200mb per month. Anyways, did I miss much? I'll start reading from where I left off but a summary would do wonders.
  3. As a Chemistry student, I know how crystals are formed and their properties. I can say this is absolutely bull, you're just having a placebo. I could go into depth as to how crystals are made and their properties but I'd rather not lecture without needing to.
  4. @@Windbreaker, Swiggie levitated the plate off the counter, "Hahaha well I actu-", cut off by a rather loud pony. Turning around Swiggie caught his plate before it hit the floor, quickly bowing down without hesitation. Looking up he also spotted more elements of harmony and royalty. "Ponyville really is the nexus of strange"
  5. @@Windbreaker, "Hiya! What can I getcha?" "I'd like a muffin please, preferably cherry or cranberry flavoured" Swiggie said, though he was composed on the surface he knew he had spoken to a particularly famous pony and was bubbling inside. "So it's nice to meet you, never thought I'd have an opportunity like this" Swiggie dug his hoof at the floor, "I really enjoyed the Hearths warming play you performed the other year" Swiggie mentioned, hoping to prolong a conversation with the Element of Laughter.
  6. @@AspenSwift, "Oh!, your name is Apsen, I thought somepony wanted me to give them Aspirin" Swiggie re-composed his posture, "I'm Nurse Swiggie, just call me Swiggie for now because I'm out of commission till next week." Swiggie prepared his bit-bag for his future cupcake,"It's nice how quickly ponies in this town become acquainted with each other, lookie there... correct me if I'm wrong but that's the Element of Loyalty and Laughter!" Swiggie stared and gestured at Rainbowdash at the opposite end of the bakery along with Pinkiepie and a certain grey and red unicorn. Becoming hesitant for a muffin, Swiggie tapped the service bell again. @@Windbreaker,@@GeneralDirection, @@RubyW32, "~Ding"
  7. @@AspenSwift, The bell above the door chimed followed by a few hoof-steps finished by an overly friendly smile. "This town really is the nexus of strange." "Um, hi! I'm Aspen!" Caught off guard, Swiggie didn't catch the first half of the sentence. "You want Aspirin?, I'm sorry but I'm legally not allowed to administer drugs outside of a hospital"
  8. @@GeneralDirection,@@Windbreaker, (thanks, I was getting hesitant) Swiggie raised his brow at a certain famous pony in the bakery. "The element of loyalty? here?, oh of course, it's Ponyville, the nexus of strange" Swiggie balanced his bag on the next seat and made pace towards the bakery's counter. Swiggie hesitated to pick a flavour, he noted the oddity of how the bakery only sold sweets and no plain bread was on the menu. "Whats a bakery without bread?" The service bell sat there on the counter, it looked like it could use a ring. His belly stood there, it looked like it could use a muffin. "~Ding!"
  9. Hey just going to put in an application forward just in case this RP is open again. Link to my OC: click here I will probably flesh out my OC's profile one day.
  10. Swiggie paced through Ponyville, giving the occasional wave and smile to the friendly folks. The hospital was visible from the town square, along with other notable buildings such as the clock-tower and the odd crystal thingy. "Grrrrl" Swiggie's stomach rumbled. "Damn it" Swiggie looked around for someplace to eat, hospital work can wait. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The bell above the door chimed, chitter chatter from both inside and outside Sugarcube corner filled the atmosphere. Swiggie dropped his bags off at a vacant table and proceeded to read off the menu. "Perhaps moving here wasn't a bad idea"