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  1. The Dandy

    Why do you like MLP?

    If what was expected, Became what always was, And if what was predicted Always occurred, When what enjoyment would life hold? The world needs to be reminded that practice and theory are different. If the world doesn't learn this lesson, then the world would be most boring, indeed. So that is what a simply action, demonstrating a tear away from conformity, can hold. And in this circumstance, does.
  2. The Dandy

    Art of driving letter

    Kinda dangerous since he forgot to take off the handbrake at the start.
  3. The Dandy

    Anti Bronies vs Bronies: Everyone Should See This

    It's a shame you replied he way you did, it makes my responce someone what confusing. So in regards to your first paragraph I was simply pointing out that many Bronies say things like you have been, against anti-Bronies, they are just as much as angry and butthurt as anti bronies are. But at least anti bronies know that they are trying to be annoying, but Bronies automatically assume they are in the right no matter what the situation. It's not hipocritcal, it's like stating "isn't it hipocritical for you to hate Aliens Colonal Marines, since you like video games" or "Isn't to hipocritcal of you to not want 13 year olds playing GTA V, since you are fine with 16 years old playing it". In regards to the second paragraph, for future reference the fandom of starwars stems from the movies not the shows. And yes they were all social movements that's why people call others "dorks" "geeks" and "nerds" for liking those shows or movies. Well, you are so very found of people saying "this isn't my cup if tea" in the face of things they don't like, yet you clearly get very upset and hatful regarding anti-Bronies, which you don't like. In regards to your third paragraph, Oh my god, you just brought up the "you're just insure in your sexuality and gender" argument. Which is the most overused and incorrect argument there is. People oppose somthing, as opposed to tolerating it, because they are against the idea, not because of some sexuality or gender related issue. You clearly enjoy tormenting anti-Bronies, here, where you are bound to find none, and if you do, the website is on your side. But of course, they're the losers and cowards. It all goes back to what I said, Bronies always assume they are in the right. You're right, anti-Bronies should be treated just as seriously as Bronies, which is of course, not the slightest bit.
  4. The Dandy

    Anti Bronies vs Bronies: Everyone Should See This

    I would suggest that it is not them who can't get over their "buthurt". I would also suggest that individuals (such as ourselves) that enjoy a show designed for children don't really have the right to accuse others of being immature. It may not be a religious or a political movement, but it is a social movement, and like any social movement it has it's opposers and supporters. People have as much of a right to hate something as to like it, as much as we wish hate wasn't a part of the world it is, and people will express it, and we're no better if we simply fight fire with fire. Why is everyone so obsessed with making extreme comparisons? I concur with you though, people should not be comparing the "struggles" or whatever they call it, of Bronies to those of other groups. It's like how Bronies say "coming out of the closet" when they're referring to admitting they're Bronies, it makes a mockery of the struggles the LGBT+ community needs to go through. Well I liked where you were going, but please stop just plain insulting people because you don't understand why they do what they do. If confusion is treated with hatred then it becomes a violent world.
  5. The Dandy

    Anti Bronies vs Bronies: Everyone Should See This's not a political belief to not understand what the holocaust was, and how it worked. Perhaps you haven't been taught it in school yet, but that is what the Nazis said it was, they also said that the Ghettos they put Jewish people in before concentration camps was for "the Jewish people's protection". Jewish people were seldom put to labour as opposed to just being flat out killed, and when they did, their work was pointless, the majority of the work they did was crushing stones, and belief it or not, the Nazis didn't need a bunch of rocks. They were also underfed, treated to the cold, shot indiscriminately and had all their possessions taken from them before even before getting to the gas chambers. You may also recall places like Auschwitz, where as soon as they got off, all women, children, elderly people and people already weak from the conditions the Nazis subjected them to we're imedatly killed. This later turned into everyone when the Nazis started losing. And for point of refrence, your senceless bigotry does not allow you ignorance. You want to know why the Jewish have the sterotype of being money crubbing cheap skates? Because back before even the time of Shakesbeere, Banks were being formed, and no one was good enough with maths and taking care of money to run them. Expect for the Jews, everyone was very happy to let the Jews run the banks, until that meant Jews were very rich, thus they came up with the streotype of Jews being money grubbing. Plays like "The Merchant Of Venus" demonstrate this sterotype. And no one tecnailly owns any land, we simply move a top of it and ruin it, then we move on, that's human nature, not Jewish nature. I would see the Bronies as the Antagonist, because at least they are not so foolish as to deny the fact they are the problem. Bronies constantly go looking for fights, while anti bronies stumble upon pictures of ponies and are mad. I never labeled myself anti-brony, it's odd that someone who justifies genocide and the actions of the worst political party in history (in terms of social justice) should be so judgmental of anti bronies and those that aline with them. And for future refrence we are both engaged in the exact same activy right now, so I fail to see your "free time" argument. I used that example, because it was said two opposing forces would not be seen having tea with one another. The following of a fandom requires as much effort as the hatred of one. It is a jump we make a lot, and one that isn't usually right. We are accused of being trolls, which is not true, so then instead of learning from that we go and call anti-bronies trolls simply because they disagree with us.
  6. The Dandy

    Anti Bronies vs Bronies: Everyone Should See This

    Sorry, but I really do feel the need to chime in here. Don't ever, ever, compare the "battle" between Bronies and anti-Bronies to the KKK and African Americans, or Nazis and Jews. Maybe when 6 million Bronies get killed in concentration camps by anti-Bronies or Bronies are hunted and killed by anti-Bronies that would be a fair call to make. But you are comparing what Bronies have to go through, to what Jews had to go through with the Nazi's. No matter what way you slice it, that is a horrendous and completely ridiculous comparison. Furthermore, you are comparing anti-Bronies to Nazis and the KKK, which is another incredibly unreasonable call to make. And for all intents and purposes, "anti" groups are established because people are against an idea. In my country The Liberal Party was created as an alternative to The Labour Party, and in Parliament you will find members for both of parties literally having cups of tea with one another other. They're are many aspects in life, and simply because two people disagree about one unimportant aspect doesn't mean they can't be friends, and it certainly doesn't mean they can't live together.
  7. The Dandy

    Something I Realized About Anti-Bronies

    You're right guys, we are clearly more honourable than them, that's why we trash talk them on a site that is not only anti-brony free (ergo they can't defend themselves), but also one that would ban someone for being an anti-brony. It's clear that the anti-bronies are the hypocrites.
  8. The Dandy

    Is Big Macintosh like a male Fluttershy?

  9. The Dandy

    LGBT+ Bronies: Thoughts on "The Closet"

    @Hamp just regarding your first paragraph, I understand what you are saying , but I am concerned. Saying "people make use of getting offended way more than they should", is just closed minded. This is known as victim blaming. People do this because they have a good or at least non-hateful intention (such as using "coming out"), and when they get corrected, rather than take that correction on board they simply say someone is "impossible to please". Because they feel they have done everything in their power to not hurt a certain person, but yet they did. But, intentions mean nothing, crashing a tanker full of oil in Antarctica and saying "oops didn't mean to do that" or doing that and saying "yeah, suck it penguins!" Causes the same problem. So although it may seem people are just being too easily offended, they correct with good reason, and simply because someone feels they have done nothing offensive, doesn't mean they have not. @FlyBunny I also direct you to this.
  10. The Dandy

    LGBT+ Bronies: Thoughts on "The Closet"

    Well as a technically in the closet transgender individual, Bronies saying "in the closet" isn't offensive because it's rude, it's offensive because it's an overstatement. As far as I know, there has been one case of a brony being kicked out of the house for enjoying the show, and one attempted suicide because of that reason. Compare that to the amount of times a successful suicide has occurred, in the LGBTQ+ community or a member has been kicked out of their house (especially trans* and homosexual people), and that is a very unfair comparison to draw. It is sayin the hardships the LGBTQ+ community need to go through are equal to those a brony would need to, which is just untrue.
  11. The Dandy

    What are your "quiet pleasures"?

    I'll assume that "guilty pleasures" are similar to "quiet pleasures ". In which case, Xanadu (the musical) would probably be the biggest one, then for the sake of not getting to personal, I'll leave out the other ones.
  12. The Dandy

    Im giving a speech on suicide

    Well in relation to bullying causing suicide, although a big problem we find in this world, suicide it is ignored, rather than thought about. So only those cases where the person is attractive are really discussed, because everyone thinks it's more tragic when they are attractive (it's just a weird society thing). However, suicide as a whole needs to be talked about it, it is repressing something into the dark corners of the mind that makes it worse, not better. So, due to lack of discussion, those contemplating suicide feel worse about it, because no one talks about it, and everyone says how selfish suicide is. The goal of a society should be to help the unfortunate, not further send them into an abyss. For any other issue with a person which requires support and understanding, we accommodate for them. But, when it comes to suicide we cast them out and somehow believe that if we ignore an issue it goes away. I think it would far more beneficial for people to just talk about ways to do suicide. Immediately saying a person shouldn't do suicide before even thinking about or hearing their reasons for it, is ignorant and plain selfish. I think we all need to be willing to accept people's wish to kill themselves, it may not stop them from doing it, but they won't hate themselves for doing it. If someone is already in a situation where they think killing themselves is best, then making them feel worse is a horrible thing for us to do. But, that is why we make suicide taboo, because in order for us to discuss it, we have to look into ourselves and see the people we truly are, when we are faced with the possibility of loss, we truly see how generous we are. P.s. I'm 15, so I think this has to do with 13-15 year olds
  13. The Dandy

    Furry discussion thread

    They are probably better than Bronies (as a whole, if you compared the average brony to the average furry). They have a strong sense to togetherness because everyone insults them, like how the Bronies do because lots of people insult them. However even the bronies insult furries. But unlike Bronies they don't tend to get over confident and demand people respect their choice to belong to the fandom. As enjoying pornographic cartoon animal porn and/or dressing up as cartoon animals is not the most priding thing to do.
  14. The Dandy


    "Cross dressing" in of itself has become a very selective term. It implies someone of a binary gender is dressing up as the opposite binary gender. Because of that "cross dressing" is more often done for sexual arousement, protests and comedy, rather than a serious need for it. If your pre-op transgender or transsexual it's not cross dressing because you identify as the opposite sex. If your bifluid or bi gender or pan gender then you sometimes identify with one sex and sometimes another, so cross dressing for them is in the eye of the beholder. So basically what I'm saying is that it's very difficult to consider something cross dressing when you get into the technicalities of it.
  15. The Dandy

    Opposite Gender Pet Peeves

    I'm not referring to those manipulative (forgive my langue but I do feel it's needed) bitches of women. I'm talking about sharing emotions to people, wearing female clothes, getting to feel beautiful. Like I said, just the things females get to do men can not.