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  1. It really has been a while since I was here for the last time ... Seems right to come back at the day of the anniversary. ^_^

  2. ~StatesTheOblivious~

    Ask StatesTheOblivious

    I like wolves the most. Dunno why, but I really like their physiogonomy, especially their eyes.
  3. GamesCom was awesome. Only thing that wasn't awesome was that I didn't manage to get an autograph from Charles Martinet. ^_^'

  4. ~StatesTheOblivious~

    Gaming Gamescom 2015

    Just came back from Day 1 and ... Phew! Lotta people, lotta things to see and I'm exhausted from carrying all the merch, goodies and my camera. But it was totally worth it. Tomorrow will be mostly demo playing only, hopefully I won't have to wait too long in the queues for Overwatch, Legacy of the Void, WH 40K Inquisitor, Uncharted 4 and Battlefront.
  5. This was ... the best Luna episode yet and one of the best episodes of this season so far. Gonna write a review, I think. The call-backs, the pace, the concept - all very nice. Oh, and I'm surprised this wasn't in the episode:
  6. The Emperor says "Good night everyone!"

  7. While I have to disagree with some of your points simply because I think you're sometimes asking too much from writing (or human behavior, reactions and thought patterns in general), I share your despise for this episode; you summed up everything to dislike about it and presented it in a very structured and detailed way. For me, as I wrote in my little review, the missing connection between lesson and cause of trouble, between the problem and it's presented "cause" were the most messed up things in this episode. Note: By now I even get the feeling that the staff sorts out the most acce
  8. So I was sitting there right before the episode aired without actually expecting anything. I had read the synopsis when it was posted for the first time and had already considered to be this episode the usual hit or miss that Spike episodes sadly are in most cases. As someone who considers Spike his favorite character, my inexistent expectations were not just unfulfilled, they were brought into existence just to be crushed with every further minute of airtime that I hoped to get some increase in quality while I sat through it. This episode is not just “meh”, it’s actually bad. I don’t thin
  9. That was the most meh episode ever and I certainly don't like it as both, a fan of Spike and an appreciator of fiction.

  10. I liked it. If you wanna know why I don't love it, here's my review: https://mlpforums.com/blog/2437/entry-16999-slice-of-life-or-how-to-literally-jump-the-shark-after-more-than-91-episodes/ Long story short: The fan service was a bit too strong.
  11. First off: If you expected to get an over-the-top-episode with this one, you were right. “Slice of Life” is, without being as casually random as “Make New Friends but Keep Discord”, one of the most entertaining episodes of the show. But this status comes with a cost. Before I skip or leave anything out, I should talk about the plot first. So, instead of focusing on any characters of the Mane Cast, this episode starts with Cranky and Matilda, two characters we’ve seen close to nothing of since the second season. Preparing for their wedding, they find their invitations to be referring to the
  12. So, tomorrow I'll have to have a towel with me the entire day. But most important: Don't panic!

  13. Good evening. Hm, I'm not around here all too often these days ... ^_^

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      I'm quite fine, thanks for asking. How about yourself?

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      My day is good.

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  14. I’m … positively speechless. This was not just better than the last two episodes, it was the most entertaining episode in a long time. One funny moment followed another, several crazy new things like Discord’s lovecraftian home-dimension, return of The Smooze, all the references and Trollestia galore! This was awesome! Yet extremely …
  15. If RD would kindly move her wing away, we could probably read it.
  16. Unfortunately, I can still see a hint of another letter beneath the wrapping ... No misspelling, sadly. :/
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