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  1. I love Deet. She's so cute. Now I want to read the Dark Crystal books and comics.
  2. It's my favorite time of year. Not too hot and not too cold and not too much sun.
  3. Watching episode 21. I've seen mild spoilers and getting sad about the ending. Probably finish the series tomorrow. There's still some EQG stuff I haven't watched yet.
  4. It was cool to see Rarity wanting Spike's attention for a change.
  5. I've watched the first four episodes and loving it so far.
  6. Food is the main one. No matter what anybody says nothing is better than food. Like almost everybody these days, I'm addicted to electronic connectivity, though not as much as other people. Most people would probably say I love solitude too much but that's their problem.
  7. When I was five years old I slammed into a glass door way too hard and sliced my arm really good. I don't know how many stitches it was but I still have a long scar and I still remember how much it hurt.
  8. Important decisions, I usually stress and agonize about them for a long, long time and then end up being quite random. So I guess you'd say gut. For instance, I need a new car but I don't know crap about cars and I don't have any strong feelings about them. I just need a reliable car for a good price. People are always saying "research, research", whatever that means. I've been poking around online and everything looks pretty much the same. Decisions are always so hard when everything looks the same.
  9. The whole book was great but the last story was awesome.
  10. Warning: Will cause stomach pain and shortness of breath from excessive laughter. These balls are the definition of comedy.
  11. A few hours of tv/movies then a few hours of reading a good book and lots of junk food.
  12. I used to hate the yoke runny but now I like it. Especially soaking it up with bread. But my favorite is omlettes.
  13. Everybody's heard of the Fermi Paradox, right? Lately I have this idea that intelligence is limiting and counterproductive. Insects and viruses really rule the world, not us. So my idea is that really successful interplanetary alien life has moved past intelligence, all the technological alien civilizations have blown themselves up and things like swarms of giant cyborg alien insects roam the cosmos eating and breeding.