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  1. Honestly he was more intimidating in this video than in the movie.
  2. ♡ Chewie when I got him. ♡ ♡ now ♡
  3. Really the FIRST thing I'd do is get some pizza delivered(I usually pick it up to save money), give the driver a hundred dollar tip, then just spend a few days depressurizing and shopping online. My job can go to hell. Then after that I'd start putting elaborate plans into effect.
  4. Peanut butter and banana Peanut butter and marshmallow fluff Peanut butter and Nutella and of course good old peanut butter and jelly
  5. Yeah, they're cool and some are pretty but it's annoying when they get in the house. FYI:
  6. I don't get the craziness some people have about not wearing shoes in the house. The world is dirty, nothing you can do about it. When I come home I walk to my room(on the carpet!!! ) and take my shoes off. When people come over they usually stay in their shoes and that's fine. (honestly I prefer that to looking at everybody's feet. )
  7. None. I'd rather know the truth no matter what.
  8. They don't sting. They're entirely harmless to humans. Butterflies get all the attention but I think dragonflies are equally pretty.
  9. Standing while everybody's sitting. Reminds me of giving a speech. You just completely stick out.
  10. Is this a status update or blog entry?

    I'm constantly hearing about them.

    Is anybody seeing this?


    1. JingLBabe


      This is a status update. And yes, you can see them posted on the front page for a while.

  11. Yeah, they were pretty random. None of the parents were there. Sweetie Belle was in the episode anyway.
  12. This one is really good even if I didn't like the It movie much.
  13. What are movies that everybody's always talking about that you've never seen? Godfather It's a Wonderful Life Casablanca Austin Powers that bowling movie they based pony characters on. Can't think of the name.
  14. Knug Fu Panda 2 seemed a little too much nonstop action for me. Not as good as the first or third. Ghostbusters II is a pretty good movie. Mine: Empire Strikes Back Revenge of the Sith How to Train Your Dragon 2 & 3 Frozen 2