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  1. Well I'm a nerd who writes down everything he watches so... The Mandolorian Dark Crystal Age of Resistance (I want more!!! ) Locke & Key The Clone Wars season 7 Watchmen She-ra and the Princesses of Power Interspecies Reviewers The Expanse The Dragon Prince Monster Girl Doctor Currently watching Westworld Buffy the Vampire Slayer Dragon Ball Half Demon Princess(whatever the name is) Animaniacs(just started)
  2. I can see why people don't like this episode. Dash really seemd like kind of a jerk. I guess it was just that she likes buckball so much. But she has done cheerleading before: I got kind of annoyed with them saying "over and over and over again" over and over and over again. Zecora wasn't very helpful with the rhyming, meaning her rhyming is just a natural thing zebras do.
  3. Loved the Willy Wonka references and having Weird Al on the show again. Imagine having a wet blanket for a cutie mark. I'd sure buy a ventriliqwoopie cushion! So cute!
  4. It's pretty good. Some parts weren't that funny to me. Seems like they're trying to be a little too "today". Dot seems to be winning so far.
  5. That turtle was really cool looking. Luna and Celestia playing superheroes is awesome. I agree with Dash. Why? But don't argue with swans. They're freaking dinosaurs. Helmets with the horn sticking out don't seem like a good idea. Goth Celestia Sunburned horn. Yeah I think about horns too much. Scared of chickens... You actually see the sun and moon in the sky together a lot. This was a fun episode with lots of cute Celestia and Luna.
  6. Yeah I feel that Scootaloo has pretty crappy parents. There's no job that somebody else can't do and when you have a kid they should be your priority.
  7. I love it in horror movies when they just push the killer down and run away, maybe hit him moderately hard. Yeah, STANDING UP is gonna cost him seconds! That's really going to make all the difference!
  8. Here: Over 31 seasons they've made some guesses that turned out to be true. People that want to believe in weird things like to believe they're predicting the future.
  9. There are always spiders and centipedes, other than that flies, mosquitoes, moths, crickets. The usual stuff. No cockroaches or termitesor bedbugs, thank god.
  10. Technically there's no such thing as a spring solstice. Spring has an equinox. There are lots of flowering sticks. swoon
  11. This was a tough episode for Big Mac. No sleep and always getting caught in traps.