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  1. Mr Thedragon I wonder how Twilight's spell was detected and who was looking for it. Really you'd think unicorns could cheat at games all the time. Also don't see why it was a big deal. Spike got stage fright and she helped him out. Those are some dangerous arrows. One misfire could result in numerous deaths.
  2. There are a whole series of them, most by the same author who also wrote for the show.
  3. I've never seen this but I've heard so much about it I want to.
  4. So we actually saw Rarity and Sweetie Belle's parents again here. I thought they were only on the show once. We were all a little disturbed when she turned the mariachis into Octavia and company. Well whatever that was I guess it was fixed in the end. The whole thing makes me wonder how spells work in conjunction with unicorn magic. Rarity doesn't seem to have very strong magic but here she was transforming things at an insane level just by saying a few words.
  5. It was just a joke. People always tease me about how many books I have. I always compare myself to Twilight that way.
  6. I'm looking forward to Dune, Wonder Woman, and Ghostbusters 3 if theaters ever open.
  7. But you're missing out on having twice your weight in books.
  8. Same. I don't usually make any noise. Anybody like this?
  9. Yep, seats in theaters and airplanes discriminate against tall people. And bigger shirts are always wider, never longer.
  10. I'm sure there is good fan fiction but wading through all the crap makes it just about impossible to find, that's why I don't read much. At least you know a book was good enough to get published. Thank you! There's way too much reliance on screens these days and don't get me started with the obsession with audiobooks! Yes, I'm a book snob. The cool kids paint on cave walls.
  11. Well now we both do. Duck is working well for me.
  12. Atlantis Mu Lemuria Middleearth Esso Westeros Southeros