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  1. Personally I think most technology these days is more about invading your privacy than improving your life. That's why I'm stubborn about it.
  2. Nothing. I can't understand people who wear regular clothes and especially underwear to sleep. So restricting! if I had my way I'd never wear anything but t-shirts and shorts at most.
  3. I don't think I've seen all the updated effects but this one is excellent.
  4. So true. Such a mess of a movie to end such a mess of a trilogy.
  5. Love Star Trek until they rebooted it a few years ago. DS9 is my favorite. The original is pretty cheesy but it's fun to watch and it started Star Trek.
  6. Up, Coco, and Onward are my favorites. I've never been a big fan of Toy Story or Cars.
  7. Here's an interesting article about cockroaches: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/i-am-officially-in-love-with-cockroaches-180960274/ I wish the book wasn't so expensive.
  8. 60% Twilight - I'm a nerd, I love to read, I can be really neurotic. 40% Fluttershy - I'm shy and I love animals and I am sometimes filled with rage. 42% Pinkie Pie(Yes that's 142% but rules don't apply to Pinkie) - I like to cook, I like pranks, and I'm pretty crazy.
  9. I can';t decide on a life. Basically I'd like to be immortal on a holodeck. To have as many lives as I want. To pick them up at any point, rewind, pause, and fine tune them. And there would absolutely be no life where I have a job and a boss and punch a clock.