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  1. Okay, magic can teleport, time travel, and turn frogs into oranges but it can't grow hair? Rarity looked really cool but she did somehow have more hair after she colored it.
  2. That news pony is tiny. Wow, they finally got rid of the parasprites in Fillyfelphia! Dash is like me. Only thing I've given a crap about in the news lately is Dark Crystal Age of Resistance being cancelled. I liked the Egyptian ponies. The sphinx was cool but didn't look a lot different from a pegasus.
  3. Nope. Pessimists have a secret love for cute, happy things. If the real world can't be like that we can at least imagine stuff like that.
  4. Starlight and Trixie are an entertaining pair. Both can be pretty antagonistic but they're good friends. Maulwurf is German for mole. Star-nosed moles are pretty odd looking.
  5. Here come the pillars! We got to see eastern unicorns and Ember's dad. Flyders are cool looking but would be terrible.
  6. What PMVs have you made so far? I wish I had the time and patience to make them.
  7. Spike's turning into Twilight. Ember is like Hansel and Gretel in a candy house. And she can't tell the difference between Twilight and Starlight. I never thought about that before. Maybe dragons can't really distinguish between shades of purple. One thing I don't like about the reformed changelings is that they have a wing for a tail. That just looks weird hanging off his rump.
  8. Yeah me too. That's why I've never watched One Piece or Naruto and just now checked out Dragon Ball.
  9. I think a walker would make it harder for a pony to walk. I'd love to have an ice cream fight. Rarity going nuts! All the ponies at the end are really a joke about criticisms of the show.