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  1. I was born in 1990, and the only thing I remember is the intro:
  2. Your answer is close to mine
  3. Wow, perfect choices! Our 5 Man Band would be: Stickman, The Leader Maple Bat, The Lancer Woody, The Smart Guy Kronos, The Big Guy Will Guide, The Chick/Heart (And if/when he appears...) Changeling Will Guide as the Sixth Ranger
  4. Helping a fellow member win the day!
  5. @Stickman, The Legend Like I said, take your time with the more important things; We'll be ready when you're ready, right guys? @Maple Bat @Kronos the Revenant
  6. Take your time! We'll still be ready!
  7. Oh yeah, that's right! I once had braces.
  8. If our group of heroes were like the 5 Man Band of The Hero, The Lancer, The Smart Guy, The Big Guy, and The Chick/Heart, I'd definitely be the Heart/Chick
  9. Gee, I just simply requested to be the "logger" or whatever you call a person who keeps track of a crew's journey, and look, everyone's here! *Hugs all around*
  10. Well the Canadian release is on Sunday, right? Well, come Sunday Morning, I'm going to sign out of the MLP Forums temporarily until I see a YouTube video of it myself. Usually by the time a good video comes up, A full page worth of posts past the episode's official starting time has been made. I don't want to risk the posts on the Episode's Discussion Page spoiling the untasted wine, so to speak! Well, we shall see............................
  11. Open

    @Blitz Boom *You know,* Will thought to himself. *The way Alonsus looked like he was about to sing while having a trio of mares fawn over him makes me think of a certain Disney character. Let's hope Alonsus doesn't make the same mistakes as him* Aloud Will said to Alonsus, "Wait a minute, it's night?! But I thought was morning already! Ok, either the Royal Sisters were messing with the sun and moon to troll me, or I must have hit my head harder than I thought when I landed in the forest!" Will felt there wasn't much to do at night and needed his sleep. "So anyway, Alonsus. Is there someplace I can rest until morning? I haven't any money, but I need a roof over my head."
  12. Mega Thread

    Banned for not banning me!
  13. Mega Thread

    Try saying that 5 times fast! @The_Gobo Banned for giving me another rhyme Say that 10 times without mixing up the letters!
  14. I love the new banner with the CMC's Cutie Marks!

  15. @Stickman, The Legend On a minor note, you think Will Guide in-story would be writing the memoirs of this adventure once it comes to an end? Like he's been mentally keeping a journal of his side of the story, then when everyone groups up, he transcribes our heroes' shared journey?