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  1. This week, I'm working on Black Friday in addition to Saturday and Sunday. See you guys later at about 5.

    1. Fennekin


      I wish you the best of luck, wiiguy!

  2. I should would fish baby out! As for @meme, likewise I would only eat you if you want me to.
  3. Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, I can now play this last part of this clip:

    Nice that this time, the Griffins waited until AFTER Thanksgiving to do the Christmas stuff. ;)

  4. StarSwirl: Did anypony ever found out who my parents are?
  5. Wow! I don't think I've done Monstro before, if ever! *transforms with a giddy feeling all over, then Swallows you down* ROOOOOOOAAAAAAAR! When you're ready to leave, just light a fire and I'll sneeze you out! (As Monstro the Whale) Yeah, me too. But if I see a school of fish, I will give chase!
  6. My Original Unicorn self is now driving. C. Will will still be watching from the back seat of our minds.

  7. I'm doing my sign-spinning job tomorrow on Black Friday in addition to Both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. I'll need my sleep, so good night and I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving this year!

    1. Johnny1226


      Good night wiiguy 

  8. Mega Thread

    @Northern Light Dashie I suppose I ban you and @Princess Aurora Wolf for being unable to spend Thanksgiving with RL family.
  9. You know, remember that both I the Changeling AND the original, red, Unicorn me are your Daddy. Your Unicorn Father should be coming back to play before tomorrow morning.
  10. I'll teleport you out! Would you rather be inside Daddy's belly than some stranger's belly? OR better yet, I shrink and get swallowed by you!
  11. Mmmmm....goes great with Thanksgiving dinner. (Don't tell Fluttershy)
  12. Same here.
  13. Mega Thread

    Banned because you didn't say whose baby you are. @Northern Light Dashie
  14. Nah, I already got clothes my size? My question is, why is Trump always puckering up his lips. What? Does he want me to kiss him. Bah!
  15. @Northern Light Dashie I don't want to hurt you, but you look cute enough to swallow. This clip best represents my reaction up to 03:17