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    A movie/show/book/game can be objectively bad, but I think whether a person subjectively likes the thing or not is much more important and interesting to talk about
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  1. To answer your question regarding Fang the Sniper:

    1. Badass design
    2. Feels refreshing to have a proper mercenary-type character in Sonic
    3. Not evil; just greedy
    4. Has great team potential with Bean and Bark

    And other reasons I am sure. ^^

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    2. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      I know who all three characters are because of Sonic the Fighters via Sonic Gems Collection on GameCube.

      The footage below come from PlayStation 3 port but it's still the same game.


    3. Widdershins


      "Bean the Duck" that's awesome.

       But I like "Bark the Bear" better.


       He looks like such a big Sweetie!~

       and Yeah, the Sonic comics are a a big, continuity tight, entertaining mess of a world! I might not know much of the Sonic world, but I can appreciate good storytelling & character design!

    4. Pathfinder


      Bean the Dynamite; to be precise. He's quite the wacky fellow; tho most of that is based off of how he's been portrayed in the Archie comics. Tho, considering he throws bombs out like they're candy I think it's fair to see him like that.

      And Bark is just awesome. Period.

      Fang, Bean, and Bark just make up my favorite trio in all of Sonic. <3

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