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    A movie/show/book/game can be objectively bad, but I think whether a person subjectively likes the thing or not is much more important and interesting to talk about
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  1. Check out the new amiibo I got directly from Nintendo's online store


  2. Has anyone had any April showers yet?


  3. Have you heard of any of the Nintendo systems? If so, which ones are your favorites?
  4. I've been trying to do a playthrough of Majora's Mask where I try to avoid collecting any but the required mask. And also avoiding picking up Heart pieces that have to do with the Bombers notebook; any Heart Pieces that are found out in the open I can grab them. I've been doing so well until the second to last boss. Without a bigger magic meter or being allowed to go into the Milk Bar to get that milk that gets you unlimited magic for a cycle I keep running out of magic to use the Giant's Mask.  Also since I'm using the weakest sword it takes many more hits to finally destroy the boss. Not sure if I can go any further


  5. I am satisfied with the result.
  6. Got 2nd vaccination shot. No more for me

  7. As bad as this new show ends up getting, nothing can get a low as the Emoji movie. I'm willing to bet that the whole technology thing is just a part of life and that they will at least show the good and bad sides to things like a good show should. Even in Disney Movies with a "babyish" reputation like Bambi don't just ignore the fact that Bambi had an adult life after his mother was shot. It flat out shown during his adult life a panic-stricken bird flying and getting shot by the offscreen hunter with the body following in plain view of the camera and Bambi and his father had to flee an intens
  8. When I try to do that method I can't really quote the box around the somebody else's pose. Best I can imagine it doing it this method it's just copying the people's tax and then saying manually saying "Mr. So and So said this" with no gray box with the person's name and timestamp around it. But I shall give both methods a try.
  9. Being mostly a single player is probably the main reason Nintendo being "behind the standards of online multiplayer" compared to its competitors has never been a compelling factor for me to quit them.
  10. Regardless of some drama going on right now, as long as all planned Gen 5 related material will be on Netflix, I shall watch them for better or worst.
  11. As some of you might have noticed I left a post quoting and responding to someone else's posts on a topic that didn't really fit with what I was trying to talk about. In the topic https://mlpforums.com/topic/194188-two-more-ponies-revealed-for-g5/ I quoted two people I wanted to comment on, but I realized the post was more about Technology being in Equestria and my post would fit better in there. The problem is that I don't think I can quote someone else's posts in a separate topic even though I believe it's important for readers to see what I'm responding to for context. Simply tell me if
  12. @The Wife of Hawks Is there a way for me to move the above post of mine and the quoted boxes to the topic "Technology in Equestria (possibly replacing magic)"? Because the best I can do on my own is provide a shared link to this post on this topic. And when I try to use the edit to copy, I can't copy the quoted boxes and take them with me so to speak. EDIT: I found a way so you can delete this post if you wish
  13. All in All, I shall wait for the official introduction of all the characters in the upcoming Generation 5
  14. Guys guys would you please stop making technology look evil? Ralph Breaks the Internet shows both the bad and good sides of technology for example. Ralph discovers in the comment section that there are some people who don't like him and it made him realize that his friendship with Vallenope is more important than some random stranger. And the Internet allowed the two to stay in contact and friendship even she essentially moved to the "City". I thought this topic was supposed to be about the new ponies, not the technology.
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