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    A movie/show/book/game can be objectively bad, but I think whether a person subjectively likes the thing or not is much more important and interesting to talk about
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  1. I'm just going to wait here until somebody makes a looping gif of Sprout going through that calendar of Hitch in different outfits
  2. @HereComesTom @Starforce @EpicEnergy @Courageous Thunder Dash Technically fear is not a bad thing on its own since without being able to feel fear we could end up doing something that could get us killed. Pixar's Inside Out taught me that. It's too much of a negative emotion that makes it a bad thing. Heck, feeling nothing but joy all the time is also detrimental to one's mental health. A little fear helps us be cautious but too much fear would make us paranoid
  3. (Wrong topic so let me add by saying) I kind of wish the songs were more plot driven or character developing. It's like with the old Disney movies used to do with the songs actually help to tell the story or reveal information about a character in an entertaining way without sounding like an expo dump
  4. Will Guide

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    Then along came God Will. (No one was harmed during this casual walk of a giant dragon)
  5. That's what I've always believed for years. But what official book are we talking about? Because I've waiting for a third volume of The Elements of Harmony reference book which would've covered season 7 through 9 to go with the two earlier volumes to cover the earlier seasons
  6. Both the Nintendo Direct and my trip to the Disney California Adventure Halloween party a few days ago were awesome!

    I even got to see the new Spider-Man attraction on Avengers Campus and their themed restaurant where the food was changed to mismatched sizes. Such as this pasta that has been shrunk down while the meatball was made impossibly big. Even the (plastic) fork itself was shrunk down



    So many things to look forward in the coming months from Nintendo but the news that made me shout "Shut Up And take My money" was the reveal that


    Nintendo 64 games will be added to Nintendo switch online and Majora's Mask and Banjo-Kazooie will be coming

    Everything that was announced after that bit of news was just a bonus.

    Also while everybody was in costume at the theme park I came across this family dressed up as the main characters from Luca my newest favorite Pixar film along with a little Elsa


  7. Will Guide

    Guess That Reference!

    SpongeBob SquarePants idiot box "Every soul contains a whisper of light, Growing louder as it calls to unite. From the distance sings a chorus of souls, Rising slowly, stirring heat from the coals. Colours weave into a spire of flame, Distant sparks call to a past still unnamed, Bear this torch against the cold of the night, Light will guide you on your way to the ultimate fight."
  8. You do realize that nothing can remain perfect forever. If everything was perfect forever and ever then there'd be nothing to strive for and nothing worth fighting for. Why there was a peaceful time for quite a while before the history of the realm started to take a Downturn and that's natural. The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time which ended with Princess Zelda saying "peace will return to Hyrule... for a time" along with what happens in the later games of the Legend of Zelda timeline taught me that danger and bad times will always be inevitable. There were always some periods of Peace bu
  9. I somewhat agree. During the unicorn attack scene I kept thinking I thought the same gray Earth Pony with blonde hair in several different places. Either there's a whole family of gray Pony clones or they were just being a little lazy
  10. How is that proof of corruption of anything? It's just a drawing in Black ink and pencil
  11. Seriously I'm a giant dragon that can take out entire armies across many different worlds and you reduce me to just a campfire lighter? Lol And for you too I'm not quite sure but it looks like you too could be together.
  12. If he works on his singing, I would vote for him being a professional singer
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