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  1. Belguim, Europe. I already replied to one of these topics and i said i couldn't think of me living somewhere else... But after thinking I think I can live somewhere else i've been to a lot of countries and I guess just need a city with a lot of people around me... I guess England could be awesome, like London and stuff...
  2. New banner ;3

  3. I'm from Belguim, more specific Ostend Belguim, the country of beer, waffles and french fries. I love to live here in Ostend because I love the sea and all the people who live here.. I couldn't imagine me living anywhere else.
  4. Gooodmorning :-)

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      Evidently you are many hours ahead of me.

  5. Hi theeeree ;3 Hope you have lots of fun and friends on this forum! Smoothiee.
  6. Welcome pony! Hope you find lot of friends and tips for your voice acting!
  7. I started watching the series begin this year so i'm a pretty new brony. I have FiM wallpapers and love to hang around on the forums. I'm not really into the toys and stuff, but if i have the opportunity to buy a shirt i certainly will. I love pony-art by the way.
  8. I'm sure i will stay on this community for a long time, but keep in mind i am still watching the series. So there is still new content for me to discover and that's the most interesting for me i guess. But if there will be a season 4 my bronyness will only grow. There are also a lot of other things to discover like this forum and deviantArt. I'm definitely not planning to leave. I love the community and the other bronies.
  9. I play flute for already eight years and alt-saxophone for about three years. I really like them both but for difficult parts i rather prefer flute.
  10. Happy Birthday! ;3

  11. You can change your signature in my settings. On your left hand side you should see "Signature" Then just copy your image. You're welcome.
  12. Honestly i only like the ponies of Friendship is Magic. Those are the only ponies that i feel connected to. In FiM i really feel the emotions and thoughts of all the ponies. But i didn't have any other experiences with mlp except the Friendship is Magic show. So i don't really like the old shows, because i don't really know them.
  13. Sun is shining! ;3

  14. Well, it seems logic that Derpy was born like this. As you can see on this pic :3 But it's always fun to make up fun stories about experiments and theories...
  15. Welcome, i'll hope you have lots of fun and friends! Everypony on this forum is kind and awesome! See you on the forum.