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Everything posted by GummyPie

  1. I have never been this busy.. geez..

  2. I'll Just leave mine here: gummy.pie If anypony wants to chat here and there, you're more than welcome to add me! I love making friends<3
  3. Good morning everypony<3

    1. Lisa


      Good morning :D

    2. GummyPie


      :D thank you!
    3. Bitter To The Taste

      Bitter To The Taste

      Good late morning.

  4. xD anytime, anywhere
  5. Herro Everypony! Today is a good day... I haven't felt this happy in a long time. I feel like the luckiest person alive and the best part is knowing that I can feel this way. For a while I was in a limbo. I felt neutral, and I didn't think I could actually be happy again. Then this morning I woke up and there it was; that feeling of hope and wonder. Today wasn't different than the others except I chose to not let bad thoughts get to me! As I opened my eyes I was like... "holda holda holda, you there... thought, you ain't going anywhere cus you see this desert eagle I has? It's also called Steve, the negativity ANNIHILATOR and it will DESTROY YOU!" So I am happy and you can be too! I'll lend you Steve if you want. He's awesome! Well that's it! Have an amazing day, doing whatever you are doing. <3
  6. it's a really good day everypony!

    1. Bitter To The Taste

      Bitter To The Taste

      A good day...for answering messages?

  7. Morning <3

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    2. GummyPie


      I don't now why I smell my wings <3

    3. GummyPie
    4. Bitter To The Taste

      Bitter To The Taste


      One of those guys voiced Rarity in the series, btw

  8. I'm trying to sleep but when I close my eyes all I see is this:

  9. I feel sick T-T

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    2. GummyPie


      <3 thank you

    3. Prince Umbra

      Prince Umbra

      *walks out of the room* XD I'm sry I'm sry I couldn't help posting this LMAO

    4. GummyPie


      one does not simply walk out of a room...

  10. When I made this account I really had no idea what I was getting into. Well, to explain this better: I'll tell you a short story. When I was younger I always found reasons to smile. I was a happy young girl that would talk and smile to just about anyone. In fact, I did it so much my parents used to get worried that someone would kidnap me. According to my mom I also lacked... a notion of danger. It got so bad that my family stopped going to the beach because I would throw myself into the ocean, smiling. Flashforward a couple of kiddy gates to the time of high school. During high school I was the textbook "loser" (I say loser because that was one of the nicest tags attributed to me from my beloved classmates. Kids are cruel yo!) I must have been about 12 or so when I wrote my first love letter; my crush tore it to pieces in front of the whole class. Needless to say, boys didn’t like me thus girl didn’t either. Don't worry! I was still happy, sort of... I had my fantasy world which was largely enriched by video games and anime. I didn’t really care about being called a fat Harry Potter curly haired freak, I mean, at the time it hurt but it was ok because then I'd go home to Sailor Moon and Squall; they shared their stories with me regardless of what I looked like. Flashfoward again and I'm nearing the end of my high school years and something changed; I became “attractive”. It was weird because I still loathed myself (years of conditioning would do that to you). When I realized that people found me attractive, I made a lot of bad choices because they were easy, because I was told they were good, etc. I had many "friends" and I became a little cocky but I was never mean. I couldn’t be mean because I still loathed myself and betraying my beliefs would make that feeling worse. I lost track of who I was while trying to figure out this new me, and even though I was surrounded by people who "loved" me but I was so alone. I didn't connect with them, not really. I feel into a secret depression. It wasn’t until I turned 23 when something changed. I saw Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy then Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack, Rarity and Twilight Sparkle. I saw that being kind, caring and loving wasn’t a weakness. I saw what true friendship really meant. I realized how much I wanted to be a better person and that the friendship I saw on MLP was the type I needed. I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t find anyone like that so I remained internally alone. Then one day I after cosplaying as Pinkie Pie from the Creepypasta “Cupcakes” I decided to look for a MLP forum. End of story back to the beginning: When I made this account I really had no idea what I was getting into. I thought it probably wasn't a good idea but I made my account anyway. After a couple of hours something changed because I realized I found a place; a place where I can be myself and feel at home. So thank you, because now I feel like I'm back to being that young girl that smiled too much and who likes of throw herself at the ocean. My life is better, I feel like a human being with an infinite amount of possibilities before her. Thank you. If you ever feel alone, just know it really does get better. PS: I’m having this killer headache so I’m sorry for any Grammatical errors. I’ll revise this tomorrow. Meanwhile Smileeee
  11. Can one smile too much?

    1. Scootalove


      Not really. Smiling is a way of life. :D

    2. GummyPie
    3. Scootalove


      Smiling is good for us all, silly. :)

  12. About to go to sleep... But wait...what is this? Look what I has xD
  13. WAITAMINUTE! what do you mean by that? are you saying your not attractive?? Hey! For me what makes a person attractive are these following qualities: 1)a tard sense of humor 2)Intelligence/Nerdy 3)Drive 4)A good heart. I have dated really good looking men in my life but I hated it, they were so vapid and it made them really ugly. I know it's a cliche but the way you look is not what matters. Not to me. And I also don't dig that whole overly self confidence act, just because you're "pretty" it doesn't give you the right to invade my personal space with your "hey baby".
  14. Somepony save meeee!!

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    2. Wingnut


      If you don't watch it, some kid is going to try to eat it because they think it's cotton candy.

    3. Bitter To The Taste
    4. GummyPie


      i knows :D


  15. A lot of things make me happy. But mainly seeing someone smile after I make a fools out of myself. Or seeing someone smile in general. Being here makes me really happy, being around people that don't judge you for liking ponies.
  16. Sorry everypony! I'm still here I promise T-T

    1. Bitter To The Taste

      Bitter To The Taste

      (:D I've been worried

    2. GummyPie


      I sorry!!! @.@

  17. I do this all the time xD At least your drawings look cute, mine are always weird. Epic stick men battles xD
  18. Tonight reminded me exactly why I am a hermit.

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    2. GummyPie
    3. AnonyPoni


      I am part of this club too. I'd go to the meeting but I dont wanna have to hang out with other ponies XD

    4. Bitter To The Taste
  19. I know what you mean :/ According to most people I dont look like I'd like MLP. I dont know what that means but it almost feels insulting. -_- To me MLP is not just an interest, it's more unique than that. I'd say it's a lifestyle. I see the world in a different way because of MLP, so it's hard to connect with someone who see's it the way most people do. I'm not sure I can explain... Am I making sense?