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  1. Revion

    New Banner Sneak Peek: Discorded

    Alright, msn can do. Want me to send you my email?
  2. Revion

    New Banner Sneak Peek: Discorded

    I can get it, but I'd prefer skype.
  3. Revion

    New Banner Sneak Peek: Discorded

    Oh that would be awesome, I've been meaning to learn vectoring for a long time.
  4. Revion

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    Don't worrry, I totally got this.
  5. Revion

    New Banner Sneak Peek: Discorded

    Is there any guides on vectoring? I have no idea what the technique would be at all.
  6. Revion


    Is there any place I can find backdrops of ponyville, sweet apple acres, etc without ponies in them? This would be extremely useful for a lot of things
  7. Revion

    New Banner Sneak Peek: Discorded

    Is vectoring difficult? I've always wanted to learn it.
  8. Revion

    Flaedr's Sigs

    These actually look really nice I'm particularly fond of the line work you got going on there, I can't even do that
  9. Revion

    Mlp Forum Title

  10. Revion


    Oh, I didn't notice that, but I saved the small, non enlarged pic of applebloom.
  11. Revion

    Favorite Moments From Season 2 So Far

    Favourite moment: Necklace, Necklace, Necklace, Necklace Big crown thingy!
  12. Revion

    Mlp Forum Title

    Is there a clean picture of the MLP Forums logo? In need of it for a banner thanks
  13. Revion


    low quality pic of applebloom so you did right when you made it small