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  1. New Banner Sneak Peek: Discorded

    Alright, msn can do. Want me to send you my email?
  2. New Banner Sneak Peek: Discorded

    I can get it, but I'd prefer skype.
  3. New Banner Sneak Peek: Discorded

    Oh that would be awesome, I've been meaning to learn vectoring for a long time.
  4. Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    Don't worrry, I totally got this.
  5. New Banner Sneak Peek: Discorded

    Is there any guides on vectoring? I have no idea what the technique would be at all.
  6. Backdrops

    Is there any place I can find backdrops of ponyville, sweet apple acres, etc without ponies in them? This would be extremely useful for a lot of things
  7. New Banner Sneak Peek: Discorded

    Is vectoring difficult? I've always wanted to learn it.
  8. Flaedr's Sigs

    These actually look really nice I'm particularly fond of the line work you got going on there, I can't even do that
  9. Mlp Forum Title

  10. DJ APPLBL00M

    Oh, I didn't notice that, but I saved the small, non enlarged pic of applebloom.
  11. Favorite Moments From Season 2 So Far

    Favourite moment: Necklace, Necklace, Necklace, Necklace Big crown thingy!
  12. Mlp Forum Title

    Is there a clean picture of the MLP Forums logo? In need of it for a banner thanks