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  1. I got to use a pair of Google Glass yesterday!! And now I want one...

  2. Last night I finished the Ultimate Brony Challenge!!! With a final score of 17651!!(18651 if you don't consider coca cola caffeine)

  3. I feel awesome I started a brony meetup that about 20 bronies went to!!!

    1. Mr Underhill

      Mr Underhill

      Very cool! I don't think I could FIND 20 Bronies in Oregon for a meet up.

  4. I have decided that I think Starswirl the Bearded will be the villain of season 4

  5. I love my EMT class yesterday I learned how to intubate and tomarow I am going to learn how to start an IV!

  6. YAY I have passed my emt-b class now all I have to do is finnish clinicals and pass National Registry (to become an emt-basic)!

  7. Apparently I share a nick name with a Vietnam War Era jet fighter the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk

    1. Friendship_Cannon


      your nickname is Skyhawk?

    2. scootersmiles


      no thats its technical name its nickname is "the scooter"

    3. RainbowASHdash
  8. YES OH MY YES!!!

    1. WonderColt


      That .... Was .... AWESOME!

  9. Achievement Unlocked: Eat a Twinkie!

    1. WonderColt


      Achievement Unlocked: Unlocked an Achievement!

    2. longgone


      Achievement Unlocked: Unlocked an Achievement for unlocking an achievement!

    3. SkyeRibbonPwny
  10. People on Minecraft hate me because when I was playing halo people were saying kill scooter and would run strait past other players on my team just to kill me

  11. I made it on youtube!!

  12. I'm so excited for Fiesta Equestria!!

  13. Yesterday I got 58mpg driving to Houston!!!

    1. Wingnut


      Wow, what do you drive, a Prius?

    2. scootersmiles


      Close it's a Honda Insight, Hondas version of the Prius.

  14. I think they were ponies that lived in the city around the castle of the royal pony sisters in the everfree forest and what ever happened to the forest (and made the princesses abandon the castle) changed them into changelings.
  15. My first brohoof was from MilBrony on my introduction post and my second was from ~Chaotic Discord~ when I welcomed Mama Claire to the forum.