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  1. @ @@Mint Drop "Ze cafe sounds gutt!" Imperial turned heel and started at a slow trot towards the cafe. "Come along slow folks! Er i mean slow pokes. Haha." Imperial was happy, though he had met many ponies in the town he'd yet to make any friends, perhaps Lightning and Kisu could be his friends, though they didn't look to him the drinking type which made a small part of him rather sad.
  2. @ @@Mint Drop Imperial thought about breakfast, then thought about working. He decided on food. "Wunderbar! Frühstück is the most important meal of the day ja. Where did you have in mind?" Imperial looked at Kisu "Mädchen, if you need help, It would be mein pleasure to be of assistance. Have you considered seeking employment? "
  3. @@Mint Drop "Kisu? Das ist gut!. Vell I've lived all over, mien parents were professors see. I was born in Canterlot but haven't lived there for 17 years. I lived in Manehattan for some time, Even went as far as Stalliongrad. I've lived here for a year or so now. It's been gut so far, quiet, but vhen you spend your nights drinking and your mornings sleeping a quiet town can be a god send ja." Imperial chuckled. "Ah but really I spend mien time at mien coffee stall, business is continuous.... wait.....corrosive? No....consistent! Business is consistent. Ha you would forgive mien poor grammar, No doubt by now you notice this is not my native tounge." Imperial let out a nervous laugh
  4. @@Mint Drop "Ah wunderbar! A new pony friend! Tell me mädchen where are you from?" Imperial smiled, at this point he'd completely forgotten about opening his stall. New ponies in town always strike his interest. He blushed slightly "Oh es tut mir leid, where are my manners? I've gone and asked all these intrusive questions yet I've not learnt your name."
  5. Oh sorry, I've been waiting for Lightning to post, but I can continue posting.
  6. Ughhhhhhhh, my head.......vhat time ish it....." Imperial muttered under his breath as the morning light rose him from his hangover state. Slowly Imperial dragged himself from his bed and inspected the clock by the window "UGH, Mornings thou art a heartless mistress" He turned around and looked mournfully at his bed, he stepped close to it and rubbed it longingly "Auf wiedersehen meine liebe frau." After 10 minutes of moping about in his room Imperial fixed himself a mean coffee and sat down to a meal of eggs so greasy they glistened "Gotta remember to lay of ze naughty vater, i should have opened mein stall by now." He took a sip of his coffee "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, good coffee. Ze kind zat, in a pinch, you can use as paint remover." Shorty after, Imperial emerged from his house wearing his apron "Guttentag miene pony friends, what mundane adventures shall happen today, ja?" Imperial chuckled under his breath and started at a quick trot towards his stall. Although it was quite common for him to be late to open on a Saturday he still felt bad for all the ponies being denied the bitter sweet nectar of life. Halfway through his morning commute Imperial saw a two ponies talking, ponies he'd not seen before. He slowed his rushed pace and ambled towards them. @ @@Mint Drop "Guten Morgen, I can not say I have seen izier of you around town before. My name is Kaiserlich, but if you'd rather Imperial will do. It is alvays a pleasure to meet new ponies."
  7. Rum and coffee. Breakfast of champions.
  8. Nothing Australia is hot man don't give me that look.
  9. Dragon Age: Origin. It's a pretty good game but I haven't really picked it up again since beating it.
  10. I love healthy food. Spinach, rye bread, mushroom, fish, banana, oats etc. Man that shits the bomb. My achilles heel is KFC however. I could eat that shit until i get heart palpitations.
  11. Well I have a story about a D&D 5th edition campaign I've been running for about 6 months. Recently i sent my players into a devil infested temple for some high risk/reward dungeon crawling. in the first chest i decided to be a bit merciful and put a potion of Storm Giant Strength there for the tank to drink. This potion boosts their strength to a phenomenal 29 for 1 hour. But lo and behold everyone failed the arcana check to discern what it was, so naturally the warlock drunk it. So basically for the rest of the dungeon he decided to throw aside his spells and punch all the Horned devils, Bone Devils, Imps, and Bearded Devils into a fine paste. But what really takes the cake is when they got to the dungeon boss (a Pitt Fiend) and started getting owned by it he singlehandedly managed to get it in a grapple so the wizard could caste finger of death dealing something like 80 points of damage 3 times he finished it off by uppercutting it in the jaw. And that's how i learned to always put labels on the potions.