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  1. @, "Depends on what you call unnecessary." Night said a to himself as he leaped off of the fall. He took a deep breath in before he broke the waters surface and plunged deep. He spun around trying to get a grip on something, but to no avail. He continued to skid on anything he reached for. He felt things moving in slow motion as he made a promise. He would document everything he saw on this island, uncensored. He documented things in his head. 'My name is Nightlife. I'm 25 years old, and I love to party... Club style. Things are better when they get intense. I can't handle my shit though here. I've gotten never gotten closer to death more times than tonight. I've never killed anyone, but I do what I need to survive. I'm getting out of this island, in the name of my father, mother, brother, and future children. I will survive. Welcome to Hell my friends.'
  2. @@Alex Kennedy, Hektor wasn't finished yet. He struck a match and held it up. "And with fire, they told us our sins would be cleansed." He then dropped it into the hole and smiled as flame erupted, probably 20 meters, into the air. He laughed, giddy at the thought of perhaps killing someone in the most painful way imaginable. He then pulled out a radio. "All encampments be advised. I want full patrols around your zones day and night. I also expect a progress report on a daily basis. If I find any slackers, which I believe none of you are, I would be most....... displeased..."
  3. Sorry, all full. I'll make it more interesting then Everyone can see this! Hopefully the mountains are self explanatory. We are in the Compound.
  4. @, @@Alex Kennedy, Night walked up and stomped on the pirates head, this time rendering him unconscious. "That's what." He took another machete from the unconscious pirate, sheathe and all. "In all honesty leaving him here is the least merciful thing to do. Provided he doesn't bleed out, he's sure to be tortured and killed for incompetence." The words hung in the air like a loose icicle, poised to strike someone down. Night simply looked up blankly and said. "Not our problem. Good job though man, keep the knife for later." He then rebegan the walk toward their salvation, no longer even attempting to be stealthy. He knew that they were home free. He stood by the roaring fall for a moment. "You up to jump?" He asked his partner. Hektor is given news of SEVERAL escapes within the compound. He is brought to the most obvious ones first. He is shown a massive hole in the earth. He stares at it for a moment before turning to the nearest pirate, he places a hoof on his shoulder and breathes in calmly. He thenproceeds to violently break the neck of the pirate and throw him into the hole. "I want 5 barrels of oil in this FUCKING HOLE NOW!!!!!!!!!!" All 5 barrels are emptied into the hole quickly. He waits patiently and screams at another. "HIGH ALERT! SHOOT ANYTHING THAT DOESN'T LOOK, TALK, OR ACT LIKE US!!!!!!"
  5. @, As Night crouched under the building he spoke. "Man, I need to depend on you to help get us out of here, especially if there's trouble." Night peaks around another hole in the foundation. He steps out into the street trying the stay quiet and low. Sure enough, his luck eventually does run out. "Hey there, stop!" A pirate stands firm, horn aimed directly at Night. "Don't move!" "Shit." Night says. "Okay, okay. I'll be cool." He drops the machete and kicks it over to the hole near Quantum, winking as he does so, and hoping he isn't noticed. 'Man, now I need a favor from you...' he thinks to himself.
  6. @, Night thought for a moment. "That would get both them and us killed. They will obviously be here a while considering most of them were brought in same time as us." Night didn't like playing judge for the possible hundreds of other prisoners within the compound. "We can get the rest of them later when we are better equipped.... Or maybe even get help." All Night was worried about for now was getting the 2 of them out alive. He peaked under the building they were taking cover under, and could see it. A waterfall, running out whatever hydration system the pirates needed. He didn't relish the idea of swimming in it, but then again, neither did he the idea of being some weird foreign guys bitch. Unfortunately, the fall was a long way away, and he could see a lot of pirates in between them and there. Night wiped a little mud off of his glasses. "Shit, I guess we gotta be a little smart from here on out."
  7. @, "Don't mention it. We aren't out of here yet. These guys aren't taking us prisoner anymore, so you'll either have to fight..." He stops and turns. "..with me or die alone. I didn't want to kill anyone. As they say, in for a penny in for a pound." He continued to strafe through cover to cover. Trying to use the dark he was so accustomed to as an advantage. He dove under a hole in the foundation of a house. He kept crawling though through the mud. Almost to his fake sense of 'freedom' He decided to stop for a breath, judging this to be the safest spot.
  8. @, Night looked on for a few moments, watching the pirate attack his (ex)cellmate. He had killed someone, and that blood could never be washed off. He was well enough hidden, but as his heart raced and vision focused, he knew he was having an adrenal rush. Though, for some odd reason, the words of a stallion from far into the past echoed through out his mind. "Any lesser evil, can and should be used to fight a greater evil." He whispered it under his breath. He wasn't just gonna sit there and let somepony innocent die. "I've done something stupid, time to do something crazy." He hopped over the rock and barreled, full speed and tackled the pirate struggling with Quantum. He threw him to the ground and pounced on him once more, grabbing his knife and making an attempt to stab him. The pirate held him back for a few moments, begging for his life. "Please no. Think about what you're doing. Don't kill me, I'll do anything." Night simply smacked his hooves and stabbed him through the neck. "You wouldn't give us the same mercy. Why should I?" He withdrew the blade and resolved to keep it for later. He turned to Quantum and stood him up. Only to punch him in the face. "Wake up! We are getting out of here together. Now keep up with me!"
  9. @, Night stomped the pirates head in the attempt to simply incapacitate him. He thought he had succeeded for a moment, until the pirate slumped, eyes wide open, and droplets of blood running down his head. He gasped. "Shit..." he whispered having a miniature panic attack. Night was freaking out, shaking even. He grabbed the pirates keys and opened the gate. He frantically looked left and right, and just sort of went quiet, as he ran through the darkness of of the moonlight, and took cover behind a rock, quite a fair distance away from the cell.
  10. @, "I don't know. Considering the fact that they are selling slaves, and other things of an..." He says as his gaze turns more to the piles of assorted drugs that the captive he's freeing. "...illegal nature, I can't imagine them being entirely keen on spending money on high quality materials." He then notices a shadow coming around the corner behind Pulsar, just as he finishes freeing him. "Shit, keep your forehooves behind you. I'll call him over here then you gag him with the ropes, and I'll keep him restrained. We can grab a key from him and get the hell out. You wanna get out right? See your family? Ponies who love you? Then we've gotta be a little brave, okay." The pirate turns the corner, and is just making his rounds. "Hey, can I get a bite or something, useless." Nightlife says to him. The pirate picks up a rapid pace toward the cell. "The fuck did you say to me?" He says as he prepares to beat the mouthy stallion. "Now." Night says as he grabs the pirate by the head and wedges it between the bars of the cell, awaiting Pulsar to take action.
  11. After a long time of wiggling his forehooves behind himself his binds were cut. "Heh. Cheap ropes plus's cheap cages make it too easy." He says moving to unties his cellmate. "Alright. Now we just weigh our options. We can stay quiet and move slow, or go fast and dangerous. Personally, I prefer the safer one."
  12. Night noticed the awakening pony across from himself, but disregarded it for now. He craned his neck back to see that the pole he was tied to was cracked. He still couldn't break metal but he had an idea. "Psst, you.." He whispered. "I can't see behind myself, and I have a plan to get out. Can you tell me if something is coming?"
  13. @Strider,@Quantum Pulsar, @Alex Kennedy, @Shadow Dancer, @aRegularPony, Thread is posted, feel free to post as you see fit
  14. "They say that the devil reside in all of us. Heh. That's kind of fucked up if you think." says a booming voice over a loudspeaker. "From the second, nay, the instant we are born unto this earth, there is an evil inside of us. I can't think that you look at a little babe, and think that it's fucked in the head. You know?" The obvious stallion pauses for a few moments. "That only justifies the actions of evil people, to take and kill and do bad things and say that they took from the devil. Now, I'm neither bad nor good, in my opinion. I just like to help people, especially if their interests are in my interest. So maybe I save you from your evil habits and lives, maybe I place you somewhere to work for someone, build character. Maybe I get payed for it, win-win. Good. Oh and men. I don't mind if you get a little rough with the prisoners. They are the devil after all." Some snickering is heard and then the loud whine as the speaker is shut down. Discussion Thread: Nightlife sits tied to a pole in his cage. "Can you believe that psychotic bastard? He thinks he's doing us some kind of favor?" He whispers as he struggles against his binds. "Balls..."