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  1. 1. I will take a look, but I would be interested in having you join up. What character would you like to play as? 2. No worry, skype is not necessary. Please send me a message, and I will give you a scenario depending on what character you wish to play as.
  2. Hello, I would love to have you. Skype is not really inquired, it is prefered, BUT not mandatory. So if you would like to join the RP which is NOT on skype, please shoot me a message on here. I will fill you in on everything. Kind Regards, ~Drew Hello, Skype is not necessary, it is only a preferred way to communicate. But anyways, if you still want to RP as Rainbow Dash, please shoot me a message and I WILL direct you to the RPG (which is not on Skype).
  3. Both of you are welcome to give it a try. Just please message me and I will give you a trial run.
  4. I would be happy to give you a trial run over skype, if you'd like that is. If so, shoot me a private message. Also, if anypony else wants to give Flutter Shy a try, I am game for giving a trial run too.
  5. "A short while after the events in MLP, the mane six and it's new-found Princess, Twilight Sparkle, have left Equestria on a secret mission for an unknown mission for a period of time. They have left their friends and family behind, content with the fact that they are in the hooves of their beloved princesses, completely out of harms way. But, urgent news comes from the Crystal Empire. News that speaks of the arrival of an alicorn. News that is the start of a series of events that will shake the very roots of Equestria. News that will bring fourth a new dawn. Drama and action. Laughter and sorrow. Love and heartbreak. This, is Tenebris Dawn." Hello, My name is Andrew (better known as Drew), I am the person that runs the Role Play Tenebris Dawn. The Roleplay I have been hosting has been on going since this last Summer and has turned out to be quite enjoyable for our players. However we do have a need for some RPers for canon characters. If you are interested in taking part, please take a look at what characters we have open for players: We need: Mane: Twilight Sparkle Rarity Pinkie Pie Apple Jack Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Zecora Gilda BGP: Colgate Derpy (maybe) Additional Characters: Hiltz the Gryphon (Bad Guy) Cozamalotl a Quetzalcoatl (Good Girl) If you are interested, please post. I will contact you as quickly as possible. But I do have a couple requests for pertintial players. I would prefer experianced RPers, BUT I am willing to give anyone a shot. That if you want to (for example) RP as Rainbow Dash, you allow you and me to RP (on Skype) for a bit. If I like what I see, you have the spot. If not I will still invite you to RPs and be friends. That if you post on the RP you do more than a single sentence reply. If there are any questions, confusion, or concerns about getting into the grove of the RP you ask me or the other mods for help instead of giving up immidiately. To have fun. With that all said and done, the only other thing to add is that I may be having the RP turned into a full on Web Comic. So your part in this will result (hopefully) in having others enjoy the wonderfully crafted tale of Tenebris Dawn. Join today! Kind Regards, ~Drew
  6. Hello, would you be able to tell me once you figure things out with collage and all that? Because any additional animation help would be very very helpful!
  7. Hello, I am Andrew, and I am looking to get two more Animators for my series productions for a fan made you tube series. We already have Artists, Voice Actors, Music Artists, Script writers, and 2 other Animators. If we can get two more Animators, we will be set to begin production at months end. Qualities wanted: ~ Has experience in animation, MLP style. ~ Works good with time lines. ~ Able to Vector if possible (not a must though). ~ Must have Skype In return: ~ If you have a OC, we will include it. ~ Full Credit. Thank you for your time, and I really hope to get the extra help! If you are interested, please shoot me a message with your skype information. Kind Regards, ~Andrew, Series Director.
  8. You all make valid points, and you all have very sound reasoning over all. My personal goal when it comes to the Alicorn OC I have is of course a just reason for his existence. But also give him a proper character build so he has too many gaps. But still, everything you all say makes perfectly good sense. So I will continue to read, and gather more and more ideas and thoughts.
  9. Hello Everypony/Everyone, I haven't spoken much because I have been rather busy with life in general. But that isn't the point I am trying to bring up today... You know what upsets me most? I have asked a few artists to draw some art of my one OC (which happens to be an Alicorn). At first they seem very open to drawing an OC, but as soon as they found out it has to do with an Alicorn they either said they won't do it (regardless of it never being mentioned in the contract) or they suddenly stop all communication with me. At first I found this rather puzzling, so I asked some fellow bronies to help me better understand. They ended up explaining to me that there was a lot of bias and dislike for Alicorns for a whole slew of reasons ranging from being over powered to gary/mary sues. For these reasons, it does cause some fans to avoid fan fictions and even simple art requests without question. Upon hearing this I literally face palmed because as a experienced RPer (13 years of RPing and still going!) and writer I realized how much of an annoyance that can be. To have a power 'gamer' or to have someone that wants to play 'god'. So upon hearing this, I decided I should bring this up to the forum here, and of course ask for their own opinions, and perhaps also figure out a solution to the Stereo Typing. By all means I am not asking for special treatment by far, I am just wanting to create a few possible viable solutions to help allow decent Alicorns into the fandom (Obviously outside of Official MLP business). I do sincerely apologize for any disturbance I may cause with my post. I await your replies. Just a side note in case anyone wants to ask about my Ali OC: He has one wing (can't fly) and he isn't too powerful in most magic except in the basics and in gravity. Simply put, he is weaker than the official Alicorns. Just in case anyone was wondering. Kind Regards, -GSH ~Drew
  10. Anypony wanna RP on Skype?

    1. ActFast231


      Soon as I figure out how the hell that works :3

    2. General Steel Heart
  11. You know what upsets me most? The fact people believe all Alicorn OCs are Mary Sues, it may be true for the most part. But I will say that with my OC that is an Alicorn, he is not all powerful, he is missing his right wing, and the only Male Alicorn if it were to be so. I wish people would stop being so... hateful? Love and Tolerate, right?

    1. Nomadic


      While I have no problem with them, I can see many peoples issue with them when it comes RPing. The issue with them is that often they are OP, tend to be somewhat underdeveloped, or can be hard to incorporate into a campaign. I personally make OCs for my own personal enjoyment, and often don't care what others think about certain ones, in fact I have a couple Alicorns I have been tinkering with.

    2. General Steel Heart

      General Steel Heart

      Hello Nomadic, I respect what you are saying deeply. You are very much right, and it is because of the careless use of Alicorns in Fan Fictions and in RPs, they are considered a nu-sense. It is to my own thoughts that if one were to create an Alicorn, they need to make sure that they give sad Alicorn a good back story, and of course limited in power. I hope I make sense? (Heading to bed now, will continue in the morning)

    3. Nomadic


      No you make perfect sense, and I agree with you. I think with adequate context an Alicorn can work well, but often I find many Alicorn's are just Alicorns because they can be. I had my nephew want to run a pony RP in RL with me and some of his Brony Friends. Much to my chagrin almost everyone wanted to play an Alicorn. *Facepalm*

  12. I would like to RP with someone that can do a good Sun Set Shimmer.