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  1. feels good to be back, hi everyone

  2. Yeah I'm in the same boat. waiting for sonic to post, and it is finals week for me. So busy for a great amountof time this week.
  3. I'd be up for this. the last campaign I was in finshed so I'm looking for something to do in my spare time. I've also played a few games of pathfinder so I have a rough base on it. my friends mainly do dnd 3.5 P.S. I sold my soul for power and killed my teammates, not before the monk of our team banished me. I could go on about how I stabbed them in the back but that is a long story.
  4. Looks like I'm slytherin. While I would like to think of myself as a good person, I've had friends tell me I can be cruel and twisted at times. Plus, if the chance to improve my life comes along, well I won't say no to taking that chance. Oddly enough I still try to follow a gentleman's code of honor. Slytherin - 15 Gryffindor - 10 Ravenclaw - 8 Hufflepuff - 7
  5. @, She looked out the window to watch other ponies walk around. She turned to face him. -This is weird- she thought to herself. She never had a stallion just barge into her room like this before. "Sonic Wind?" she paused. "So your are talent is in speed?" Snowy knew that most of the time the talent of a pony was sometimes related to there name. She could now actually feel her room grow cold. "Doesn't the cold bother you?" she said unsure what else to say at this point.
  6. @, Snowy was too busy with her own things to notice the pegasus until he had crashed into her room. She let out a small yell, butquickly regained her senses. "What are you doing in my room!" she said a little a unnerved. "You can't just fly into any ponies room like that, especially a mares!" she said than noticed he did sort of crash into her room. she sighed and recollected her thoughts. -I still have half a mind to throw him out the window- she thought to herself with a dark smile. "You're lucky I opened the window, or you might have been covered in glass right now" She got off the bed and watched the pegasus. after a moment or two she nodded her head. "I am Snowy" she said with a slight bow. "what is your name?" she said.
  7. Snowy walked down the hall towards her room. It was natural for her to walk alone and in silence. She took in the sounds of her new environment listening to the chattering of other ponies and the wind rushing as ponies flew outside. looking down at her sheet of paper she checked the doors on the room until she came across her number. "Hello?" she said as she walked inside. She noticed that it was empty and the sheet of paper did have only her name in this room. She smiled. -Looks like I get a whole room to myself- she thought with glee. Her horn glowed a light blue and she released some of her magic in the room, giving it a slight chill. Setting her necklace down on one of the desks she began to move things around where she could have a lot of free space. After arranging the room, she opened the window of her room to let in the air and sunlight. a small breeze of cold air that had formed in her room while the wind was close escaped out and mingled with the warm air outside. Moving away from the window she sat on her bed looking outside. "I wonder what I should do now?" she thought to herself. As she lifted her necklace before her and began to to mess with the shard that hung from it.
  8. For haven't been posting. college is wrecking my brains right now. I'll post something today and hopefully have friday and the weekend to myself and have time to post.
  9. @@Scribblegroove,@@Moonbacon, Snowy picked herself off the floor and turned to face the two ponies that had spoken to her. "Hello" she said "I am Snowy storm" she looked at them both with some interest. -At least he knows to say his name before asking the name of another pony- she thought to herself. "Well we should go collect our timetables. Prehaps we can speak again at a later time? I would like to go and find my room" With that she bowed her head and walked off before stopping again "It was nice talking to you" she told the two ponies before resuming off to collect the paper with the information she would need for classes.
  10. A cold air wapped around Snowy as she walked into the room. She had a only her bag and a necklace with a shard of black Ice hanging from it. She enjoyed the cold weather, few ponies understood her love of the cold. Normally most ponies couldn't feel the cold air around her, but standing to close and they would fell a slight chill in the air. "Hello" she said in a low tone as she look around the room, already ponies were here and talking to each other. Sighing she walked to to the wall and sat. She wasn't one for interacting with others, but she did enjoy the company of others and how they have fun with each other.
  11. wasn't sure which Oc to use, but I think this Oc will do just fine
  12. Visionary Heart @, (Sorry computer problems and college) "Swift feather" he said as he closed his eyes. It was an odd habit he had, but for some reason it helped he remember ponies better. "Yes, this shift is boring. I was actually falling asleep on the job" he said with a small smile. "But than again I rarely am up so early in the mornings" Soon his shift would end and he would be able to rest his hooves from standing up all morning. Looking out among the group of ponies roaming about he let out a yawn. "See anything interesting?" he said looking back at Swift. He heard a loud and unpleasant sound, looking for the source of the noise he saw a pony with metal wings. -I don't mind technology, but they could at least try to keep the volume down- he said while rolling his eyes "I wonder if he can still hear anything, with those loud noises his wings give off"
  13. Visionary Heart He was growing tired of his post. Using his magic he lifted his cup to his face and splashed water on his face. Shaking himself dry he decided to actually pay attention to what was going on around him. -Nothing out of place- He thought to himself. That was until he noticed a robotic colt amoung the crowd of ponies. That was something new to him. While his stand on technology was neutral he found something odd and almost distasteful of the robotic colt, but he let it go. He had to accept it. "Looks like technology is here to stay" He noticed a few earth ponies look at him, he couldn't place his hoof on it, but it was a look similar to the look he gave the robot pony in the park. He sighed. -I wonder what my sister is doing right now?- he thought to himself. His eyes opened when he remember he was on guard duty with another pony. Looking around he found the another pony. -What was his name again?- @, walking up to the guard he tried his best to be formal. "Hello" he said before bowing a little before the other guard. "I'm Visionary Heart, a pleasure to meet you."
  14. Visionary Heart Vision was at his guard post not really doing anything, other than nodding off. He didn't sleep well at night, but that was his own fault for not going to bed early for his morning shift. Still as he was sleepy he couldn't allow him self to fall asleep.Covering his eyes with his hoof he looked out over the scenery of the park, nothing seemed to be out of place. The sun burned his weary eyes, causing them to water. He let out a yawn and rubbed the sleepiness out of his eyes. "Man I wish they gave me night duty" Vision always had favored the night more than the day. he would sleep all morning, be awake in the afternoon and stay up for the rest of the day until night came. To him the night was relaxing and calm, there was no other sound more peaceful to him then the soft sounds of the night. Looking down he smiled at his sister gift that she give him. a small pendant with a small stone set in the center.Looking down at his legs he watched the light that was reflected off of the gems placed into his braces that he wears. Sighing he leaned back into the post he stood at and waited for his shift to end.
  15. ah sorry I just noticed you accepted me sorry about that missing that. I'll post later today.