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  1. Do it, of course! The more music, the better! What does that thing "don't waste your time"? If you spend your time while enjoying doing something it doesn't count as wasting. It's better to do something than regret about something you have not done.
  2. Hi. My anti-virus grumbles at your website certificate when I click the link. And nice sound of the piano. I like it.
  3. Hi. Very atmospheric broadcast. I liked it.
  4. Electron

    MLP songs

    Here, have a full list of them: http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/Songs
  5. Electron

    Hearths Warming Contest Pony.fm's Hearth's Warming Contest!

    Yes, I do. Enable it, please. I had issues before, and Feld0 solved them: https://mlpforums.com/topic/141373-unable-to-edit-previous-tracks/
  6. Electron

    Hearths Warming Contest Pony.fm's Hearth's Warming Contest!

    Excuse me, why do I not see the submitted track in my track list? Is it okay?
  7. Electron

    Hearths Warming Contest Hearth's Warming Contest Song Thread!

    Hi! Excuse me, could someone tell me the canonical Christmas sounds and instruments? I'm doing it for the first time and I'm confused, nervous and worrying about doing something wrong. Or everything wrong. :awuh:
  8. Very aerial song and so odd voice.
  9. I had a feeling that something is missing while I was listening your covers. I blame your microphone for that, maybe it was the audio mixing, can't say for sure. And your voice is very nice. I like it.
  10. Dat (Party Sound) at 03:14 really cracks me up! Also, sick solo. Well done.
  11. Sounds like a comeback tune for a defeated fighter. And now he is gathering all his strength to fight harder.
  12. I hear string clangs and hits the fretboard. So low, dude. (No pun intended)
  13. Wow, I have a big guess that your throat is sore right now after THAT. :=:
  14. Dat "Oh-Aaoh ewahaoh" though. The best moment.
  15. Seems like I had a similar problem with my profile name replacing. This issue appeared as a result.
  16. Listening to dance music the one can shake flanks a bit, listening to metal music the one can headbang a bit. I can't even come up with something the one could do listening to THAT...
  17. What a lovely song about Luna. Sad and nicely not sad at the same time.
  18. Now I can see all my tracks in Your Profile —> Recent Tracks and in Account —> Tracks. It's the same list now. My Bio field is editable too. Everything works, hooray! Big thanks! My previous topic is solved too.
  19. @@Feld0, I borrowed a laptop to try it. I disabled all extensions and add-on in laptop's Google Chrome, logged in to the site and got the same issues I wrote at the beginning of this topic. But I have a huge guess why this is happening. The thing is, I registered a Pony.fm account long ago on the 24th of May 2013 and I had no idea it is a part of Poniverse.net back then. I made a Poniverse account on the 9th of August 2015 and when I logged in it my Pony.fm account's password was replaced by Ponyverse.net's one. So now I have the same password for Poniverse.net, MLPforums.com and Pony.fm
  20. Yeah, I've been thinking about that too. The music side of the fandom is huge but there are so few Internet resources devoted to collect, save and systemise brony music. That's odd. I guess everypony uses YouTube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp and doesn't bother to have their own separate site. Or maybe it's a big financial problem.
  21. It's like from orchestral to EDM and then orchestral+EDM at the same time.
  22. If speaking all honesty, Pony.fm looks neglected to me right now. The issues and posts could stay without attention for a long time. That makes me sad though.
  23. Well... um... I've been tought that in melodic scales there are different notes should be played while you go up the scale and down the scale, but you didn't mention it. Am I wrong or in chord progressions that detail is not important?
  24. Exactly. There is only the last uploaded song I can see and nothing else. I use Google Chrome and yes, I did clear cache and cookies once. Nope for private browsing. I logged in using Firefox too, same results.
  25. Well, I decided to add some lines in the description of my previous tracks, but I couldn't find any edit button. Also, when I click "Account —> Setting" the Bio field is empty somehow while it's not emty in "Your Profile" page. I'm confused and don't know what's happening.
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