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  1. Happy Birthday MLP Fourms

  2. Username: DER Character Name: Sacred Heart Starter pokémon: if Murkrow can evolve into Honchkrow then her if not Squrtle Background: She was a natural with her critters at home, but wanted one of her own to raise Honor Student: yep
  3. Why only 1 or 2 your gonna turn off alot of people who wanna join with 3-5 but regardless i'm not running the rp but I'm applying with Tounge-tied
  4. I'm up for it,I mean as long as the two do not mix in anyway then go for it Hasbro! make a show for the older demographic of mlp fans
  5. I couldn't give two shits about the teenybopper music (seeming as people either like or hate it) it's a fad,nothing more BOTDF is the worst band ever (Everyone in my RL loves them...) People who say music is getting worse,no its not its people being greedy and not giving crap about good music and that is why its terrible. its the same crap it's always been just rehashed and diluted
  6. 1. What's your favorite pokemon move? Dark Pulse 2. If you could use any moves from pokemon in real life, which one would it be? Confusion so i can move stuff 3. Can you think of any new moves? I call it Dark Element it causes either Para-Flinch/Paralyze Burn-Flinch/Burn Poison-Flinch/Poison Sleep Frozen or if your lucky just a flinch it has a base power of 100 (130 if the user is Dark) and does damage heres the "in game" blurb "The user slashes or bites the opponent and leaves a status affliction and a flinch but it can also just affect or flinch the target %30 chance of afflicting or flinching the opponent's ally."
  7. I ain't an ice type im a psychic and flying and i know how to use water
  8. 1. Gen 4 2. Gen 2 3. Gen 5 4. Gen 3 5. Gen one I cant STAND gen one. The pokemon, cities, gym leaders is all yawn worthy Its also aged horribly and the glitches are horrid Gen 4 is a masterpiece I love everything about it
  9. I adored Art, Music, Psych/anthro/socio, Gym and French I hated Science, Math, Geo, Law and history with fibre in my soul Middle ground subjects where Vocals, Biology and Social studies
  10. I have a brownish/Hazel/Amber/Grayish eyes weird considering my mom and grandma have green eyes and my daddy has blue and as far as I know brown eyes are a rarity in my family line
  11. I am unsure of my sexuality, always has been, im bisexual but currently and possibly settling into a heterosexual relationship, but im fine with his as I find men more attractive