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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. I'm back motherbuckers!

  4. I am absolutely TERRIFIED of spiders, bees, and mosquitos.
  5. I don't know, honestly, I just feel I should repress the feelings.
  6. The sad thing about me is that I'm never truly alone with my accepting friend and so I can never really tell him, I can't ask to hang out because he works nearly every day and I can't stop by his work for a second as he works as a preschool teacher to kids in a daycare. And since I can't drive I have limited time to even open my mouth as there are so many others around including passerby people. I just feel I need to repress any feelings I have for a man . . . I suppose my Indiana side is showing with it. It can't harm me too much to repress something like an attraction, right?
  7. So, anyone want to RP with me? And to the mods, I'm not sure where this belongs. I apologize.
  8. I'm gonna answer truthfully, I can't cook big meals, I can boil pasta, I can microwave meals, and make instant Raman, that's it.
  9. While I know where you're getting at, I personally find ponifacations to be interesting, but that's rather if it's done good. Such as Fallout Equestria as an example. To me, it's quality that matters.
  10. Once again I'd like to thank everyone taking time out of their day to give their advice, though I haven't taken any of it. I want to, but I'm still young, I'd probably be able to do more exploring as I gain access to a car, part-time job, and groups of people that I could talk to.
  11. So, my brother has decided to save up some money for a PlayStation 4, and Fallout 4. One thing I hope is that you can free roam AFTER you finish the final mission . . . that's what I hate about Fallout New Vegas. But either way, anyone else excited as hell for the game?
  12. I'm fine with my biological sex, it's the right one, I believe. But, I understand if you're not happy with your gender.
  13. So, while I've only surrounded myself around men and women who don't judge people such as myself, since a fraction of them actually watch the show themselves, but the only men I know who watches the show are finicky. One wears a necklace of Rainbow Dash, and the other posted a RD pic on his Facebook. But, I am also aware of the side of people which get judged for liking the show, are you one of those who get judged?
  14. I'm really into it, but it's not really the MOST important thing to me anymore, I used to talk to it a lot, but now it's a little more of a show I write stories for and watch. And I do tend to show my brony side, but not everyone would guess I'm a brony.
  15. No, he plays a role in the show, the way I see it, if said person plays a role in the show BEFORE saying he's a brony, then it shouldn't count.