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  1. Mine was age 13 because I was a good kid, had great friends, was in the same class as a crush of mine, got accepted to the best high school in the city, and I was so happy to get a 3DS! Plus middle school was great! How about you guys?
  2. So... Long story short, I left the fandom last year on May. Kinda was getting bored with the show /: BUT I logged back on here to see what has been going on with the ponies and the fandom during the past year. I still love the ponies but I'm just not crazy about them XD
  3. I had a good idea if there was a 4th movie. Bonnie finds out the toys talk, grows up knowing this, she's a teenager who still plays with her toys and this causes her to be the weird kid. It ends with her leaving the toys behind?
  4. I'm 15 and got 31? I act immature but I think maturely if that makes sense....
  5. It's getting a little warmer with a little bit of breeze where I am. I'm more of a fan of fall and winter because of sweaters, hats, gloves, and fuzzy boots But this spring feels... Different It feels calmer and happier! Plus the school year is almost over!
  6. Last year I had to make a poster of an expression. It had to have a lot of images of that one expression. I chose Derpy as an expression and filled the poster with a bunch of Derpy ponies
  7. I'm sure many of you are familiar with Yahoo Answers. What are your opinions on it?
  8. I didn't really like it. I've never read the fan fiction but the movie made me cringe a little. I DID NOT like what Rarity said in the end. It was a really bad joke and I don't think Rarity would Ever say that, right? The voice actress for RD tried her best but there are better /:
  9. Too bad /: Even his profile image on YouTube is changed But I guess it's normal for someone to die out in a fandom. Wonder what he'll do now.
  10. I'm still scared of that creepy doll, Chucky. I remember a life sized one being in front of the Spencer's Store and there would be more Chucky merch there. I can't even go to Spencer's to get some pony merch today /:! But someday, I will go in there! Just not any time soon. 0_o
  11. Khaki pants, a white polo shirt with a red sweater and snow boots. Ready to take another day at school -_- If my school didn't have uniforms, I would be showing my Brony pride with pony shirts and rainbow socks
  12. This was just too adorable I'm not sure if any pony else has posted this video on this thread... Well there's the link
  13. So she was about 18 in Equetria girls and she's 21 in Equestria... Wait... I think I broke my brain... But I guess Dashie is 21 So Pinkie is a year younger than Fluttershy then... Wait am I overthinking this? Oh boy... Anyways Happy Birthday Dashie
  14. SoarinDash shippers will go insane. I'm saying this from experience.
  15. I found this just now Not vey good quality but it's the episode