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  1. allright, this might blow few minds this is not mine, i found it while lurking or 4chan
  2. because he is related to scootaloo nah, that was mean i think thats because the producers wanted spike to be important but still kinda secondary character with winged spike, mane6 would not have to rely on RD and FS so much but still i think that was hilarious
  3. tl;dr but the topic caught my attention, the first thing i thought: but after seeing the picture i am like: but anyway looks cool
  4. <-- this guy knows what i mean:) , the fact that it was mentioned implies that such events have or had place in equestria also relax, im not telling you that this is cannon or anything, just presenting my view which i find amusing
  5. well i have to say that you failed this time im still jolly as hell, willing to go there. but seriously, i know that you can say 'this is kids show, there are no such things' , but only because you havent seen it, doesnt mean it doesnt exist, in PYHD episode we all saw that ponies can be actually rude, and taking it further, hostile as well. the royal guards arent there for no reason, and even considering that eqestria is (in my opinion) better place than our world, it is not perfect. they also have crime ->theft, assaults, hell propably even murder, but of course they wont show it in kids show. TL;DR eqestria is actually darker place than it is shown in tv
  6. bachelor party is stereotypically different in every country and since mlp is from states i went for american one. also the point of bachelor party is for the groom to have last evening of freedom before marriage, so yeah bachelor parties always have alcohol and often dancers but if you dont like it, im totally okay with that
  7. Hey everypony, here is my thought. In canterlot wedding Spike was supposed to make a bachelor party. And i think we all know what they look like. Strippers, pole dancers, lap dancing, gallons of alcohol, shitloads of fun. So.... if things like that exist in equestria, then in theory a pony could have a pole dancing cutie mark: Now my life wont be the same. I Totally want to go to Eqestria
  8. well, thanks to some people here my good mood is back and started humming some song. i saw the topic and noticed what i was doing: since its FOLK metal, im posting rocking AJ :
  9. Oh gawd, thanks people, you already made me feel better , i didnt expected any replys that fast thank you here, have some cute luna in return
  10. Hey everypony, so I noticed nearly everyone is sooooo exited about upcoming seson4. Please tell me that I'm not the only one that's actually worried about it? I mean, look at the other seasons, S1 was simply epic, S2 was amazing, nearly as good as S1, and then S3. You could feel the difference, it wasn't the same, however it was still pretty good. And then Twilicorn happened. And then EqG came out. And Vinyl Scrach is supposed to be a male. And more alicorns. Honestly, these things stripped me of all hope I had for S4. I keep on telling myself that Hasbro produced awesome seasons so far, so S4 will be good, just trust in them, but I feel down anyway. I would like to know opinions on that. Also if you could cheer me up, I would be grateful
  11. with her canterlot voice (a.k.a. irl caps lock) she would be awesome metal singer, and she propably is. at least i think so, have something to convince you if you dont believe me : and here: also, recently this is my favourite song, always makes me think about luna:
  12. sweet celestia of equestria, thank dude, thats been bugging me for weeks now what a relief... i would've never thought about that episode
  13. no kidding... that's why i posted 'bands i listen to' not 'metal bands i listen to' but whatever, i know what you mean but if i rustled your jimmies, then all i can say is trololol...
  14. bands i listen to: alestorm, ac/dc, anthrax, guns n roses, disturbed, black sabbath, dragon force, manowar, hammerfall, iron maiden, kiss, led zeppelin, linkin park, metallica, megadeth, motorhead, pantera, rammstein, ramones, slash's blues ball, slash's snakepit, slayer, slipknot, system of a down, offspring, velvet revolver. uffff... thats it here is some lulz ( i like that lulz ): also, i forgot korpiklaani
  15. hey everypony, i am currently in munich, germany for summer holiday, and i 've met some local bronies. best people i have ever met /) yesterday was a bavarian brony meeting, so around 30 bronies gathered in park had BBQ and shisha (water pipe) very popular among german bronies and in the evening we went to metal night club----> best night ever!! my neck hurts from headbanging, but i tell you meet as many bronies as you can, we are EPIC!