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  1. I could go for continuing this. Just been busy recently.
  2. As the others conversed, Nanami watched them and couldn’t help but smile at the thought of seeing the plan unfold. Considering the composition of the group, it could either go extraordinarily well or horribly wrong. For now, she simply studied the appearance of their current target and narrowed her eyes in thought, coming up with her own plans. “I doubt it will be that bad. It’s more a matter of intimidation more than anything else. No one will take you seriously if you don’t look the part.” Glancing at Beezlebib, the teenager merely shrugged as she though over what their overall plan wa
  3. And Nanami is just sitting back and enjoying the chaos
  4. Ryu’s maximum flight altitude is around five to six kilometers, but I don’t think you’ll need to worry about him catching any military grade jet aircraft unless they’re coming at him head on. Even with the upgrades I have in mind for his quirk, he won’t be able to break mach 2, and his flight ceiling will only be around 12 km, and that’s not taking into account how long he’ll even be able to stay at that height when he reaches it. Of course, both of the upgrades will also have some drawbacks as well, one more so than the other, so that should be interesting to write.
  5. “If it’s all the same to you, I would prefer Ryu.” Either that or the hero name he had in mind, but that was for a later date. Either way, he didn’t seem to be as tired or as hungry as his classmates, mostly a result of him waking and starting his preparations for the day before most of the others had even awoken. Either way, it didn’t take him long to notice the fenced off areas of the field, most likely for his own use and confirmed by his instructor. He had always assumed that his quirk obeyed the laws of physics to the letter, but maybe he could at least give it a try if his teacher actual
  6. Nanami silently listened to everything that was being said and merely narrowed her eyes in thought. She was already aware of the robot doctor, though the other name was a bit new to her. Looks like they had a late arrival, though she figured they were already here. She already had most if not all of the items she might need for what she assumed would be a simply stealth mission, so this would be rather fun if everything went their way. Of course, the arrival of the old man raised some alarm, though a cursory glance at his recent memories showed him to be in a different form prior to getting on
  7. That’s probably all he’s meant to do from what the post says.
  8. Gale thought for a moment about the proposition Midnight had made and slowly nodded, a smile dancing across her lips. “That sounds like a good plan to me. Thank you.” Any outside observer would probably think they were just having a simple spar, so there was nothing to worry about on that front. After moving a few feet from the earth pony, the drsgoness took.a rather loose fighting stance, figuring that such might work for her. “I’m ready when you are.”
  9. Sorry about the delay. Life has been a bit hectic on my end. Either way, I can see Nanami being good for intelligence collection.
  10. Nanami was just finishing up her preparations for the coming meeting when the phone she had been provided recieved a message from her... employer/partner, as temporary as either of those might have been. She had already informed her employees of a coming trip, albeit with very little in the way of overall details, so they would be able to run the shop on their own. “Looks like things are finally starting to heat up.Hopefully, this won’t backfire spectacularly.” After collecting the gear she would need for what was to come, it didn’t take long for the moth to arrive at the designated meeti
  11. That’s ok. Just glad everything’s fine now.
  12. Gale was honestly a bit surprised by Midnight’s change in demeanor, though she did find his words to be rather effective at calming her nerves. Shaking her head, the dragon didn’t really need to think much about her answer. “Well, no. That hasn’t happened so far, if only due to this being the first time I’ve ever been around ponies, zebras, or any other sentient species for more than a few hours.“ Even then, she had never really participated in any form of conflict, preferring to run should something go wrong. It wasn’t like she had a stake in whatever politics might have been at play. It was
  13. I can certainly see Nanami and Specter butting heads over certain things, but I can see her at least giving him a chance to prove himself. His quirk would certainly interest her, either way.
  14. After a few minutes, Nanami exited the kitchen carrying a tray holding the items both of her co workers had ordered. For Robin, his eggs had been prepared to be slightly runny with small curds, no larger than an inch or two and set atop rye toast. Dill and a twist of pepper were used as seasoning, though the eggs themselves had been cooked in olive oil. Draco’s eggs had been prepared in a similar manner, though the bacon had a syrup goaxe with a touch of brown sugar. As for the tea, that had followed a more routine meathod of preparation. Setting the orders in front of their intended reci
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