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    So you want to know about me? I'll try to make this quick. I am a devout Brony. I know everything about the show and its fandom. I truly believe that friendship IS magic. I will listen and give advice to any and all problems. I don't have many friends. I also think that Chrysalis is best pony (ask me why if you want). So that's just about everything for now in general. Contact me for more info, I'd be happy to help!

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  1. Hope that you have a great day today!

  2. Hey mate, if you skype at all, hit me up. mental_circus117 I'd be happy to talk to you and help in any way I can. Idk how helpful I can be, but I might as well try.

  3. Ha. I knew this would come up! Celestia did turn ponies to stone for unknown reasons. Discord himself said "Because I don't turn ponies into stone". It should be noted that Discord is a Dreyconiquos and NOT a pony. So their's my proof.
  4. I'm not so sure. She might come back because their is so much more with her. She didn't really "teach a lesson" like Gilda, Trixie, or Discord did. She was just a Queen who needed some food for her people. They could also go with the 'Reformed' storyline and try to use her powers for good. (Maybe she could make out a work in exchange for love deal?). But something tells me we might be seeing her again, maybe even with Sombra?
  5. Umm, yeah I do. But recently I've been debating how realistic it all is. Personally, I don't consider Chrysalis "bad" or "evil". I personally think that (in a nutshell) she is caring and nice, but only for her changelings. Yes, the full-scale Halo type invasion was too much, as well as trapping Twilight and Cadence, but Celestia and others have done "bad" things too. Ex- Celestia turning ponies into stone. So while the comics are very nice too read, I don't consider them relevant to the rest of the story. Like in the second story arc how the "Nightmare forces" made Luna become NMM, it was
  6. After the blast from Princess Cadence and Prince Shining Armor, Chrysalis and her Changelings flew into the distance. Currently, there are many theories on what happened next. 1. She died. The fall killed her and she won't be back. 2. She survived (like team rocket). This is where the comic series starts. The only problem is the comics aren't really canon to the story (they are B canon to the A canon of the show). 2 1/2. She survived, but the comic events didn't happen. She will come back in the show and this will override the comic story of her. (maybe she'll crash the Equestria G
  7. I think that he might. The Grand Mastermind herself Princess Celestia even wants to use him. As we learned in the Ticket Master episode (where she purposely gave Twilight 2 tickets) and Magical Mystery Cure (showing she has planned out Twilight's life up to now) I think she has something planned. My bro and me believe that there is some "Final Boss" monster out there that Celestia knows about, but is totally powerless against. *BTW our headcanon is that said creature killed Starswirl the Bearded* I don't know what it might be *cough* Smooze *cough* but its going to be impossible to b
  8. Well here is my theory: She can temporally fly faster than light, which lets her shatter the light spectrum. Since no one has gone faster than light yet here, it might just create a real Sonic Rainboom. Or maybe she just got better after the episode Sonic Rainboom and was easily able to do it at the wedding?
  9. Wow! I thought that this post was 6 feet under in the forums! Well thanks to everyone and everypony! I'll get back to you all later!
  10. Actually, just my High School. But I'm done now so... PARTY!!! *Fires party canon*
  11. Wow! Thanks for all the responses! I can't wait to actually start up my own real posts. After this week (and my finals) are done I'll be on here much more.
  12. Super Brony 888

    Movies/TV Worst Cartoon Shows Now

    Well I do hate a lot of them. (I'm sorry in advance to anyone who actually likes these shows). Johnny Test is just mind melting. I think I've actually lost brain cells watching some episodes. Adventure time, but kinda on a hit-or-miss thing. Some episodes are good, and some are just downright terrible. Lumpy Space Princess just what? Once my mom turned the TV on and these tall multi-colored girls flew up to the top of the tree house. She gave a look like "WTF?" and switched the channel. I also don't like Family guy because of all the sex jokes (I've only seen a few episodes). Sure some of that
  13. Holy crap! A Lugia!!! (Throws Master Ball) ((Just Kidding.)). Thanks everyone! I will try to be on this site a lot. Please note I changed my name from "Tyler Brony" to "Super Brony 888". I originally wanted to be Super brony 888 (which was what I went by on my old forum) but when I signed on with Facebook, it braught up my facebook name Tyler Brony. The only thing about this site I kinda don't like is the Character minimum. Sure it means that you'll always get a good response of more than a few words, but if you don't have a lot to say,it could be hard to write something. Just my two bits. Any
  14. Right here man! I believe in it, but I'm very tolerant to other religions too. Most Bronies I've met are eathere Athiest or Christian.
  15. Welcome! I just joined too! I'm sure that you will come up with an OC soon.
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