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  1. Happy birthday! I wish you all the best ^-^

  2. Hello I love the idea, would it be possible for me to join with my character Horsefly
  3. Sweetie Pie Sweetie looked up to where Tone Shift was indicating to, it was a pair of two ponies a mare and a stallion having a casual conversation while walking out of the cafe. They seemed normal enough but Sweetie remembered another scream coming from inside the cafe so maybe Tone Shift was right. She wanted to call out to them but with her outburst from earlier she decided against it figuring she should stick to being quiet for a while a feeling of embarrassment sinking in. But she was saved the trouble when one of the other members of the group called out to them. Horsefly The pegasus felt a little hurt having her idea shot down but being in an even more private place would probably be for the best. When the pair of ponies was pointed out Horsefly looked up, could they really be just like them? and if so, how would they even go about asking. She supposed that the first step was to get the conversation start so she called out, "hey you!" It was enough to get their attention before, "come over here." She waved a hoof in the air indicating that they should follow her instructions in a beckoning motion. Hopefully this wouldn't turn out as ugly as what had just happened.
  4. "Oh, what? No, we're not even staying at school. We're going out!" she opened up her forehooves at the last word the doors to the front of the school bursting open letting them out into the world finally breathing in the clear air. Horsefly spread her wings taking into the air landing in a nearby tree branch turning around to face her new found friend, "come on, hurry up." She called out to him beginning to mimic a bird call which, if you weren't looking, you could've sworn is was from a real bird. She jumped down to the ground at the base of the tree waiting for him to follow her smiling that same goofy smile.
  5. @@thor9356 She let out a sigh of relief in seeing his lack of reaction finally firm in her knowledge that he had no previous knowledge of her existence. "Back Track," she said back to him quite liking the sound of that name, "that is a seriously bad flank name." She gave a smirk before turning around beginning to trot toward the door feathers rustling in anticipation. She swore to herself that this day would not be wasted and she was determined to keep that promise, and now she had a friend to do it with. Meanwhile, Pencil Pusher snored on unaware of his tenants escaping through the unlocked door and out into the world, instead dreaming of happy days and clear skies.
  6. @@thor9356 Smiling in relief, "awesome let's get going, we don't want to waste daylight." Horsefly jumped out of the chair glad that he didn't seem to have heard any of the rumors floating around school about her curious activities. Closing the space between them she held out her hoof, "name's Horsefly, what's yours?" praying inside that he had never heard of her name before she held in a breath waiting for his reaction all the while smiling her big goofy grin trying to seem nonchalant.
  7. Horsefly gazed out the window thinking about the answer to that for a long while eyes glazing over in thought, finally she snapped back to reality remembering where she was and clearing her throat, "ahem, well... that's a loaded question. Umm I guess you could say I got in trouble for skipping class... yea? Yea. That's what it is." She laughed some what nervously looking over at the pony fast asleep at the head of the room suddenly an idea came to her. "Hey, wanna get out of here?" she knew it was a bad idea but with the amount of trouble that she had already gotten into in the past this seemed like a tea party so she decided to take a chance. Her eyes shone just slightly at the idea of getting out of the musty room and stretching her wings a bit, she looked at the colt giving him and almost pleading look to have him say yes.
  8. @@thor9356 Horsefly was already picking up the pencil ready to get back to poking dots on the desk when the stallion spoke to her, he actually spoke to her. She blinked almost surprised by this fact until she heard what he had to say and blink again, a sudden burst of laughter escaped her lips before she heard Pusher snort in his sleep and she put a hoof to her mouth. Still snickering she released her lips and in a hushed tone replied, "Holy Celestia, look at the brass cahoneighs on this colt. Seriously you're lucky you just got a detention that is crazy." Her tone changed to that of admiration feeling that he should be a bit proud of himself, well, not about the getting caught but the almost getting away with it. She looked at his cutie mark then back at his face, "you must be really good with computers and stuff, that's pretty cool."
  9. @@thor9356, After only a few minutes of working on the desk Horsefly looked up to see that Pencil Pusher had indeed fallen asleep, right on time. She smiled looking over at he stallion noticing him glancing back at her only to turn around, her smile broadened, "hey you, what are you in for?" This was an activity that she did most days when there was another pony around to talk to but usually they just ignored her, already knowing about her notorious reputation. But at least she tried and that's all she could do, she only figured that today would be no different and she would just go back to her drawing.
  10. Horsefly trotted down the hall looking at the lockers, the ceiling, anything but the ponies around her, she could hear the whispers of them rumors being spread about her past and the reliability of her character. They were right to question her, she was a shady filly, but she could help but feeling their eyes burn into her coat. She thought about skipping detention today maybe go for a walk but she thought better of it figuring it would only get her into more trouble. She walked through the door with an over exaggerated sigh, Mr. Pusher looked up at her smirking a bit, "third time this week, that's gotta be an academy record." Horsefly crinkled her nose at his comment walking past him like she had done so many times before, "aren't you going to sign in?" he asked jokingly both of them knowing that they had given up on making her sign in her name was practically printed on the page. She took her usual seat toward the back leaning against the wall sighing once again and was about to pull out her pencil be get back to working on her desk drawing when she stopped noticing another pony in the room. It was a stallion sitting a few rows in front of her and to the left, she pushed her curiosity to the back of her mind returning to her drawing comprised of hundreds of tiny dots depicting a UFO invasion and ponies running and screaming everywhere. This was only to bide time until she could talk to the new comer knowing that within minutes Pencil Pusher would be fast asleep.
  11. Horsefly She watched as her own body circled around her feeling like a sort of out of body experience a strange pit filling her stomach. Horsefly opened her mouth speaking, "no you're right, what if we went to the library?" she suggested, never having been inside the library she never really knew much about it but she had seen it in passing and it looked like a reasonably standard building. Tall, white fit with long pillars it looked like it was from the Crystal Empire rather than the middle of Manehattan. It seemed like an alright place to have a semi-secret meeting. Sweetie Pie Finally calmed down enough to make sense of anything Sweetie spoke out, "forget that, we can go back to my shop, I have an apartment above where we can have tea." Sweetie felt quite proud of herself when she had had the opportunity of making a contribution giving her a smug smile. But then a thought occurred to her and she blinked, "wait shouldn't we make sure that we're the only ones this happened to? Like what if there were more?" she looked around at the others biting her lower lip a bit worried about this fact.
  12. hey is it ok if I change my character I'm not too far in to the rp for it to make much of a difference it's just Cuppie Cake is too much of a straight mare and it's kind of boring me out of this rp. Since I don't want that to happen is it alright if I change it back to Horsefly?
  13. I don't mind going straight to recess or lunch but honestly I can go both ways
  14. Cuppie Cake trotted through the halls smiling cheerily to anypony who passed by, but even with her wide smile and happy face inside she couldn't help but feel a bit crest fallen. Yesterday she had gotten herself into a bit of trouble after calling the home economics teacher a quack when he tried to stop her from trying fix the broken recipe on her groups muffins. So after school today she had to serve a two hour detention and needless to say she was not looking forward to it. Even so she would not let this get her down so she went about her normal routine of smiling and saying help to faces she recognized, she made her way through the halls to her first period class seeing that it was already mostly filled with ponies. Cuppie took a seat at the front sitting snugly in the chair stretching her front hooves outward simultaneously stretching her wings outward before bringing her limps back in and settling down ready for the day.