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  1. Ruhisu

    Viva Las Vegas!

    Done WARNING Absurd res incoming
  2. Ruhisu

    Viva Las Vegas!

    Thanks Because I'm still in the Las Vegas mood because of this commission, I'm already making another art with Trixie and Starling in front of the Luxor Casino & Hotel. Say what you want but Trixie + Vegas = instant win.
  3. Hello everypony! It's been a while since I uploaded some of my scrap here and this time it will be something big Some time ago I've been requested by Bronies of Las Vegas group to make a picture for them with their OC on in the LV panoramy. My goal was to make it as magical as possible and I must say that the final effect exceeded my expectations. Enjoy Warning! Absurd resolution 8000x2500
  4. http://orig07.deviantart.net/a0ea/f/2016/209/4/6/running_brave_by_ruhisu-dabodjm.jpg Try now
  5. It's been a while since I was drawing anything in manga style so decided to do a couple of pictures. For now I have done a quite hot hitchhiking Applejack and currently working on Brave Wing running at the beach. Judging from his expression it's not easy for him since he's right leg is handicapped since his childhood and keeping it in good form causes a lot of pain, but don't worry, as a pilot Brave Wing is very determined Enjoy.
  6. I am working on a personal project which is a head-canon to on going fanfiction by SPIDIvonMARDER - "Crystal Siege" The project contain Equestrian Fighter Divisions concepts on post war machines like F-14 Tomcat, F-20 Tigershark, F-15 Eagle and F-111. For now I am working on NAVY divisions for F-14 multi role fighters and already have 2 accomplished which are strongly based on straight MLP canon characters and motives and on the Crystal Siege story. More jets will come soon. Enjoy
  7. Ruhisu

    Meet Forgetmenot

    Thanks all I'm also making a picture at the moment about Brave Wing's childhood. The 2 other ponies are Hazel Heart and her daughter Pliszka by Gretzhky (http://grethzky.deviantart.com/art/Hazel-Heart-and-Forgetmenot-621453623). I love those warm pictures and here two mums met with their children at the Manehattan Central Park.
  8. Hi once more everypony! I just came back from Middle Equestrian Convention in Warsaw. It was awesome to meet our polish voice actresses for Pinkie Pie and Princess Luna and being asked by Kora Kosicka for an autograph . One of the greatest parts of the convention was drawing with all bronies in my artroom and talk about an oc I would like to show you. Her name is Forgetmenot, she's Brave Wing's mother and a florist. People just fell in love with her so much that I ended up drawing 3 fast traditionals during one day, only about her and her son Forgetmenot in her 20's. Brave Wing was no
  9. Hello everypony! It was a busy week but I just finished a gift for second special guest who is the one and only Kora Kosicka, who is a character designer in the DHX company and was responsible for designing Starlight Glimmer, Sunburst, Moondancer, was helping on Sunset Shimmer and more The picture presents her OC who's ready to read a bed time story to her children. Enjoy
  10. Happy birthday man

    1. Ruhisu


      Thank you m8 :)

  11. Hello, fellow birthday member! :D

    1. Ruhisu


      Happy birthday to you too :D



    2. DwhitetheGamer


      Thank you kindly!

  12. Hey! Happy Birthday!

  13. despite feeling totally worn out it was very worth it
  14. 4 and a half day to be exact XD
  15. Thank you all It was a big challenge since I never did an underwater picture before and wanted it to look authentic
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