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  1. Lol that's ok dude it's all cool I blame the timezones CURSE YOU TIMEZONES!!!!! *Shakes Hoof* XDAnd don't be mad at yourself just because you missed it live lol. XD It's only something I do for fun and for the lulz plus it's always recorded and always on YouTube and stuff, so no need to worry about missing a silly little radio show.
  2. Hey everyone, well the MLP Social Networking Special has been fully recorded and I was suppose to post the links to the show on here last night but, it seemed sleep got the better of me lol. XD So without further ado, here are the links for the My Little Pony Social Networking Special: SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.co...working-special YouTube: http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IZOL_Dd5VE I hope you all enjoy. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello everyone, I hope you are all well today. This is just a little
  3. .....Dude that looks....FRICKIN AMAZING!!!!! The Ultra Wave Logo looks really fantastic thank you so much for making that, with your permission could I use that Logo for some of my accounts if that is ok with you. Also just to let you all know everyone, the MLP Social Networking Special has now been recorded, so expect a couple of links up on here very soon and you get to also hear one of the Forte Drumroll's songs as well.
  4. Hey dude i've heard your cover of Smile, Smile, Smile and it's really good, so yes I will play it on the show tomorrow and i'll give you a shout out as well. And thank you for having a interest in checking out the show, i'll be posting up the Special here on Friday, so let me know how it was and if there's anything I could do to improve in future shows. Regards Andy (TallBrony91)
  5. Hey there everyone, in case you missed the first My Little Pony Music Request Show here is a link to the recording of it which is via SoundCloud, I hope you all enjoy the show. And if you do download and listen to it would you be able to let me know as to how it was like and if it was entertaining or not and stuff, I would love some feedback from you guys so I can make sure to improve and make the next future request shows a whole lot more fun and entertaining, thank you everyone. Ultra Wave - The My Little Pony Music Request Show (24th March 2012): http://soundcloud.co...-my-little-p
  6. The First Ultra Wave My Little Pony Music Request Show is now up on SoundCloud, feel free to download it and let me know how it was and if there's anything I need to improve on in future shows :): http://soundcloud.com/ultra-wave/ultra-wave-my-little-pony

  7. ANNNNND We are LIVE!!!!! Feel free to join in if you want to. :Dhttp://ultrawave.caster.fm/

  8. First MLP Music Request Show is live in 2 and a bit hours time....OOO I SO CAN'T WAIT TO GET STARTED!!!!! :D

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    2. TallBrony91


      Lol the show that i'm doing, it's only over a hours time to go now until it starts which I so can't wait to get it on and start it up. :D

    3. Dragonshy


      Oh cool! Good luck! Hope its awesome!

    4. TallBrony91
  9. Hey everyone, one and all, I have started up my own live music request radio show called Ultra Wave which is dedicated to the MLP & Sonic The Hedgehog communities, i've had this up as a little project and i've had many ideas for it but it has now finally come into place and i'll be starting my first live MLP music request show on the 24th March at 12AM (GMT) or 8PM (ET) & 5PM (PT) (after the 25th March and on the next show, times for North America will change to 7PM (ET) & 4PM (PT)). The first show is going to be live on my Caster FM Webpage (http://ultrawave.caster.fm/), I was
  10. This sounds like a really good idea i'm totally up for this, can we sing fan made songs or do we have to sing songs from the show?
  11. Hey sorry for the delay on the reply i've been really busy with work and getting stuff done around the house, I shall be getting paid next week and i've got some days off work as well so what i'm going to do is, i'm going to buy a new set of headphones with a mic attached to it (one that'll make me sound a lot clearer), once i've got my headphones I will let you know when i'm starting and i'll be doing separate recordings for each line when I begin.
  12. TallBrony91

    Mega Thread How famous is the user above you?

    9/10 Every thread I go on, I always see one or more posts made from you on it.
  13. YAY at work now and i'm probably not going to fully sleep until tomorrow night, seeing as i'm doing a night shift tonight plus i've got a 9am train to London to get as well tomorrow because of a Pony meetup that's going on there :D.....will I survive without sleep for a full day, find out next time on My Life On The Edge lol. XD

  14. TallBrony91

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    Before you all go to war, i'll just win first and then you can do what you want lol. XD
  15. TallBrony91

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for banning the Pony who likes Cupcakes.....and I hope he likes the sweet and tasty Cupcakes not the.....you know what Cupcakes. XD
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