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  1. This does sound like a pretty cool idea! I just don't know how difficult it would be to apply. Perhaps the tech admins can tell us about its feasibility.
  2. valete

    Map of the bronies

    There's actually been a thread that was made for this! It's called the "MLP Forums Meetup Map", and you can find it right here. It's quite old already, though. Some people might have already changed their global location without updating the map itself. It is, however, still functional if one decided to update their location on the map.
  3. What happened to Harmy?

    1. )O( Scarlet )O(

      )O( Scarlet )O(

      Apparently she 'stalked' Nas and got banned for it, that's all I know

    2. valete


      I used to think that they were best buddies, but now they're not. I wish the mods could tell me whyyyy!


      Just kidding. It would be interesting to know about the full back-stories of banned members, though. (Like, whatever happened to Plummy?)

  4. If potatoes have skin and you have skin, then are you a potato?
  5. Happy Birthday to you! c:

  6. There's a bunch of sounds from Minecraft that I find pretty creepy. Like, you're mining for example, then bam: sudden low frequency sounds from nowhere. It's especially unnerving when you're all alone playing in a single player world.
  7. I made a cheesecake yesterday, but it ended up being too soft. Now it looks (and even feels like) chocolate mousse! Much recipe. Such mislead.

    1. Harmonic Revelations

      Harmonic Revelations

      Make sure it's not alive. I'd recommend shooting it multiple times.

    2. valete


      I've stabbed parts of it with a fork, if that counts.

  8. This might be slightly weird, but occasionally, I would load up TF2, play as a medic, and then make myself happier with the fact that I'm possibly indirectly making other people in the world enjoy the game more by sustaining their health points. Other than that, music, sleep, and other games also help.
  9. This usually happens to me when everything just works. It might seem a bit mundane to others, but whenever, like say, a presentation is finished smoothly, or even when a system restore makes everything functional again, it makes me pretty happy. It's these little victories that make me wave my fist in the air and celebrate what others may perceive as ordinary everyday occurences.
  10. I think the answer to that would be: as much time as you can provide. I'm not sure about the others, but I think consistency would be more important when compared to the length of time you allot for forcing/narrating. Even if you only have, say, 10 minutes in your day to force/narrate/etc., keep at it! Be consistent: see to it that those 10 minutes of tulpamancing happen everyday. Of course, more time would have to be dedicated if ever you want faster progress, but keeping momentum by being consistent would be more valuable in terms of not 'losing' progress.
  11. Haaaappy birthday! c:

  12. (As I attempt to get up) "HNNNNNNNNNGGG"
  13. Nobody seems to have mentioned Swoop yet, so I'll go ahead and include him in this thread. I remember Swoop being pretty friendly to me when I first joined. He was one of the first admins in this forum who gave me the impression that the staff weren't scarily superior or anything like that. Rather, he made me see the staff as people who looked out for the other members, whilst helping out in various ways. Sounds cliche-ish, I know, but the truth is the truth.
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