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  1. The most fun place I've visited was Disney World in Florida. I was around 13-14 at the time, and I just loved it! We went during the school year, so there were no crowds and the weather was perfect (It was still really warm, but it was overcast so the sun wasn't beating down on us). I think the longest wait for any ride was 20 minutes, and that was very few and far between. We went to all of the different parks and saw all the main attractions. It was pretty incredible ^^ The COOLest place, though, is Niagara falls. It's such a powerful place to be by, especially when you take the boa
  2. Do you have any software that could make a robotic sounding voice? I unfortunately don't have the capability to do so, but If you do, I could give it a shot ^^'
  3. I actually liked Princess Cadence a lot as a character. I liked her design, and ever since I was a kid I hated the color pink, so it's a bit surprising. I also loved seeing her emotions in the song This Day Aria. The brief moments she sang really showed how much she cared for Shining armor (Who was another character I loved at the first sight of him). Really she had a place in my heart when I first saw her. As well as Chrysallis. A lot of people give A Canterlot Wedding a lot of flak, but I really enjoyed that episode. It had a memorable villain, two new characters to enjoy, and amazing so
  4. Having not seen it, I can't really judge too harshly, but when it does come out, I doubt I will be rushing to the theater to see it. I'm severely disappointed that the movie they make is a whole strange new concept of making the character's human...Like others have mentioned, if it was a full length movie about the Mane 6 and some amazingly epic adventure, I would certainly throw my money at the theaters to go see it. But even as a kid I HATED high school drama sort of cartoons/shows. It's so boring and cliched, and just plain annoying. But perhaps they'll change it up. If they're
  5. 1) Eating meat is not at all required for health. Please tell this to the poor people who's main enjoyment is from meat they get from an animal they raised. They can be fed more heartily on an animal, than they can with rice or any food they have to grow themselves. Plus, imagine how difficult it is for them to live off of plants only in colder regions where plants are very sparse, and animals are needed as a food source. 2) There is no nutrient in meat that cannot be found in a vegetarian diet. Yes, you can get by on vegetarian diets, but really, you're getting possibly more protein fro
  6. Here are quite a few interesting pics. Some are from a really talented artist called Slifertheskydragon. He has a lot of really interesting art! The others are just some really big pics that I really enjoyed looking at.
  7. Heh, believe it or not, my mom is the only person who wants to give me a hard time. She makes fun of me and whatnot, but I watch MLP with my little sister (Who's now 13), and we have a great time. She also scoffs that guys enjoy the show as well, but I told her why the series is so good. But she never approved of me liking any cartoons in the first place (Heck, we had our first and only argument about Avatar The Last Airbender), so I learned to just deal with it XD
  8. Oh? I enjoyed the episode, mainly due to the music. I think if they had lengthened the episode, made it a two parter and really clearly show the gravity of the situation, it may have worked out. But I understand the dislike for some of the elements. As for the vids, thank you. I really enjoyed doing them, and the other songs are sure to come soonly XD Made two more! Hope you like them! (This one was super tough...but I had a lot of fun with it!) (And who can forget our favorite trollestia? ^^)
  9. I don't necessarily have a fear of hitchhikers, but mainly I feel bad when I pass them by. I want to help them, but the rational (or maybe even the fearful) side of me figures that they could have ill intentions. If I were an adult male, perhaps I'd help, but for now, I sadly must pass them by.
  10. Little Inferno is a rather fun game for being such a simple concept XD It's fun to burn random things, and it actually does have a little story to it that can get pretty interesting!
  11. 1. Losing friends/family- I know this is probably a common fear, but I do care so much about my family and friends that if I ever lost them, I don't know what I'd do. Especially at work, I take care of two people with developmental disabilities, and I have a feeling that eventually, they will pass away, and I fear that day since I care about them so much. 2. Losing my cat: This is kind of a silly fear, but it haunts my nightmares quite a bit. I really care about my cat, she's the only thing that keeps me company while I'm living on my own, and I'm always afraid that she may sneak out or so
  12. Ember Dragonheart

    So I end up here.

    Welcome! I'm new here as well, and I just stumbled upon this site by Google search ^^ So far I've had a very nice welcome, so I'm sure it'll be the same for you!
  13. Hello ^^ I'm seeking someone for a One on One MLP. I'd get into a group one, but I always seem to have troubles if I'm gone and I miss a lot, it's tough for me to keep up. So for now I'll stick to One x One. I'm fairly picky about who I RP with. You need to have pretty decent writing skills. I don't expect entire novels in one post. I'm more for a decent sized paragraph here and there. I understand with conversations and action scenes that it can be hard to write. And that's a big thing. I love action/adventure. Creating different monsters to fight is one of my speciaties, but if I'm t
  14. Ember Dragonheart

    Ember's Lair

    XD the other's a gryphon ^^ Like Gilda And thank you, I tried hard to make her a proper balance. I figured, eh, if Rarity and Spike are canon, maybe other dragon/pony relationships are XD
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