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  1. Wolffie

    General Chat Thread

    Amazing download speed. Shitty upload speed.
  2. Wolffie

    General Chat Thread

    I think I've discovered what things that cause me to hallucinate after Ambien. Activity for one. It doesn't work in a dark room. A dark black lady is whispering to me right now. You need to be focused on your environment.
  3. Wolffie

    General Chat Thread

    Of course, Paypal is all I use. But everybody would have to agree, and it depends how many people are actually active here at the time. I'm not made of money.
  4. Wolffie

    General Chat Thread

    I will bribe you guys to let me be 100,000th. How does 5 bucks each sound?
  5. Wolffie

    General Chat Thread

    But...but, I want it! You guys are cruisin' for a bruisin'.
  6. Wolffie

    General Chat Thread

    He talks about all the sex fanfiction people write about him, mainly with Cody Rhodes
  7. Wolffie

    General Chat Thread

    Hey, check out this interview! It's rather entertaining.
  8. Wolffie

    General Chat Thread

    Huh, Randy Orton says he enjoys being a face: "Yeah. It's always fun when the crowd reacts like that. And you know what? We will be in some country over in Europe sometimes, and they're not like that at all. But you gotta just, each crowd is different. And you gotta know that. You can do the same exact thing, or have the same finish in one town, that's over huge. And the next town, it's like a fart in church." Randy Orton is hilarious: "I tagged with him, last week or the week before, on a Raw Supershow, or a live event Supershow, both rosters were there. And we're out there in the ring. And
  9. Wolffie

    General Chat Thread

    UNF, I want to make love to that beef. I'm watching the new and improved DX boxset and it's making me sad. WWE used to be so much cruder and fun. Cursing, dumping shit on the McMahons, Triple H talking about his penis. I miss that.
  10. Wolffie

    General Chat Thread

    Wait, I can't tell, is Mark Henry really retiring? I'm a bit confused. Why would he slam Cena like that? I do think he deserves to win the WWE Championship before he retires. Ah, I get what's going on.
  11. Wolffie

    General Chat Thread

    You know what would be cool? A three way feud between Cena, Bryan, and Orton ending in a triple threat TLC match.
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