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  1. Just put up a Little Pip custom over on Devintart, she's the second one i've done
  2. Actually, i've already been experimenting with sculpting and resin casting for a little while now, so hopefully it won't give me too much grief Spoilers: It will, but it will totally be worth it : p
  3. Thanks! It's a fun game I'd like to do something keeping with the spirit of the game while being pony-centric. Plus I love high fantasy and ponies : p
  4. I'm working on designing a board game specifically targeted at fans of FIM, the idea is to make it in a similar vein as games such as Heroquest, or Descent. Also the goal is to not use any of the copyrighted/trademarked material from the show, it would be set pre-equestria before Luna and Celestia. The game would consist of several players working together to explore, defeat monsters, and collect treasure, while one person will basically be the "Game Master" controlling the monsters and reading out the story. The plan is to have an over-arching story for the game and leave room for creating your own adventures. The players will each choose a race to play, with each race having its own special abilities, such as the three basic races; Earth Pony, Pegasus, and Unicorn. The more adventures you play through with your character, the more powerful you get and you acquire more items/treasure. The goal is to also include alot of neat little things in the game such as little furniture pieces for making dungeons and a bunch of miniatures (much like the old Heroquest game did). The first story will involve fighting against an evil dragon and his imp minions (as well as other creatures). We're also currently working on a way to make it a little more than simply killing monsters since we still want it to reflect the show to some degree. It's going to be a little more action-y though since the sisters weren't around so Pony heroes had to rise up and fight the evil on their own. If the reception winds up being positive we'd like to create expansions for it, but for now we're simply trying to get the base game going. Any input would be great, and feel free to ask any questions! Also we'll eventually need artists for the game art as well as soon as we get the mechanics and such down. Basically something like this, but with ponies: Thoughts?
  5. Today is the last day to post a comment gor a chance to win! So get over to my deviantart and leave a comment with your favorite Dr Who Creature!
  6. Thanks! You can always do your best and practice It can be a fun learning experience if it doesn't drive you batty in the process, who am I kidding, it's fun being batty, lol
  7. Cool, hope to see you there! I actually have several i'm working on atm, Shadowbolt Dash, Wonderbolt Derpy, Steampunk Dr Whooves, Surprise (The white Pinkie Pegasus), Colgate (Just a Lyra Repaint), Pinkie Spy (From the Crystal Empire), Pinkamena, Lyra as a spy, and a few other ideas i'm kicking around, plus I may do some commissions while there.
  8. Here ya go, a Funko Custom: I'll be making several other customs to bring to Derpycon South to sell at my table. You should also check out my Deviantart Also let me know if you like and what other kinds of Funko customs you'd be interested in seeing.
  9. Sorry to hear things haven't been going great, just keep your head up! Glad to hear the community has been helping you through this. Like everyone else said, there's always people willing to listen here, even if we don't know you personally. If you ever need to talk you can always send me a message! Hope things get better for you.
  10. My favorite will always be the Fourth, Tom Baker although I really enjoyed Tennant too. I wish Eccleston would have lasted longer.
  11. Awhile back I posted some pictures of a Silence Pony I sculpted, made casts of in resin, and painted. Here's the original post: Well, I've decided to have a giveaway over on my deviantart, where on September 8th I'll randomly pick a winner who will get a Silence Pony sent to them for free, to see te details on how you can win check out the journal entry on my deviantart:
  12. I've finished the Silence Pony! I brought a couple with me to Fiesta Equestria and several people asked if I could paint them like Slenderman/Slendermane so I did. Coming up soon should be even more Dr. Who pony sculpts! :
  13. Happy birthday Applelatch!

  14. Nice, I crack my sternum when I stretch. I think I must have fractured or damaged where the manubrium and the body of the sternum connect at some point and never really noticed. So now it pops!
  15. I love eating dry spaghetti noodles! They make so much noise while you're crunching them though. It drives my family crazy when I take a whole box and just sit down and eat them.